Tips to help you with framing and space while photographing children, written by mother, Shutter Sister, and photographer Tracey Clark.
Most fairly modern MF slr cameras offer the quality you need for landscape work, and picking the format is possibly more important and will make your brand choice a lot simpler. The Best Digital Cameras Under $500Capture memories in high-quality with one of our budget-friendly digital camera picks. Whether you are looking for a DSLR, a premium compact, or a highly capable superzoom, there is no need to break the bank to own a quality digital camera. I have been using a Mamiya 645 1000s for the time being and I really love it, although i would like to purchase a system that offers interchangeable backs. I mostly use Fuji Acros and T-Max, but like having a back for Delta 100 (for really fine detail), and a couple for color transparency films I like.
A 6x9 view camera, providing all the movements of larger format cameras is precisely the tool for you.

From affordable point-and shoot offerings, all the way to entry-level DSLRs, these are some of the best cameras you can buy for less than $500.
With an available burst mode of 20fps and fast hybrid autofocus, the Nikon 1 J5 is also an absolute speed freak that won't miss a shot when you need it.
I also enjoy being able to set read the EV rating on my meter and directly setting it on the Hasselblad lens, then selecting the aperture or speed while being linked (coupled) to the correct exposure value. You may find the most suitable Hasselblad deal within a few days, even hours of searching, whereas an affordable Linhof will take a bit more time, but the research and deliberation will be worth it. Nikon's available lenses for the camera are fairly affordable, so you can add even more versatility to your shooting experience down the line.
I like them because locking the mirror lockup is a matter of turning the dial forward one click without disrupting the camera. They are plentiful on the market, a great value for the price (though not terribly cheap), and with a good CLA are virtually like new.

Shown here is the Linhof Technikardan 6x9, for which there are Linhof's own roll-film backs, as well as adapters for others such as Bronica and Horseman. You will be presented with a vast array of models in a variety of configurations from over half a century of development, and that's only with one brand. Whether Linhof, Graflex or even something homemade, once having the tools to control image geometry and the plane of focus, the limitations of a fixed-axis camera body become very obvious.
I have used Hasselblad for many years and will forever, but now I've also moved into areas of work that require view-camera movements.
Brad Cloven 's contribution with that beautiful image made with a 1950's folder has within it a message: If you can't dig any deeper into the pocket, dig deeper into your imagination.

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