Take into account that the capabilities of lenses can differ from camera to another, with the magnification power behind a lens generally being greater on a digital camera as compared to on a 35mm film-based camera. Once you hear about fast and slow lenses, reference point has been made to a lens’s maximum aperture, which is the maximum amount of light that a lens can let in. Not like a fixed-focal-length lens, a zoom lens often provides you with the diversity of a range of focal lengths all rolled right into a single flexible lens. If the lens utilizes aspheric lens elements, then you can rest happily with the know-how that your lens will help produce sharper photos and help keep lens weight to a minimum.
Lenses using internal and automatic focusing also keep lens weight down thanks to less moving parts, and of course enable faster focusing.
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Telephoto lenses use a narrow field-of-view and are best suited for close-up shots and portraits, and wide-angle lenses have a wider field-of-view which is good for indoor images and landscapes.
A simple guideline is that a fast lens lets in a lot of light, while a slow lens lets in less light, which defines how your pictures will look. Get both devices in darker environments and the differences will quickly become apparent.Now that we have that technical difference out of the way, we can start talking about the very nature of both contenders.
A DSLR offers video versatility and flexibility that can’t be beat by a mobile device.

Availability of lenses, accessories, modes and upgrades is what made DSLRs the go-to tool for many professionals.Smartphone modes and manual controls has been improving, but in many ways you are kind of stuck with what you get. Giacomo Mantovani does say the OnePlus One is better in ideal lighting, so it might be perfect for certain shots. He also says there are reasons why DSLRs are where they are in the industry.What this test does prove is that OnePlus did an amazing job putting this smartphone together. 4K video is no insignificant feature; being able to handle it like a champ is even more impressive.
After all, beating a full frame DSLR in ANYTHING is an astounding success, in and of itself. You have amazing camera technology, but APPARENTLY you don’t have the technology to have a convenient way to buy the actual smart phone!!!!!!! Then you add the price and it makes it the best bang for buck ever on a phone to be honest.
I would still be upset, that I couldn’t get one, but at least the false hope of actually getting one some day would be there.
This article is pointless Tha Watcher I don’t care what perfect conditions they set up. Seeing the price point of that Canon, it should outperform a CELL PHONE in the category of photography no matter what!

Then, I tell you that never ever I will even think to shoot professional stuff on a smartphone.
If professional equipment differs from consumer equipment, also in terms of price, there are many reasons, which in any way this video comparison pretends to argue. You also should calm down and consider that the 5D is not a cinema camera and not even a video camera, it is PHOTOGRAPHIC camera that shoot also nice (but very soft) videos, so its video function can be safely compared with a cheap smartphone able to shoot nice videos, as none of them have been created with the primary function of video recording.
Would you prefer regretting of not having your DSLR with you in that moment, or indeed would you be pleased to have a 4K camera a€“ right in your pocket a€“ which is able to shoot amazing stuff (in a ideal light condition)? Nobody is saying to use this camera for professional works, the only aim of this video is to compare how well it performs (in a ideal light condition) respect a professional DSLR camera, nothing less, nothing more. I just would like people to take it easy and take this video test for what it is.By the way, I am about to publish the 4K version of the OPO footage. I stopped wanting this phone because of the waiting list but now it’s back on my radar.

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