Creative photographer, Web publisher, Diy fan, Avid traveler and a Nature Conservationist to the core. Unlike most photographers that buy either Canon or Nikon and stick with it, I switched from Canon to Nikon about a year ago.
Nikon 28-300mm ED VR AF-S Lens – I know of no other lens on the market that offers such fantastic optical quality at such a low price point and with such an OUTSTANDING zoom range. Sigma 50-500mm Lens – This is the only lens being included on this list that does not have drop dead amazing optics. About the AuthorJim Harmer Facebook Twitter Google+Jim Harmer is the founder of Improve Photography, and host of the popular Improve Photography Podcast. Well, I finally made it to Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park, a place I have been wanting to visit for a long time.
I know my site is about DSLR nature and wildlife photography, and you’re probably asking yourself what do the presidents heads have to do with nature and wildlife photography? Well, some may say nothing at all, but pardon me if I disagree, but the president faces were carved from the boulders of nature, and are in the middle of one of nature’s most wonderful wilderness areas, and in my opinion, this is a great place to get some fabulous nature images of mount Rushmore national memorial park and the black hills of South Dakota.
There are many good spots to photograph the president’s faces while walking the presidents trail.
If you’re staying at Keystone South Dakota, as I did when I was there visiting the black hills of South Dakota you will be in the middle of many attractions, and some great photography opportunities. If you head south on 16A from Keystone for about two or three miles, and make a left when you see the sign Custer State Park. Keep and eye out for turnout where you can park and get some fabulous photograph of the black hills. There are many different kinds of wildlife to be found in the black hills wildlife loop, bison, pronghorn antelope, mountain goats, and bighorn sheep are just some of them.
Custer State Park has the biggest herd of Bison in the USA, with over 1,500 bison’s dotting the landscape in Custer State Park. Some of the scenic lakes to photograph in the black hills of South Dakota, starting from left to right, are Sylvan Lake, Horse Thief Lake and Pactola Lake, these are beautiful scenic lakes. You can see just to the left of Keystone is the Mount Rushmore Memorial, where you can see the president faces.

Hope you enjoyed my article on mount Rushmore national memorial park and the black hills of South Dakota.
A Shooting both brands has helped me to see the advantages and disadvantages of both systems.
A We all shoot different types of photography on different cameras and we all have different budgets. A It is widely (sorry for the pun) considered to be the best wide-angle landscape lens ever produced. A This is the new, updated version of the lens that came out this year with a new silent-wave motor and improved optics that make this lens outstanding.
A I personally don’t own this lens because I feel more comfortable shooting portraits with a longer focal length, but I am in the minority on this point.
A I shoot most weddings with the 70-200mm and only feel the need to switch lenses occasionally. A It is sharp as a tack, fast, and has a convenient zoom range; however, I would only recommend this wide-angle lens for photographers with full frame cameras. A For photographers who like to be close to the subject and don’t mind shooting primes for portraits, this lens is the obvious choice. A While I personally prefer the convenience of a zoom lens for portraits, there can be no argument that this lens is anything other than outstanding.
A Its fast aperture and advanced optics set it apart from the competition at this price point.
One good place I like was on the left side of the trail where there are two giant boulders leaning up against each other  you can frame the Lincoln and Washington face with these massive boulders.
If you have some nice clouds and colors at sunset you can get some very awesome images in the evening.
You can see the little mining town of Keystone up at the top of the red loop on the map where I stayed on my visit in the black hills.
The red loop is the wildlife drive loop where you can look for many kinds of animals, if you see nothing else at least you will see bison. This one is really great I always wanted to go to Mount Rushmore and after reading your wonderful article I’m going to be planning my trip.

Make adjustments to exposure, color, contrast, noise reduction and lens corrections in camera RAW as needed. A However, I believe this list is helpful to most photographers who want to become better acquainted with the best lenses for their camera to avoid spending money on junk. A In fact, I would say that, for around $950, this is the best deal on any lens on the market other than the 50mm prime.
A I was thrilled when Nikon announced this lens because I never recommended entry-level Nikons since they don’t have a focus motor that was required for the old Nikon Nifty Fifty. A It only costs around $500 and is sharp, fast-focusing, and is a remarkably good macro lens to boot. A It has a good autofocus and a convenient focal range, but what makes this lens outstanding is that it allows tens of thousands of hobbyist photographers to shoot wildlife and sports who otherwise would not be able to afford a true telephoto lens. I know there is only around 10% pro users with OLY in their hands, but ZUIKO lenses are one of the best on the market and many photogs use converters to use them on their Nikon and Canon bodies due to incredible glass quality of many high and medium level lenses. A Most beginning and intermediate photographers stick with their kit lenses for a year or two, but eventually they feel like they want more quality. A If you don’t have any idea what I just said, check out this previous post on the difference between wide angle and crop sensor DSLRA cameras. A If that’s you, then it is time to start figuring out which lenses will give you the best results. A There are certainly a dozen or more great lenses that have fantastic optical quality, but are more specialized to a certain group of photographers. A Seriously, this lens is a truly outstanding alternative to the Canon and Nikon 24-70mm lenses that cost FOUR TIMES more than this lens.

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