Going trough these steps will help you to master the art of taking better photos of night sky.
Light levels at night are very low hence a tripod stand is necessary to hold the camera still. Turn the auto focus mechanism off and then manually set the ring of the lens to infinity and opt the T-setting on the shutter control ring.
Using the shutter speed option you can decide on how long the lens aperture will remain open. Going through this article will help you to learn the trick of taking photographs of night sky. In order to make an orb, you'll need some battery operated fairy lights, speaker wire, electrical tape, and a functional arm to spin it with. I recommend getting white LEDs because you can change the colors of them at any time by taping some Roscolux colored gels over them. The specific camera settings you need to use will always vary - it all depends on how bright the fairy lights are in relation to the environment they are being photographed in. There are a few more orb photos I made that can be found on the Photo Extremist Facebook page. And of course, for a collection of orbs created by light painters on Flickr, check out the Orbs group.
Shout outs to TCB for making the original video that showed me how to do this and TxPilot for making the orb tool tutorial. Hi Evan, hope this finds you happy and well, great tutorial, can’t wait for your videos to come out, I want them now, yours Tony. One suggestion, rather than cut the wires and extended them just leave the battery pack at the end with the taped lights.

Great tutorial, I was having trouble with my orbs but your tutorial has taught me a lot of new tricks.
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I bought your DVD totorial about a month and a half ago but I still did not received it yet and it appears on my master card .
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Evan, the link to amazon for fairy lights showing product unavailable and they don’t know if they will get more.
Whenever I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine however when opening in IE, it’s got some overlapping issues. You have one of the most helpful sites covering a wide range of photography that is a starting point for many beginning photographers. It’s an ability to foresee the end result in your mind's eye, and then to make it with the tools. Using longer exposures you can film or shoot good distant, dimmer objects such as nebulae or dim stars. Sometimes I take one photograph with the camera settings adjusted for the landscape and then another separate photograph with the settings adjusted for the orb and then combine them in Photoshop by placing both of the images in a Photoshop document as layers, and then selecting "Lighten" or "Screen" as the Blending Mode on the top layer. With a 30 second exposure taking place, I used a large flashlight with large colored gels over it to light paint the tree, foreground, and even background. If you wake up early enough to catch the early dawn or late dusk light, you can get both the orb and the environment properly exposed in the same shot without the need to combine the shots in Photoshop.
That’s what other people were guessing too (on youtube) but it actually was a hula hoop with LEDs attached around it – someone got it already!

Could these orbs that displaying discontinuity of the light…, could they be made with a similar xmas light system, set to one color (yellow), AND set to run in flashing mode? If you are using the traditional camera then load the camera with a high speed film (Min ISO 200).
You may even put it in a mode wherein the shutter will remain open until the shutter release is pressed again. After that, I combined the photos in Photoshop using Lighten as the blending mode for all of the layers.
I tried some of the basic things myself but I alwasy seem to have the trace of my shadow (me). I now find more time to play around with the camera and shooting at night is a real fun thing to do. Taking Photographs of night sky is comparatively difficult than the photographs of sky taken in daylight. You can set the shutter speed to the bulb setting, or can set it at a range of settings between 2 and 40 seconds. To make sure that you actually capture the sky pictures you need to ‘bracket’ your exposures. However surprisingly any one can take the best quality wide angle photographs of the night sky by using single lens reflex 35 mm traditional film or digital cameras.
Optional: if you have telescope or telephoto lenses then you can connect it to your camera.

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