Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! These lenses are also great for weddings, traveling, low light, street photography, and for when you want to carry around no more than a single lens. Who is this lens good for? Everyone, from extreme low light, clubs, street photography, to portraits and weddings, sports, animals, products etc. With superb image quality, beautiful colors and bokeh, this is one of the best lenses Nikon has ever made. The focal length makes it perfect for situations where you can’t or don’t want to get in front of your subject (typical for concerts and weddings).
Mounted on an DX camera, its field of view is equivalent to a 50mm lens, a length that’s perfect for almost any type of photography, especially for portrait, wedding and extreme low light photography.
Great bokeh, beautiful colors and optical quality, plus it’s built like a tank so you don’t have to worry about easily damaging it.
This is one of those lenses you put on and rarely use anything else, especially if your style of photography covers more than just a single subject. Its contrast, colors and optical quality are the best there is, as well as the AF performance, even on entry-level DSLRs.
Who is this lens for? If you want to own a single best zoom with range perfect for portraits, casual photography, traveling, weddings, concerts, reporting, indoor etc., you’ll love it! Im using Nikkor 50mm 1.8d (aka NIFTY FIFTY) on D5200 and getting excellent results (GREAT PICTURES). How to support us ?If you're getting any photo gear, books or anything, simply using any of links below when you order anything, is the biggest help to us to keep adding to this free website. DxOMark tested the optical quality of over 100 different lenses on the Nikon D810 to see how well the sensor performs.
Offering more reach than the 70-200mm with cheaper price, the 70-300mm telephoto zoom Lenses are becoming increasingly popular with enthusiasts and professionals alike. Offering the best imaging performance, the prime telephoto lenses are intended for sports and action photographers with ‘fast’ maximum apertures.
Just because a selfie stick isn't designed for a DSLR doesn't mean it has to be built like a toy.
Best-in-Class Extension Range: While most selfie sticks on the marks are in the 40" range, our MP-55 pole can extend to 55" long, perfect for a large group photo or to record hard-to-reach places. Built to Last: Quality material and excellent workmanship mean years of use at home, at parties or during vacation trips. 50mm standard prime lenses are very popular, one of the must have lenses for Canon EOS 70D.

If you are looking for some super telephoto lenses for 70D, below are several best lenses for 70D. If you are looking for some super telephoto prime lenses, below are best lenses for you to choose.
If you are looking for some super telephoto zoom lenses for 60D, below are several best lenses for 60D. The Canon 15-85 is the best all around lens for the 60D, who ever wrote this page is an idiot. Nikon announced a new prosumer level digital camera, the CoolPix P7000, which is “an ideal traveling companion to your DSLR, according to Nikon.
The CoolPix P7000 features 5-Way Vibration Reduction (VR) Image Stabilization System that consists of Optical VR Image Stabilization, Hybrid VR Image Stabilization by lens shift and electronic VR, Motion Detection, up to 6400 SO and Best Shot Selector (BSS). Nikon P7000 does include full manual controls (PSAM) mode, Electronic Virtual Horizon Indicator, and in-camera editing function. Please support this site and my family by using the links provided throughout the site to make your purchases. If you're using a full-frame DSLR like a Canon EOS 6D or Nikon D750, an 85mm is perfect for portraiture as it enables half-length portraits to be taken from a comfortable distance of around 3m, so you can direct your subject without crowding in and making them feel awkward.Use an 85mm lens on an APS-C camera like a Canon EOS 750D or Nikon D3300, and you'll be able to take head-and-shoulders portraits from about the same distance. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Shooting with big apertures also blurs the background nicely, making your subject really stand out.
For group shots, anything under 35mm is great, while for portraits and everything else, 35mm to 200mm is the best. This new version however, works perfectly and will also auto focus on it without any issues. Due to a slightly longer focal length, its bokeh (background blur) looks more pleasing and makes it more appropriate if you’re really into portraits or like having a shallow depth of field on your images.
85mm is also a great length for photographing faces as wider angles tend to distort faces, while longer lengths do work but often force you to get too far from your subject. It’s perfect for both hobby photographers who want the best image quality, and also for professionals that need the best there is. Its auto focus is very fast and accurate so it’s a perfect match for more advanced Nikon DSLRs. Sports, portraits, weddings, concerts, action, animals (200mm is too short for serious wildlife), landscape, traveling (although not as light as many other lenses).

I am a beginner to photography and i wanted to learn, which is why i thought i should try my hands on manual focusing first. It is featured with a new 36.3 megapixel sensor with no optical low pass filter that delivers image quality that rivals medium format cameras.
The one thing to remember with this lens though, is that it does not offer any AF as it is a manual lens. They are effectively cheap lenses that offer a decent focal length, but generally the compromises made in achieving the large focal range mean image quality suffers.
The camera offers also Subject tracking, scene auto selector, Smart Portrait System that includes Face-Priority AF and in-camera Red-eye fix. One particular advantage of using an 85mm lens for portraiture is that the short telephoto focal length has the effect of slightly compressing any prominent facial features (think noses and chins) for a bit of added flattery.Generally, prime lenses offer superior image quality to zoom lenses. However, it can also be used for sports and many other types, don’t let the millimeters limit your creativity! From aluminum tubing to quick flip locks, from the all-metal ball head to the heavy duty carrying strap, you know right away that it is a quality product you can trust with your expensive equipment.
This enables a tight depth of field, so you can blur fussy backgrounds and make the person you're shooting really stand out in an image.The lens's 'bokeh' is all-important This is the quality of defocused areas within the image, and the aim is to produce a smooth and creamy-looking blur effect.
When shooting at anything other than a wide-open aperture, one thing that helps with this is for the lens to feature a well-rounded diaphragm.Wider apertures also help if you're taking indoor or twilight portraits and you want to make the most of ambient lighting effects without using flash.
There are only seven diaphragm blades, but the aperture is still well rounded and bokeh is nice and dreamy.
The mounting plate features a weather-seal ring, and handling is very refined, with smooth manual focus and full-time focus override delivered by a comfortably large focus ring.
It features XLD (eXtra Low Dispersion) and LD elements, along with Tamron's eBand and BBAR nano-structured coatings. The overall aim is to deliver superb image quality with great sharpness even in hand-held shooting, along with minimal colour fringing, ghosting and flare. The ring-type ultrasonic autofocus system is ultra-fast, while sharpness is impressively consistent, both throughout the aperture range and across the whole frame.

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