While looking at the budget, these DSLR cameras come from very low range to very high rate even. The Sony Alpha A230L 10.2 MP Digital SLR camera is not just a camera but a whole photography system introduced by the company in the entry level DSLR segment. Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR is a camera which Nikon has introduced for the photographers who wish to switch from the simple Digital Cameras to DSLR’s.
This product is priced at just over $400, a very cheap and best DSLR for newer photographers within a good budget. Sony A3000 Interchangeable Lens Digital SLR is an excellent DSLR camera introduced by Sony.
Sony A3000 DSLR is having a total of 15 picture effects which is best suited for new and professional photographers. When you are looking for a DSLR that is of decent quality, yet won’t break the bank, these will meet your needs. Enter your email address to subscribe to BestCamerasfortheMoney and receive notifications of new posts by email. Being able to take photos underwater is spectacular but over paying for a dedicated camera housing isn’t so great. The Canon PowerShot SX170 is available in black or red, and it allows you to capture HD videos in 720p with stereo sound and the capability to zoom while you are filming. When you take still pictures with this device, you can shoot them in 16-megapixels, so they will still appear to be high-resolution and you won’t have to worry about blurring or distortions. Finally, if you prefer to use this camera in Smart Auto mode, then you will be amazed at the results.
If you are looking for a powerful, reasonably-priced digital camera that allows you to share all your photos and videos in a matter of seconds, then you may appreciate the Samsung WB250F. One of the best features associated with this camera is its built-in Wi-Fi, because it allows you to instantly share all your photos and videos via Facebook, YouTube, and even e-mail. The Nikon COOLPIX S3500 comes in orange, purple, red, silver, or pink, and it has a 7x wide-angle lens that allows you to capture a wide variety of shots that may be missed by other cameras. The camera captures stunning videos in 720p with a built-in microphone to capture all the audio and pair it correctly with your video.

The camera shoots still images at 20-megapixels, so you don’t have to worry about any distortions being present in your photos.
The Canon PowerShot A2300 takes 16-megapixel still photos and has a 5x optical zoom, so you can capture far-away subjects and make them appear as though they were close-up.
While you can certainly capture shots in the LIVE view mode and set the scene to look exactly the way that you want, you can also use Smart AUTO mode, which will choose from 32 pre-defined situations and apply the proper settings to your scene based on what it takes in. There is a great feature for the reduction of camera shake on this device, and you can choose from many different scenes to get the desired effect that you want. Are you searching for a powerful point and shoot camera that you can use for YouTube and that costs less than $150? Many new comer photographers are attracted to the new advanced technological DSLR cameras which will provide them very fine quality images with lots of features within a single click. The product comes with some extremely good features such as fast auto-focus, high magnification viewfinder, dual card slots, built in wireless flash and image stabilization etc.
The camera is compatible with many accessories such as external flash, video lights, and microphones to watch HD video with great sound quality. Outex Waterproof Camera Covers ($190+ USD) offers a very reasonably-priced alternative, to house safely your DSLR camera providing it protection from mud, snow, and water to depths of 30 feet plus. In this guide, we will take a look at four digital cameras that cost less than $150 and can help you make your big debut on YouTube and in other areas.  Here are the top four candidates.
There is even a dedicated movie button on this camera, so you can press “record” and begin shooting whenever you are ready.
The camera will assess the scene you are trying to capture and will choose from one of 32 pre-defined situations to apply the proper settings to your scene.
Users also like the amount of megapixels that you get, as you can rest assured that you will have high-quality images without any distortions. This powerful device is available in 4 different colors, and it takes 14-megapixel still images without difficulty. If you so choose, you can even connect the device to your smartphone, then upload all the pictures and videos to your device and share them from the phone. Finally, if you want to take shots easily without having to manually adjust the settings, simply turn on Smart Auto mode and let the camera do the rest.

Vibration reduction helps to keep the camera steady, so you shouldn’t see any blurs in your photos and videos if your hands are shaking or the wind is blowing.
When the time comes to share your photos and videos, simply connect the camera to your compatible HDTV and let the fun begin. Even if you are in a low light setting, the unit will still work at its best to ensure that your photos come out looking absolutely amazing. You can purchase this camera in black, blue, red, or silver, depending on your preferences, and you can record HD video in 720p with the press of a button. Finally, there is a rechargeable lithium ion battery that comes with this device, so you don’t have to run out and replace batteries all the time.
They also like how lightweight and compact it is, as well as how well the camera can handle a wide variety of lighting situations. The ISO setting of the camera is from 100-3200, a high sensitivity setting, which is good for high quality image.
Some of the major features of the product are its low noise CCD sensor, various color modes offered, high speed image processing, auto focus feature, Plug and Play USB function, and compatible with Flash Cards. It’s as easy as selecting your cover, lens attachment, and viewfinder that’s right for your setup and voila!
The 16x optical zoom allows you to capture close-up images of subjects that are actually far-away without distortion.
There is also an 18x optical zoom on this camera so that you can get close-up shots of a wide variety of subjects without blurriness.
Meanwhile, the optical image stabilizer reduces camera shake so that blurs won’t appear in your pictures if your hands are shaking.

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