Fabio Sasso reveals how to give photos the light-leak look of flawed vintage 1960s colour snaps in Photoshop. Graphic and web designer Fabio Sasso is best known for his Photoshop artworks and tutorials. Everyone loves the 'Instagram look' that makes photos feel more authentic and real than the stark accuracy of your phone's camera. In this tutorial, Fabio Sasso will show you how you can create retro lighting effects in Photoshop with a degree of control that means you get exactly the look you want without the trial-and-error aspect of the iPhone or Android apps. I’ve chosen one with a suitably retro look that also includes a hint of creative stylishness. For the Shadows, change the three values to +25, -2 and -11, and the Highlights to +12, -21 and -25. Select the Brush tool and a very soft white brush, and start painting in the centre of the layer to create a vignette effect. First add a new layer and then, with the Brush tool and a very soft red brush, start painting some red blobs like the ones shown.

Now add a new layer and switch to a smaller yellow brush to paint some yellow spots in the centres of the red ones. Group these two layers so they are inside a folder in the Layers panel, then change the folder’s blending mode to Screen. Founded in 1997 Digital Arts is part of IDG, the world's leading technology media, events and research company. Comments about canon powershot g7 x digital camera: i bought this for my wife to start learning the basics of photography. Best compact cameras 2016 - point and shoot - tom's guide, Compact cameras still hold an edge over most phone cameras.
Best Compact Cameras 2016 - Point and Shoot - Tom's Guide Compact cameras still hold an edge over most phone cameras.
He is also co-founder of Zee, a web-design studio and runs a hugely successful digital arts and creativity blog, Abduzeedo. But how do you recreate the Instagram look in Photoshop, so you can have more control over the output than with the app itself – so you can create vintage-style shots that look much better than using automated filters.

And when you work with high-res photos and Photoshop’s toolset, the results are far superior, too. Note that you’ve increased the red and magenta values, giving a warmer cast to the image. Adjustment layers always have a layer mask active, so with the Brush tool (B) and a very soft black brush, start painting the area over the model’s face and the soap bubble to let the previous layer show through. After that, change the layer’s blending mode to Soft Light, with the opacity at 100%.
CNET editors' review of the best compact digital cameras includes product photos and video and user reviews.

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