In this video I will be discussing some of the best video editing software applications to use for your YouTube videos, whether you’re using a PC, Mac or an iPhone. In the video, I also explore some of the better, more expert editing software you can use if you want to make your videos look even more professional. Watch the video to find out more on the Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Click Here! Check out my previous video on Internet Marketing Strategies, which will give you tips on how to boost your online presence.
If you want to know more about online video I have a free eBook, 20 ways to make better video. Autodesk announced that a pre-release version of its new Autodesk Smoke 2013 video editing and visual effects system for the Mac, is now available as a free trial download. Smoke 2013 video editing software was introduced at NAB in Las Vegas to standing room only crowds at the Autodesk booth. Smoke can help editors simplify workflow, centrally manage media, work interactively with high-res media throughout projects and deliver high-end content on the most recent generation of Apple iMac and MacBook Pro systems. 2000 Shareware periodically updates software information of Xara Xtreme from the publisher, so some information may be slightly out-of-date. Add impact to your web pages with top quality still and animated 3D headings, buttons and logos.
Database Icon Set is a collection of royalty-free ready-made icons for use in various database products, including software applications, information websites and presentations.
QuickScore Elite is a comprehensive, integrated software for music composition, that incorporates notation, arranging, MIDI and audio sequencing and recording. Glossy Data Icons is a collection of royalty-free ready-made icons for use in various database products, including software applications, information websites and presentations. If you are looking for unique flash gift for Christmas 2011, you have come to the right place. The reason why outsourcing has taken off in such a big way is because the fantastic opportunity for cost savings and lowered operational costs that it offered companies. Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Microsoft are Registered Trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Capture One Pro features the leading tethered capture solution, multiple output files from each conversion, an advanced color editor, local adjustments, lens and unique perspective corrections, standard setting black and white conversion, openCL support, noise reduction and hand-made color and camera profiles for more than 200 cameras. Microsoft Paint is built in paint and graphic program in Windows operating environment that comes with Windows during its installation in the system. NeoPaint is one of the best tools for both beginners and professionals web designers, artists, designers, desktop publishers, programmers, and PowerPoint users. SpeedyPainter is the name of a lightweight yet featured rich and powerful paint application for Windows operating systems. Here comes another easy and free to use painting tool that works with Wacom graphics tablets and several other devices.
Gpaint that is also known by the name of GNU Paint is an open source and free painting program. This painting program is based on the feature and functions of raster image editing with layers. KolourPaint is the name of a free and user friendly paint program for both beginners and professionals. CinePaint is a free to use and open source painting and image editing and retouching program.
Scratch Paint Editor also known as Paint Editor is a painting program that is used for creating costumes, sprites, backdrops and much more. ABOUT USTechoPolitan provides comprehensive information about tech industry as we always bring the best and accurate tech news to our users.
Windows Movie Maker was, indeed, one of the reasons why Video Editing & Video Creation came to be viewed as an easy-to-accomplish task, as the tool allowed users to blend different videos by means of several effects and all! In first part of the list, we shall have some free movie maker alternatives and then move onto premium ones. Kdenlive is an open source-based video editor you can have for your Linux or Mac OS X powered device. AVS Video Editor can be an optimal alternative to Windows movie maker, given that you prefer a solution that lacks professional features but lets you perform the video creation task in a few minutes or so. Lightworks 12 brings professional video editing features, which is suitable for professional, educational & other sort of purposes. Avidemux is a minimalistic video editing solution and movie maker alternative for you, when you need your editing tasks completed in a shorter time-frame. Pitivi is a part of an open-source initiative to allow everyone to express themselves through filmmaking, as they put it.
First in our premium list, Pinnacle Studio 18.5 is a premium video editing suite, which is, apparently, an effective alternative to Windows Movie Maker. Well, we have one from Adobe Inc — and, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a fully-fledged, premium & professional tool to be considered when you need a true video editing experience. Despite the free trial, VideoStudio Pro X8.5 is a premium video editing software when your purpose is professional in nature.
Here comes the best alternative to Windows Movie Maker as far as Mac users are concerned — iMovie.
Sony Vegas Pro 13 is yet another blend of easy-to-use User Interface and powerful capabilities! Avid Media Composer is yet another professional-friendly video editing suite that can be a good alternative to movie maker, from many perspectives.
We end our list with these twelve superb video editing suites, which are feature-rich enough to be good alternatives to windows movie maker. YouTube Editor – an online complimentary tool, which can take some time to use, as you need to upload your videos first.
Movie maker on PC – Free application that should come installed on your PC (you can download on windows website).
Just click on the link below this video, enter your details and I’ll send you your free copy.
Discover the secrets behind making engaging videos that ooze professionalism and help to sell your products or services In this 17 page document I break down the 20 elements that go into making a professional video. At least 3,000 people pre-registered for the pre-release trial during the show with a steady 1,000 more registrations per week since its debut. It encrypts your email addresses, script code, links, text, graphics or all HTML source code to make them unreadable but work normally in web browsers.
In our culture and our society, it is important to look your best so you can feel your best. It contains all the essential tools and high-end features in one package to enable you to capture, organize, edit, share and print images in a fast, flexible and efficient workflow. With the highest conversion quality available today, and a workflow that has been praised worldwide, Capture One Pro has clearly set the standard for RAW conversion software. First best thing about this program is that it don’t require any downloading and installation at all. That program of Microsoft Windows is available for all editions of Windows operating systems. It is available in portable version and don’t require any installation at all or the support of any third party supporting applications. The best about MyPaint is that it contains a larger number of bush collection as compared to its competitors.
One of the best things about this program is its interface that is much similar to the MS Paint.
The program is designed for KDE and aims to be user friendly and simple to understand, offering a level of functionality targeted towards the beginners.

One of the best things about this program is that it is capable in working with 35mm film and several others high resolution dynamic range of images. After creating these stunning images, the users can then use these in multiple ways in their drawing projects. The best about this paint program is that you can use it for both simple painting and complex diagramming and drawing. It features an intuitive user interface and almost all standard painting tools to make your young one able to have grip on basic painting features. Such intuitive was its interface that almost every user could understand the process in a few seconds. Being one of the best tools from GNU Foundation, Kdenlive is absolutely free and it has all the superb features such as multi-track video editing and support for trending video technologies that are in use. AVS Video Editor supports a wide range of media formats, as both input and output and there is a wide codec support too.
It gives you all the impressive features such as non-linear editing and a big collection of visual effects. The editing interface is professional at the same time intuitive, in such a way that you can use Pitivi regardless the level of expertise in video editing. In simpler words, Jahshaka is your gateway to content creation, by depending upon the shoulders of open source. The tool comes with a fully-fledged editing environment, but the process of editing videos is an easy task, considering the Drag-and-Drop interface, easier importing of data, ability to save favourites etc.
The tool comes with timeline-based video editing and it was used for editing films such as Gone Girl. Even when it has all the professional features you’d expect from a typical video editor suite, VideoStudio Pro X8.5 has kept the UI as minimal as possible. Apple has done its best to make iMovie as impressive as possible and the interface is truly professional that you would love the art of video editing. You can use this tool to edit videos with professional-level quality and get them ready for your purpose, quite seamlessly. Avid Media Composer has a fully-fledged editing interface that does never limit the creative aspect of yours while editing movies, videos or something else.
Hence By the help of Expert PDF Editor you can use, view, adjust, mark-up and save PDF docs although even now having the actual reliableness of original docs. This has a really easy-to-use and simple interface, so you should not have problems when it concerns your user experience.
This is a great starting point, as you can do basic stuff like importing clips, Trim, split, speed them up or slow them down. It appears to have some great testimonials online and would absolutely take a look a the free version. From composition and audio through to location and performance stand up against the competition. Software piracy is theft, Using Xara Xtreme crack, password, registration codes, key generators, serial numbers is illegal. Capture One Pro 6’s powerful and intuitive toolset is used by professional photographers to achieve world-class image quality, excellent colors and details. This program opens and saves files as JPEG, Windows bitmap, GIF, PNG, and single page TIFF.
It is packed with those advanced tools and powerful features that being the professional user you will love.
The quality of this program is that it support for Wacom digitizers to vary opacity and size of brush stroked according to pen pressure. For its simplicity, XPaint is the name of a lightweight yet powerful program that deploy to use raster graphics editor. MyPaint is the name of an open source raster graphics editor for all type of digital painters.
Using this program you can perform simple sketching to professional level of painting and diagraming tasks. It is capable in performing daily paint work like simple painting, image manipulation and icon editing.
Although it combines the functions of painting and image editing but got popularity because of dealing with animation work and motion picture visual effects. Scratch Paint Editor is different from the most of the image editing and panting programs on the ground it offers a built-in image editor that you will not find in most of the paint programming tools. It supports multiple digital brushes and contains various must have editing tools, support for layers, transparency and much more.
Tux Paint combines entertaining sound effects and an appealing cartoon mascot who guides the kids as they use the program.
That having said, it’s natural that you might find Movie Maker insufficient in several instances, such as when you need additional features or want to edit videos on another platform that movie maker isn’t available for.
Interface of Kdenlive is so professional that you can compare Kdenlive with almost every premium video editor that is available in the industry.
The interface is very similar to movie maker that you can start editing videos without any kind of preparation or related stuff. It is to be noted that two versions of this tool is available — free and paid, and there are major differences in the availability of features. Also, there is an option for subtitle processing, which would be great when you want to create videos in professional quality. It has all the capabilities you’d expect from a typical one, through the support for GStreamer framework, and there are options for trimming, splitting etc. Jahshaka is a module-based solution and you can use the module you really need when it’s the time to. Coming to the performance aspect, Pinnacle Studio 18.5 offers 64-bit performance, 6-track-frame accurate editing, etc. It offers support for 4K video and other popular media formats, letting a hell of your productivity unleash. Being an Apple-made software, there is a lot to talk about iMovie, especially given its multi-device editing capabilities and availability of content in various devices through iCloud. The non-linear editing suite has been there in the industry for a long while and the latest version has a lot to offer.
Avid Media Composer is an advanced tool in the sense that it can be extended in terms of productivity if your projects need something more.
Expert PDF Editor provides complete editing on PDF docs without needs of external software.
For its simplicity and versatile functionalities, Sumo Paint is said to be one of the best image editing program that functions in a browser. You can use this program in two color modes namely color mode, and two color black and white. NeoPaint make it easy for beginners and business users to create stunning graphics for desktop presentations, publishing and the internet. The main highlighted features and functions of SpeedyPainter are multiple layers availability, replay of drawing process, loading of common image formats, canvas rotation, canvas flip, selection mask, import and export system and much more. It make the users able to focus more on painting rather than focusing all the time on post processing and image manipulation.
It contains all basic functions of diagraming and drawing tools including freehand drawing, ovals, polygon, and text. This software is capable in reading and writing usual image formats and interoperate with other layered editors through OpenRaster format. It merits to mention here KolourPaint is not monolithic and unusable program where simple works like drawing lines become near impossible not it is so simple that it lacks main features and functions. One of the best advantages of using CinePaint is that it support for high bit depths even greater than 8-pits per channel that can be required for film work.

One of the best things about this program is that it has a powerful and highly customizable brush system to simulate many different bushes.
Tux Paint is available for almost all leading operating environment and it is free without any limitation, restriction and trial period. Some of the best features of Kdenlive include advanced editing of video such as cropping, a wide range of effects such as blue-screen, distortions, blurring, volume adjustments etc, ability to pause and resume rendering of video etc. It also has a good level of support for native media formats and you can work well with your popular cameras and devices.
For instance, the free version does not support full HD video export, timeline rendering and some other related features. Considering all these capabilities, including the one to process audio and video at the same time and support for AVI, MPEG and NUV, Avidemux makes enough sense for you. Core features of this video content creation tool include support for 2D & 3D animation, colour correction, video editing and support for effects. It is a good decision to go with the professional software if you use other Adobe solutions for related stuff. As we said, it has some smart features to make the task easier, such as the flexible management of resources, easy-to-use transitions, in-built screen-capture feature, complete disk authoring etc. When you’re about to make a movie using iMovie, there is a lot of tutorials you can depend upon, just in case if the simple-enough UI fail to make sense to you.
Here you can open and save images right from the hard drive and save to again hard drive or directly to cloud. First of all it make the users able to perform simple editing and browse multiple images at once. The capabilities of this paint program or the tools and functions that it is offering in the shape of undo & redo support, drawing tools, diagraming tools, all selections options, colour similarity system, transparency adjustment, image effects, close-up editing, support for multiple file operations, etc.
If talk about the features of this program then it is much featured rich because of containing simple and standard level of advanced level of tools. The vector graphics here, unlike bitmaps, store the image as rules either than array of pixels for most smooth images in any stage size. Here, we have a list of top 12 Movie Maker alternatives, which will help you edit videos better, almost everywhere, since we have included solutions for various platforms.
It also helps you to share your output videos through several platforms such as Facebook and Flickr. So, you can go for Pitivi when you need a good-to-go video editing software for your Linux device. Regardless the module, the user interface of the tool looks professional at the same time simple, and there is a Jahshaka community, where you can seek help from fellow content creators — thanks to Open Source. You can get all your Photoshop files imported to Adobe Premiere Pro CC if you need something — simple as that. Some new features in iMovie include iMovie Theatre, Integrated sharing, App Preview creation etc. Along with standard features like 4K support, GPU acceleration, support for native media formats etc, there are some advanced features as well.
Also, there is a collection of software and hardware that can be connected to Avid Media Composer in order to have a better workflow management and easier controlling of the editing process.
It is said to be one of the most used programs since the early editions of Windows and still being used for simple image manipulation tasks. NeoPaint is one of the best ways to effortlessly and efficiently create stunning transparent 32-bit PNG images for both apps and websites.
SpeedyPainter is simply a best program that you can use as a paint program and even as an image and photo editor as well.
In addition to bitmap, the other formats supported by the XPaint are JPEG, PNG, GIF, PPM, TIFF, ICO, PGF, etc. In term of functions and way of working, this painting program is much similar to Corel Painter. The other capability of this program is that it support for cut and paste by selecting polygons or irregular regions.
It include onion skinning, frame manager and is able to work with 16-bit and floating point pixels for high dynamic range imaging.
The advanced options available in this program are precise object movement, importing into a costume, multiple layers availability in paint editor, grouping of bunch of objects, horizontal & vertical flipping, setting the costume center, etc. The interface of the program is very user friendly and intuitive but still the users can adjust it as per his own requirement and save it as different arrangements to optimize his work-flow.
For the convenience of the kids, Tux Paint is split into five sections that are toolbox, canvas, color palette, selector and information area. So, we would say that Kdenlive isn’t only an effective alternative to movie maker but also a powerful-enough competitor to a lot of professional video editing software in the market. Also, a dedicated iPad app of Pinnacle Studio 18.5 is there, which you can use for on-the-go editing. Features we’d loved in Adobe Premiere Pro CC include support for native camera formats, support for a wide range of plug-ins, the deep-level integration with After Effects, Photoshop & other Adobe tools, enhanced audio control, multi-cam editing and a lot more.
For instance, Sony Vegas Pro 13 lets you import project files from other editing suites such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro. Other features include support for 4K Video, GPU acceleration, support for editing stereoscopic 3D material, a huge collection of visual effects etc.
It’s layering capabilities, color balancing, blending options, filters and image adjustment tools are much similar to Adobe Photoshop. There are several hidden features and functions in Microsoft Paint that are trail mode, stamp mode, regular shapes and moving pictures.
The quality of this program is that it is a dynamic that support for multi-level undo features that insures the easy correction of mistakes.
The capabilities of this program are extensible by way of additional extensions, simple interface, layer management system, availability of unlimited canvas, pressure sensitive graphics tablet support, and much more. It also make the users able to work together on the same document in case of having internet connection.
A simple slideshow feature permits previously saved images to be displayed as a slide presentation or basic flip book animation. As it comes to the video editing aspect, shape masking tools, colour match, OpenFX architecture etc will be useful, we do bet. Also, it has a customer care section, where you can find answers for all your doubts and queries. In a nutshell, in addition to painting program you can use it as an image and photo editor as well.
Some main highlighted capabilities of this application are user friendly interface, availability of color and tool palettes, modern features, etc.
The best about LazPaint is that it offers many color manipulation functions and there is a RGBA channels or curve adjustments functions with HSL colorspace. There is also a collaboration enhancement app of Sony Vegas Pro 13 available for iPad, in case if you needed to work on-the-go. However, currently it is not offering crop facility and system for making rectangular selections. Strictly, we do not take any responsibilities for the damages caused by obtaining information through our web blog (if youa€™re not too sure of any, better avoid using).
Wea€™re against of sharing porn, warez, crack & patches or other kind of illegal contents within the blog.

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