Fujifilm is pretty well known in the photography industry, and beside the professional dSLRs and premium line of digital cameras, they make some of the best semi-professional devices, which are pretty accessible as well and provide quite a lot of features for the price.
One of their latest products is the X-S1 – one of the best semi-professional cameras on the market, which aims to fully replace the need for a dSLR for amateurs and beginner photographers that fear they may need the advanced functionality in the future. At a first glance, the Fujifilm X-S1 looks pretty much like every other camera with a fixed lens – it’s go the same overall design and size, with the only thing giving away its not-so-simple internal specs being the slightly bigger lens housing – it’s pretty hard to hide a 26x zoom monster , after all.
Video capabilities aren’t missing either – you can shoot video in up to 1920×1080 resolution at 30 FPS, and thanks to the integrated dual microphone array, the sound is stereo and pretty high quality, as well.
All of that versatility means that you can go a pretty long way without feeling the need for a new lens, which is the main reason people who bought a semi-professional camera switch to DSLRs early on – when you can do all that, you don’t need a dSLR, and that’s exactly what Fujifilm is marketing the X-S1 for. If this X-S1 lens is such a marvel why does my brand new camera have such terrible lens creep plus on the top end the lens droops or sags. Enter your email address to subscribe to Gadgetmania and receive notifications of new posts by email. Kata camera bags usefulness is very necessary because we have to think about what accessories we should bring when we travel Backup battery, memory card, card reader, filters, extra lenses, and cleaning kits, each of which will require a place in your bag.
As photographers, either amateur or professional, they should prepare their tools and accessories very well. This is the number one question I get asked by music video directors in Toronto who are starting out. So that’s why, before pulling the trigger and making a purchase, you need to ask your self a few questions.
What kind of music video you are looking to shoot? Is your music video for YouTube, Broadcast or are you gonna use it to learn the craft? Most folks who can afford the high-end cameras don’t actually buy them, they rent them. You’re going to notice that your budget and experience has a lot to do with each other. If you are a music video director that has already learned his or her craft and and are loosing clients because of your gear, then it might be time to upgrade your camera. Buy going the rental route, you can save, learn, and experiment with different cameras with out breaking the bank.
If your looking to make music videos soley for YouTube, then you don’t need the most expensive camera out there. If you are doing music videos for friends or trying to learn the art, then decent is pretty much anything you have at your disposale.
Almost all cameras out in the market today have enough imaging power to produce a decent image for the computer screen. The benefits of DSRL’s, for a music video is that they are inexpensive, produce an excellent image, and more importantly, gives you full manual control over the image.
The huge advantage, of Canon’s DSLR, for me anyways, is that they are very inexpensive and easy to use. But more importantly, it means that you you’ll have money left over to invest in a good set of lights, tripods, dollies, and other crucial film gear. The Panasonic GH2 produces some of the most crisp and high resolution video footage that I have seen. Just a reminder: The hacked GH2 does produce a beautiful clean picture, but it comes at a price. 1) It’s not always going to be stable, so you might want to think twice before using it on a paid job. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of broadcast shows, like House has been shot on a DSLR, but those where productions with over a hundred thousand dollar budget for post production. Now between these two camera the easy choice is the Red Scarlet, it does 4k, shoots RAW and has high frame rates (great for slow motion work).
In contrast, the Red Scarlet has a bigger learning curve and a more complicated workflow, but it provides you with the most resolution and options in post production. 4K is benificiental even if your final delivery is for HD or SD, because it will give you room to zoom in and pan the image in post.
The Scarlet also shoots RAW, which means that there is no processing done to the image as it’s being recorded.
The positive side of RAW is that it gives you the flexibility to change the exposure, correct for colour temperature, and do heavy special effects work in post. The negative side of shooting in RAW is that it takes a lot of hard drive space and also a lot of CPU and GPU processing power to debayer. However, for cameras such as the Red Scarlet, debayering is done after you finished shooting. Once finished, you take your footage into your NLE system and do the debayering through a software such as Redcine, which requires expensive equipment. If you have ever used any of Canon’s other DSLR, then you can pick up the C300 and start shooting right off the bat.
Most music video directors that I know in the Tororonto and New York area, even after they do their home work and research, still don’t go out and make the purchase. Now, for the entry level cameras, I wouldn’t suggest for you to go and rent it, because most retail camera stores have a decent return policy. But, if your interested in buying the Scarlet or C300, then before putting down a few thousand dollars, I would suggest for you to go to your local pro video rental shop and rent one for the weekend.
There are many considerations photography enthusiasts need to take into account when choosing a DSLR lens for landscape photography. Shown below is an example of a landscape photo, shot with a wide angle lens that had a focal length of 17mm. Wide angle lenses can also be used to give more depth to an image, especially if you are standing or laying at a height lower than the landscape you are photographing. The wide angle lens has created a 3D effect with the grass at the foreground being emphasised and just as much in focus as the sky above.
The normal focal length (41mm) of the lens, emphasised the background elements more so than the lilly pads in the foreground. This is a good all purpose lens that goes from ultra wide 17mm, all the way to a normal focal length of 85mm. Currently selling for $250 this is also a good all purpose lens, going from 18mm at its widest focal length to 70mm at the other end of the scale. While many photographers know of the value of carrying around a camera at all times, it’s only a rare few that lug their dSLR with them everywhere. However, if you’re interested in taking your photography further there is only so much you can do with a camera phone. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could combine the quality of a dSLR with the mobility (and internet connection) of your smartphone?
Well, a new generation of cameras is starting to bridge the gap, allowing photos taken on bigger cameras to be quickly and easily wirelessly transferred to your phone, tablet, or computer.
The 6D combined with the EOS remote app allows you to use your phone to wirelessly browse through images you’ve taken, save them to your phone, or email them.
After spending a week playing around with the 6D and the EOS Remote and Utility I can tell you that Wi-Fi is a pretty awesome feature to have in a dSLR! Family photography – When shooting at home, save all your photos directly to your computer (instant backup). Portrait photography – Sort through a session using the iPad, making the process super portable! The biggest thing to think about is the removal of the computer as a necessary step to sharing the photos you take with your camera. Includes built in Wi-Fi to connect to your computer or mobile phone – a feature I’m excited to talk more about!

The 6D camera body and frame features a mixture of aluminum, magnesium, and polycarbonate (plastic) frame vs.
The price of the 6D ($2099) might be a bit out of range of for the family and enthusiast market right now. Want to see how quick and easy it is to make stunning edits to your photos using Lightroom? On Android, you have been able to hook up your dSLR to your phone over USB, the same way you can do with a computer. I feel the 6D also has better build quality and ergonomics, but we’ll have to see how durable the plastic polycarbonate is vs. I used the wifi last night to send photos from my camera to a fellow soccer mom in the stands as the game played on. As you say, I feel it is overpriced at the moment, I might sit back and see what happens with Canon’s pricing.
Another problem is that Eye-Fi has never had a model that supported compact flash cards (which most of the prosumer and professional DSLRs use). On a final note it does seem like the 6D has built in support for the Eye-Fi card as a menu option.
As for as i know the Rebels have always had CF cards as mine is a very old XTi and has a CF card. I ready to purchase a new camera and trying to make a decesion between the 7D(cropped senor) or The 6D( full-frame) im tring to figure ot what differences out weight each other. For me i am not a pro as i dont take pictures for money or weddings or have my own studio, however, I want to take portrates of my kids as i do and love playing (trying to learn photo shop and lightroom)and i do want them to look professional. I just purchased to 6d and I’ve been spending hours trying to get the camera to connect to the EOS utility on my Mac. I’ve been thinking of trading my 5D mark II for the 6D, The better high iso and bettwe low light focusing might make it a worth wile upgrade. I am looking into buying the Canon EOS 6D and seriously interested in becoming a Wedding Photographer however would like some more practise before I dive head first into it. Think of us as your photo friends – we’re here to help you take better photos, and have a ton of fun together while we’re at it! This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Camera DSLR Shoulder Support Mount is ideal for Video Shooting Stabilization, Bulldog Rig Hand-held allows you to support your HDSLR camera setup from your shoulder and efficiently maneuver the system for videography. A wide-angle lens is a lens whose focal length is smaller than the focal length of a standard lens.
How to support us ?If you're getting any photo gear, books or anything, simply using any of links below when you order anything, is the biggest help to us to keep adding to this free website.
The Supper Macro mode can take excellent shots of anything up to 1 cm close to the lens – that’s pretty much as close as you can get without using a microscope :-). The camera supports SDXC cards, so you can shoot hundreds of pictures or hours of video on cards of up to 128 GB in size or more. Mind you it takes great pictures but the creeping lens makes it impractical for certain kinds of shots. Once you know what needs to be saved, it would be a good consideration before determining the type of bag or backpack that we need. 3N1 Sling Backpack is a bag that combines the best design versatile, professional photography bag that allows ultra – fast camera attractive, optimal weight distribution and 4 convenient carrying options. Cameras that produce cinematic images of high quality can cost any where from a few thousand dollars to tens thousand of dollars. Are you just starting out and you’re not gonna be making money, or are you an established production and service business and you’re looking to step up your production? There’s the inexpensive cameras in the lower end, like the Canon and Panasonic DSLRS. You need to sit down and calculate that if you buy a camera for $15,000 how long will it take before you see a return on your investment?
If you can’t buy because you don’t have the financial means just yet, but you need the camera to get gigs, then what do you do?
In most cases, you can just rent the camera for a few days – most rental houses give a discount the longer you rent.
It does HD, provides a decent codec, and has enough resolution and color rendition to look impressive on a computer screen. Although the entry level T4i is originally meant for photography, it also produces an excellent image for music video directors. Unlike Canon’s DSLR, which are crippled by low bitrates and codecs, with the GH2 (hacked) you can get a high quality codec. Well, for starters, it means that you will have much less macro blocking and more room for colour grading in post.
The GH3 will have a much more robust body as well as more pro features, like headphone jacks and a better codec, so you might just want to wait out for that. But you also have to take into consideration the workflow and the learning curve that is involded.
Consumer cameras are mono cameras that have a matrix of red, blue and green filters in front of the sensor, a bayer matrix. But it’s another thing once you get the camera in your hand and start playing with it. Look on the lens packaging box, if the f number is 4 and above then it will be efficient for landscape photography. The red square illustrates how a normal lens would have cut the image off short at either side. The wide angle lens has been used to its full advantage to give a feeling that you could simply walk into the picture.
It's important that you also check to make sure the lens you choose is compatible with your digitial SLR model. It's also not too large and heavy to carry and is priced around $520 USD at the time of writing this article.
If you see a Canon lens with a red circle around the tip, you know it's considered better quality (sharper images) than those without the ring. It is currently priced at $745 USD, which is what you would expect to pay for a quality lens.
The images won't be as sharp as those taken with the lens listed above, however it is priced well for the budget photographer or those just starting out. Though it undoubtedly produces the best quality images, the size, and the long process of getting images off the camera in order to post them online has many turning instead to using their phones to document their everyday life.
Camera phones have lot going for them – ease of use, extreme portability, and tons of compatible apps that make it fun and easy to share photos. The incredibly small sensor, tiny fixed lens, and complete lack of controls don’t allow for a lot of flexibility. It’s their newest full frame camera and their first dSLR that includes built in Wi-Fi! You can also use the EOS app to control the camera (live preview on your phone, adjust settings, select focus point, and release the shutter).
The 6D is by no means the first camera to have Wi-Fi built in, but Canon did a good job creating an app that ties in the functionality of your smart phone.
The first time you’re connecting to your phone or computer you have to setup the connection.
The connection has worked well around the house and it doesn’t seem to be going through batteries faster than usual with the Wi-Fi turned on (and I leave it turned on all the time).

I didn’t even get a chance to chat about the built in GPS which is also a cool addition to this camera. It has a lot of the same features the main differences being the number of auto focus points (smaller with the 6D), the plastic top of the 6D (vs.
I have had a look at all of these cameras in store and I love the 6D as it is lightweight in comparison the 5Ds. I believe the Canon Rebel series has used SD cards for a long time, but an SD card slot was only added to the 5D3 and now 6D relatively recently. The GPS and wi-fi features weren’t important to me personally, but they are nice features to have. Lets you see & position a group of people, focus and take the picture while your standing in the group! Lets you mange (preview, rank and even delete) images while your camera dets in your camera bag! Lets you pllace the camea in a position where you cant frame your shot and yse the app to see what is going on.
Other lenses like Zeiss 25mm, Nikon 35mm and Samyang 35mm are good lenses for Nikon DX format DSLRs. The EXR sensor (the same one used in the premium X10 camera) is very high quality, and the user has more control over the end picture through the various manual functions that are available. The automatic mode is pretty much flawless at its job – it will select the best focus, aperture, and other settings for the current shot, but if you want to go manual, you have a wide array of settings to adjust, as well – pretty much everything you’ll find on a DSLR, you can find on the X-S1, except an ultra-long exposure like you’ll see on the most expensive SLRs. The only drawback is the battery – it won’t last more than an hour of continuous video recording or about 300-400 photographs. Advice from us, buy the Kata camera bag that has a lot of padding and external protection, so our equipment safe from the things that are outside that might get in and contaminate our DSLR camera. The mid range cameras like the Canon C300 and Scarlet, and then there is the cameras in the high end spectrum like the Epic and Arri Alexa. Either your skill set is not good enough, or you’re still trying to learn your craft. Maybe down the road when the telecom industry is ready to support 4k and we all have fiber optics, the high end cameras will be an option, but as of now, your gonna need something decent.
The camera produces some of the most cinematic footage right out of the box, that I have ever seen. Because of the lack of resolution and codec.  know from talking to other music video directors in Toronto and New York, that that is also their number one reason from not using the C300. Meaning, when you take the photograph you will be getting more of the landscape scenery into each shot. This focal length is good for times when you want the main emphasis to be on an object in the background, giving the photo a more natural look and feel. However, when compared to the photograph of the Goose Ponds, this image didn't horizontally get in as much of the landscape. Another advantage is its image stabilization system that makes taking hand-held shots easier. For a lot of people camera phones have probably completely replaced their need for a point and shoot or dSLR. The biggest problem though is that you’ll never be able to achieve the same kind of high quality results that you could with a full sized dSLR. Plus you can install the EOS Utility on your computer (Mac or Windows) and shoot directly onto your computer over Wi-Fi. This sort of disruptive technology always takes a while for people to get used to and make use of. The camera will detect your wireless network and you’ll need to put in your network password to connect to it. If you’re a wedding or portrait photographer considering the 5D mk III then you should certainly give the 6D a look as it could end up saving you a bunch of money (while gaining you some valuable features). They dropped the price of the 5D III by about $500 (it’s on sale right now for under $3000). When viewing the photos they scale up nicely, but the live view using the remote function doesn’t scale up as nicely for larger screen (pixelated). And to be honest, if your engineering team can’t deliver a seamless, intuitive wifi transfer solution in 4 years when that is your only business, well, you deserve mixed if not bad reviews. Would you recommend I purchase the body only and save up for one of the essential lenses you recommended for wedding photography, or buy with the kit lense (EFS 24-105mm f4L USM)?
Kata camera bag, CC line upgraded to pro light offers a sleek design, revolutionary features, high-end technology and comfortable ergonomics all in one. Fantastic for those photographers who are just starting out and don't want to spend a fortune, yet still need good quality photographs.
However, you do need to take into consideration that this particular wide angle lens doesn't zoom in as far (40 mm) as the other two listed above. That might not seem like a huge deal today, but years down the road you may wish you had better quality photos of those important moments! The good news is that once things are set up, connecting to your phone takes only a couple seconds. You can then save those settings under a shortcut name so that connecting the next time is much faster. I could see them eventually doing the same with the 6D as $1600-$1750 seems like a more realistic price range for this camera.
If I’m not reading up on the latest photography news, or studying a technique, I’m probably reading a book or planning our next adventure!
Compared to the 5D2 the 6D has a better screen, smaller body, a couple more autofocus points, higher ISO capability, dedicated buttons for video, more options for HD video (like 60fps at 720p).
While I was standing there, I downloaded the app, set up the connection and was having a nice time shooting. Particularly if the PC is wired into network that has wireless capacity as opposed to being a wireless connection on the network. The 5D Mark III would be nice, but as you mentioned, the price difference is pretty substantial. If you look on the box your lens came with when you make a purchase, you'll notice an f number. You'll notice many landscape photo's found throughout this website are taken with Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM lens.
You can also setup a connection so that the camera itself acts as a wireless network (so that you don’t need to connect to existing wi-fi network). Kata camera bag is an accessory that must and so we recommend to my friends geeks who use DSLR cameras. CC line upgraded to pro light has a protective design that allows the user will not be concerned with shaking. This is a good option if you’re on the go and all you have is your smartphone and your 6D.
I think if I had some instructions on what I was doing, it would have taken about 2 minutes.
Although we think that would be a lot to carry a DSLR camera and hung around the neck, we still need a camera bag.
Considering many landscape photographers will hike or bike into beautiful areas, the last thing you want is a lens that weighs a ton.

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