For a long time in digital photography, a DSLR camera would have been too difficult for a beginner to use, leading to constant frustration for the first-time photographer. The best DSLR camera for beginners from Nikon, Canon, and other manufacturers will cost a bit more than what you might find with a basic, point and shoot camera.
The Canon T6i DSLR is a great model for beginners, thanks to its articulated touchscreen display. The Canon EOS Rebel T6i easily ranks as one of the best DSLR cameras for beginners, offering great image quality with its APS-C sized image sensor with 24.2 megapixels of resolution. This camera has plenty of nice features aimed at inexperienced photographers too, including fully automatic shooting modes. The articulated LCD on the Pentax K-S2 DSLR allows beginning photographers to easily shoot selfies. The NIkon D5200 is a slightly older DSLR camera, but a price drop makes it a nice option for beginners.
The Canon EOS Rebel SL1 is the smallest DSLR camera available, which may appeal to beginners who are used to smaller form factors in their beginner-level cameras.
If you hesitate purchasing a DSLR as a starter camera because of its large size, you may want to consider the Canon EOS Rebel SL1, which is the smallest and lightest DSLR on the market. Ease of Use: Because an entry-level DSLR camera is aimed at those new to digital photography, it needs to have plenty of easy to use features. Kit Lenses: A DSLR camera makes use of interchangeable lenses, meaning you can remove the lens from the camera and replace it with another lens with different capabilities, whereas a fixed lens camera has the lens built into the camera body.
Size: DSLR cameras are large because of their internal components, certainly larger than most compact fixed lens cameras. Under Budgeting: Keep in mind that purchasing a DSLR camera involves more than just the camera body. Even an entry-level DSLR will have a large image sensor, usually an APS-C sized image sensor.
While a beginner-level DSLR camera might not be able to match the resolution number found in an advanced DSLR, any modern beginner DSLR camera is going to have more than enough resolution to meet the needs of beginning photographers.
Any good entry-level DSLR camera should be able to record in the RAW image format, which saves images without applying compression, or in the JPEG format, which uses image compression to save storage space. Great DSLR cameras for beginners should be able to record at least five frames per second in burst mode at full resolution when shooting in JPEG.
The DSLR will slow down considerably if you’re using burst mode in the RAW format though. A beginner-level DSLR will include an autofocus system as well as the option of using manual focus, but autofocus is easier to use. A higher number for the ISO setting means the image sensor becomes more sensitive to light, allowing for greater success in low light photos.
For an entry-level DSLR, having an articulated LCD (one that twists and swivels away from the camera) and a touch screen display will make the camera easier to use. A DSLR aimed at beginners might make use of an optical viewfinder, where the image shown in the viewfinder matches the view through the lens (TTL), or a digital viewfinder, where the viewfinder is a small display screen, and the image shown matches the large display screen. Beginners will appreciate having built-in Wi-Fi or NFC capabilities in the starter DSLR camera, because it’s easier to share the photos with social networks. Any DSLR camera can only make use of interchangeable lenses that match the type of lens mount on the camera body.
If you’re relatively new to digital photography, you have quite a few different options for purchasing a first digital camera.
Kyle has been a freelance writer for 20 years, focusing mainly on technology related topics. As one who went from SLR to digital point and shoot and is now thinking of moving to DSLR, I have a question. As long as you stick with a Pentax K mount on the DSLR, some of your lenses should work with the DSLR. You’re about to set out on a multi-week, multi-month, or multi-year backpacking adventure. I bought the Olympus TG-3 Waterproof 16 MP Digital Camera earlier this year for my 2 week trip to Brazil as I needed a waterproof camera that could take great action shots while river snorkeling in Bonito.
So, if you are looking one of the listed Point and Shoot cameras listed above, you really can’t go wrong with the Olympus TG-3. One of the guys I used to travel with had an Olympus Waterproof Digital Camera and that thing was a brick. They are personally the optimal ones if you want the versatility of lenses with a camera that gives out good quality shots (not to say that the ones on the list are not good – most of them are excellent cameras) and has the weight of a big point and shoot. I have trekked on many continents with my old EP-L1 and my new-ish baby OMD-EM1 and they have not let me down nor has their weight been an issue! Are you in the market for the best DSLR camera’s of 2015, but don’t know which one to choose? DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras come with removable lenses so that you can attach different optics to present the world in a different perspective.
You may have outgrown your simple point-and-shoot, perhaps your current interchangeable lens camera is too old, or you are looking to upgrade your current DSLR.
Buying a new DSLR 2015 can seem like a research project on its own due to the countless options available, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. If you are confused by the myriad of options, here is a list of the top DSLR cameras 2015 in the market. The recently launched Nikon D3300 is the one of the best beginner DSLR 2015 for shooters moving up to a DSLR. This USA Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera is an 18MP APS-C format DSLR camera with a DIGIC 4 image processor.
If you are looking for an affordable viewfinder-based DSLR with the latest and impressive image quality, the Canon EOS 1200D is a great option. The Nikon D5300 may not be a huge upgrade from the older D5200, but a few changes make it worthy enough of displacing its predecessor. The Canon EOS 100D (also referred to as the Rebel T3 in some countries) is in a world of its own. Although it introduces only incremental improvements on its predecessor the 600D, Canon EOS 700D is still worth the investment.
The Pentax K-500 boasts numerous features that are unheard of in its class, including a pentaprism viewfinder that provides 100% frame coverage with continuous shooting that clocked in at 5fps.
The Pentax K-30 is an excellent DSLR, with its image quality rivalling (and sometimes even being better than) its nearest competitors.

If you want an all-rounder in terms of capturing both images and videos, there is no other pure DSLR that comes close to the Canon EOS 70D. Like the K-30, the Pentax K-50 is a completely weather-sealed DSLR that delivers on image quality.
The Sony Alpha 58 is not technically a DSLR since it uses Sony’s SLT (single lens translucent) technology. The successor of the D600, the Nikon D610 keeps the attractive design and most of its features while solving key problems with the D600. The Nikon Df is a product that’s as much about invoking nostalgia as it is about capturing the moment.
If you are searching for a good DSLR but don’t want to get a full-frame sensor, the Nikon D7100 is a great option. Benchmarked as the most advanced enthusiast DSLR available, featuring unparalleled technology and specifications..
While it isn’t affordable, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III is one of the best professional DSLRs out there.
When Nikon launched the absolutely ridiculous 36MP sensor with the D800, we thought it was utter madness. The Sony Alpha 99 is a full-frame DSLR which can focus as quickly when shooting videos as taking pictures. The best intermediate digital SLR camera archives 2007 to 2016 covers past recommended digital slr cameras for intermediate and semi-professional photographers. Also consider the Pentax K-5 IIs which has no anti-aliasing filter in front of the sensor for sharper results.
No part of SLR Digital Camera may be reproduced or distributed without expressed written permission. But your investment will pay off in great image quality and a camera that can keep up with your growing photography skills.
It has a good burst mode of 5 frames per second, and its 19-point autofocus system is very accurate and works fast. The viewfinder on this camera allows you to easily frame the scene, even if you’re working in bright sunlight where glare on the display screen can make it difficult to see clearly. The 3-inch display screen offers both the ability to swivel and twist away from the camera, as well as touch capabilities. It provides strong image quality, even in low light shooting conditions, and, like most DSLR cameras, it works very fast when you’re using the viewfinder to frame the scene. One of the biggest advantages of the Nikon D5200 is its 39-point autofocus system, which is very impressive for a camera in its price range. Make sure that the camera has a fully automatic setting, which will allow even inexperienced photographers to begin using the camera immediately.
The best beginner DSLR camera will include one or two kit lenses, which are inexpensive starter lenses that allow you to begin using the DSLR camera immediately upon taking it out of the box. It may even frustrate you to the point where you put the DSLR camera away and dig out the old point and shoot camera. A higher number of autofocus points used in the system typically will correlate with a more accurate system.
You’ll have to purchase these lenses separately or as part of a kit with the original camera purchase. And while you might be leery of considering an entry-level DSLR as a first camera because of its price point and its complexity, camera makers have done a nice job in recent years of creating DSLR models that are great for inexperienced photographers.
He's written product reviews, product overviews, how-to articles, product best of lists, and other types of articles.
Can my array of SLR (Pentax K mounts) be used with a DSLR, understanding that I’d have to use them in manual mode?
Just be warned, they can be a pain to haul around, but in my opinion traveling with a quality camera is worth the extra few pounds. I have, however, asked some of my photographer backpacker friends and asked what they recommend. In order to be transparent I just want to let you know that the links found within this Best Cameras for Backpackers post are affiliate links to Amazon. It got dropped, tossed, squashed, and had several beers spill on it numerous times, and it kept shooting through it all.
I know that they are just starting to be a really big thing now, but they have been around for quite a while thanks to companies like Olympus.
Then, you came to the right place as we will guide you through the hottest and latest cameras available. This flexibility allows you to start small and build up a more varied and desirable collection of lenses. Its image quality is one of the best in the market and the camera comes with a Guide Mode, which can help you learn all about photography with visual cues. There is not a huge difference in image quality and performance between the 1200D and Nikon D3300. The 24MP camera delivers an impressive image quality, while the Wi-Fi and GPS capability sets it apart from others in its class.
It is the smallest and lightest DSLR in the world, so if you don’t like the weight and bulk of most DSLRs but still want that functionality, the 100D is the way to go.
The latest triple-digit Canon model will always be loved by DSLR owners and fanboys alike since it features an 18MP APS-C sensor along with HD video capture at different frame rates. The 16MP sensor is actually almost the same as the Pentax K-50 except for the weather-sealing, so it delivers incredible image quality unlike what the price will lead you to believe. Although the company is not too well-known in the international community, that’s not any way to view this company that makes some of the best DSLRs in the market in 2015. It is this technology, though, that provides the Alpha 58 with an 8fps frame rate, which makes other DSLRs look a little pedestrian.
The front and back section are made from magnesium alloy, so rest assured, your Canon EOS 6D is built to last.
Although the D600 was an excellent camera, there were widely reported issues with oil on the camera’s sensor. It picks up where its predecessor – the D700 – left off, with amazing specifications and feature-set that leave other DSLRs wanting.
While its price may put it up against some of the best enthusiast-oriented DSLRs in the market, it offers enough features to stand out from the crowd. However, when we used it, we found the D800 an utter marvel and couldn’t help but stare at the photographs it captures with awe.

Many of these digital SLR cameras may still be available from various photography shops or secondhand at greatly reduced prices at Amazon or Ebay. The K-S2 doesn’t have a touchscreen capability, but it is an articulated display screen, making this model easy to use with a tripod.
Some DSLR cameras will ship as the body only with no kit lenses, so if you don’t already own compatible lenses, make sure you pick a unit with a kit lens. An entry-level DSLR will be smaller and lighter than more advanced DSLR cameras, which those migrating from a point and shoot camera to a DSLR may find appealing.
The best DSLR cameras for beginners listed here all offer plenty of easy-to-use features and great image quality at a reasonable price, which make them very strong candidates as a starter camera. If you check with Pentax customer service, they should be able to give you a list of SLR Pentax lenses that will work with Pentax DSLR cameras. I can’t imagine pro-level DSLRs are that easy to travel with, but some do it day in and day out. If you purchase an item within 24 hours of clicking one of these links, Amazon will share 4% of the purchase price with me, which will immediately go into paying back my Federal Student Loans.
This is where we have round up the best DSLR camera 2015 to save you some time when working out your best choices. And if you do have some lenses, there is the chance they will work perfectly with your new DSLR.
Although the D3300 is not the most inexpensive entry-level in the market, it gives an impressive performance and offers you the chance to step into Nikon’s vast DSLR system. What’s even better is that the 700D is part of Canon’s DSLR family, so you can benefit from a myriad of lenses.
The Pentax K-500 is the perfect DSLR for photographers who want an affordable camera that doesn’t cut corners on image quality or performance. If you are not tied to a specific brand because of lens mount, we would recommend the K-30 – it has a sturdy build, is weather-sealed and delivers on image quality.
The Dual Pixel AF system truly closes the gap between the compact camera world and the DSLR market. Its weatherproofed ability will make you want to go out shooting in all weathers, but you may have to buy the more expensive weather resistant lens to actually enjoy the whole experience. The SLT technology also helps provide a good autofocus performance and a great electronic viewfinder. Although the 6D is one of the cheapest full-frame DSLRs manufactured by Canon, it does not disappoint with image quality and performance.
The D610 not only solves these issues, but also introduces a faster burst rate along with an improved autofocus performance. It is Nikon’s flagship enthusiast-level DSLR that offers practical enthusiast-level features with excellent ergonomics and weatherproof seals for withstanding the elements. It offers superb image performance with impressive sharpness and details, and nicely saturated colors.
Although it looks a lot like its predecessor, it brings plenty of improvements to the table. The Nikon D810 builds on from the D800 and while it keeps the same 36MP sensor, it improves on image quality and performance.
However, if you want wireless connectivity, you’ll have to purchase an adapter separately. Make use of the automatic controls while you’re learning, and you can keep the frustration at bay. Buying a quality camera is one of the most important things you’re likely going to want to pack along with you.
And while the 100D is small, it certainly doesn’t compromise on performance and is very practical, delivering quality akin to the Canon EOS 700D. The K-500 is certainly the best DSLR in the market right now that does an excellent job of balancing performance and price. Nothing else has ever come closer than the Canon EOS 70D to redefining the sector we work in.
As far as the Pentax K-50 is concerned, you have the option of ordering it in any of 120 color combinations.
If you are on the lookout for a reliable shooter, its specifications make it the ideal choice for you, which include a 20MP camera.
With enthusiast-friendly features, an excellent image quality, a relatively affordable price tag, and Wi-Fi and GPS capability, the 6D is the best DSLR camera 2015 for enthusiast photographers.
The 24MP D610 opens up the full-frame door to a bigger audience and provides excellent image quality for a reasonable price.
It also lacks the anti-aliasing filter, which makes sharper images possible directly from the camera. The 22MP sensor has got every base covered and offers amazing image quality in not only good light, but also in low light. The only thing missing with the Sony Alpha 99 is the optical viewfinder, but as far as shooting movies is concerned, the Alpha 99 is, hands down, the best you can get.
Measurements below 35 mm are considered wide angle, while above 50 mm are considered telephoto. A DSLR lens can be a zoom lens, where it has a range of focal length measurements, or a prime lens, meaning it has only one focal length measurement. Continuous shooting on the Canon EOS 100D is possible at up to 4fps and the camera is extremely easy to use due to the Scene Intelligent Auto System, which analyses the scene you want to shoot before actually taking the picture.Obviously since the 100D is low on height and weight, it doesn’t charge too much, making it excellent value for money and one of the best entry-level DSLRs of 2015. It is one of the best DSLR 2015 and worth considering if you are not already invested in Canon or Nikon. One of the best digital cameras 2015, it provides great value for money and is certainly worth a consideration.
However, the Nikon Df is a little pricey (considering the features it provides) and may only be seen by some as an expensive indulgence in nostalgia.
Tracking down the right type for you, your skill level, and most importantly, your budget, is key to ensuring you have some memories you can look back on years down your road.
If you’re planning on anything beyond selfies, a quality point and shoot can capture shots that you might not have been able to at the risk of ruining your phone. Waterproof, dustproof, crushproof, and iceproof point and shoot cameras allow you to capture moments while participating in anything more exciting than walking from A to B.

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