Cameras for the enthusiast sector typically feature a greater abundance of direct-access controls for advanced shooting adjustments.
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Image quality, connectivity and creative control come together in this lightweight, full-featured DX-format D-SLR. Superb image quality through cutting-edge innovationsFeaturing enhanced quality and speed, the EXPEED 4 image processor is the perfect companion to the 24.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS. Enjoy greater resolution in any lightThe D5300 is designed without an optical low-pass filter (OLPF), allowing the high resolution CMOS sensor to record the smallest details with precision. Define every detail with its 39-point AutofocusFor optimal sharpness, the D5300a€™s accurate 39-point autofocus quickly locks on to and track subjects.
Log your travels with its built-in GPS functionWhen travelling, record GPS and altitude information to your images so you can relive your adventures with ease and convenience.
The D5300a€™s large vari-angle monitor makes it easy to shoot from a variety of angles or to put yourself in the picture.
Get creative with Special EffectsPersonalise your images from the camera with 9 special built-in effects, including the new Toy Camera and HDR Painting.
Master the light with D-LightingFor backlit scenes, use its intelligent D-Lighting function to automatically set the right exposure for your subjects while retaining the natural ambience of the background. High-megapixel sensor: where the sharpness begins Nikon DX-format CMOS image sensor [NEW] Thanks in part to an extremely high pixel count, the D5300 achieves amazingly sharp, rich details and smooth, natural skin tones. The benefit of shooting with a D-SLR's optical viewfinder The most important reason for using a D-SLR is its optical viewfinder, which lets you see the subject in real time and without delay under any lighting condition. Bottom Line: Both the Canon 70D and the Nikon D7100 are excellent and produce really impressive video and stills in low light, and at high ISOs.
Well built with magnesium body, loads of buttons, customization of several buttons and dual card slots. 100% viewfinder- When you look through the viewfinder you get exactly what you see and it is nice and bright. Uncompressed HDMI Out – this is a professional level feature that allows you to connect an external monitor or HD for recording video straight to a drive. The headline feature of the 70D is that lovely live view and video focus – fast, smooth and almost always on target.
So i just went on and on about the wonderful live view focusing, couple that with the articulated screen and the fact that the articulated screen is an excellent touchscreen and the 70D is FUN to use – nothing feels like a chore.
Ergonomics and one handed operation – If you don’t want to use the touchscreen the manual controls on the 70D camera are sweet and with just a finger you push button, rotate a wheel and your settings is changed. Burst mode and buffer, the burst mode on this camera at 7fps is serious and the buffer is large enough that you can keep shooting at that high speed long enough to capture your moment. Longer Bottom Line: Both of these cameras have lots to offer and it really depends on your needs that should determine which is a better camera for you.
The Nikon D5300 may mark an evolutionary -- rather than a revolutionary -- upgrade over the 15-month-old D5200. To make photos and videos incredible, digital SLR has a great lens, a large sensor and image processing large. A first for Nikon DSLR, camera Nikon D5500 has a Vari-angle LCD touchscreen display for a new photo shoot attractive and easy to handle. Nikon D5500 offers excellent speed and accuracy to help you all moments that smiles, tears, drama and capture great big hug from. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. The new EXPEED 4 is our fastest image processor to date and complements the 24.2-megapixel CMOS.
Its wide sensitivity range of ISO100 a€“ ISO12800 at normal setting delivers impressive noise reduction and is expandable to 25600 for extreme low-light situations. Its 3D Tracking mode seamlessly maintains focus even when your subject is moving towards or away from the camera a€“ ideal for videos and sports photography. Simply transfer shots to your computer or mobile device with the D5300a€™s built-in Wi-FiA®*, a first among Nikon DSLRs. A travel log function automatically maps your journey (with location points recorded at 15, 30 or 60-second intervals) even when the camera is off. For greater control, versatility and creativity, choose from an expanding line-up of NIKKOR lenses and accessories including Speedlights, Wireless Controllers, image editing suites and more to match your shooting style. One of the main contributors to superior image quality is D5300's newly developed cutting-edge Nikon DX-format CMOS image sensor. No wires or attachments are necessary a€” all you need is your camera and your smart device.
With your eye on the viewfinder, you will be able to support the camera firmly to eliminate camera shake.
Focus through the viewfinder is fast on both cameras and it really comes down to the features you are looking for should help you determine which is best for you. I am listing this as a strength for the Nikon but in most cases the Canon is on par with the quality though when I do see a winner it is the Nikon.
Nikon ditched their anti-aliasing filter and the result is sharper video and images AND they still manage to control moire. Canon’s at 98% is very slightly dimmer and not exactly what you see – Having that large bright viewfinder is very useful in lower light situations, really helps you see what you are photographing and checking focus. The D7100 offers a slew of scenes, some of those scene modes that work in video and a robust retouch menu. Canon’s wifi is built in with greater features- including connecting to your computer but you are limited to 1920 x 1080 sized JPEGS that you can send across to your phone or tablet. In the past with a few exceptions live view focusing on DSLRs has been slow, painfully slow and plagued by a hunting for focus, especially in lower light. Touch to focus is useful and if you are doing video work, being able to touch softly to make changes is appreciated and flip the screen around if you are recording yourself for talking head videos like the ones on my Youtube Channel and you can still make changes to settings on the camera – though you cannot start and stop video from the touchscreen.
Nikon is more two handed in those actions with many buttons left of the screen that needs a push.

Parents that want an excellent device to photo and video their children – the 70D really feels like the perfect blend of power and usability, especially paired with the 18-135 STM that will give you silent autofocus. The addition of built-in Wi-Fi and GPS (a first for a Nikon DSLR) makes this compact, mid-range DSLR an excellent choice for upgrading beginners and budding enthusiasts alike. The incredible images from the fitlerless sensor design and the solid bundles available for the camera made it an easy pick. From the moment you turn the Vari-angle touch screen and create an ultra-sharp 24.2-megapixel photos, you will begin to see your photography in a new light. Flip touchscreen Vari-angle screen, looking for an exciting new perspective and capture as ultra-sharp 24.2-megapixel photos. Fold a large 3.2-inch screen for interesting new angle, then just touch where you want to focus. Full HD video capture at a frame rate of 60p with tack-sharp detail, vivid colors and high-fidelity stereo sound.
39-point AF system it includes nine high-precision cross-type AF sensors for enhanced accuracy.
A secondary info LCD on the tops of enthusiasts' cameras also helps to enable a running check on creative shooting settings.
With its 39-point autofocus, improved white balance and wide sensitivity range, the D5300 lets you shoot stunning photos and Full HD movies.
An improved white balance ensures brilliant whites, greater colour nuances, smooth gradations and sharp edges.
Choose from a variety of autofocus-area focus modes, including Wide-Area AF, Face Priority AF and Subject Tracking AF to match your shooting styles.
A free Wireless Mobile Utility app lets you remotely control the camera with your mobile device.
With its 1036.8k-dot resolution, a 170A? viewing angle and enhanced brightness, youa€™ll view your images with greater clarity.
A  See the full range of accessories A  * This function requires installing a Wireless Mobile Utility to the smart device prior to use, which is available on Google Playa„? or the App Store. Simply pick the images you want and they will be ready to send to your smartphone or tablet. Even when I try to get moire on the Nikon I can’t – on the Canon I can get it without even trying. You can enable crop mode on D7100 which gives you better results but still not great especially if you are using those dual card slots – if faster action is your subject matter the 70D offers the burst mode that you need. Indie film makers I would think the Nikon with gorgeous low light video and uncompressed HDMI would be what you want.
Moved and began to record Full HD 1080 video at high speed frame rate 60p, which is great for fast action and smooth ultra-slow motion. From moment you turn Vari-angle touch screen and create an ultra-sharp 24.2-megapixel photos, you will begin to see your photography in a new light. It is a high-resolution sensor does not have an optical low-pass filter, freeing given to exceptional data by capturing Nikkor lens. A new Fn button displays at one time access to main settings such as aperture, ISO sensitivity, AF mode, and much more. D5500 quickly transferring your creations on a compatible smartphone or tablet for easy sharing via email, text message or post it online, no matter where you are not required hot spots.
Increase in full-time autofocus keeps moving subjects in focus, and advanced image settings such as flat and clarity makes it easier to enhance the post-production films. Freezing moments with shooting up to 5 frames per second, or extend the time with unlimited continuous shooting at shutter speeds between 4 and 30 seconds for an amazing trail star image. Ita€™s our first DSLR to feature a built-in Wi-FiA®, so you can instantly transfer your photos*. The CMOS image sensor with 24.2 effective megapixels and the EXPEED 4 image-processing engine work together to deliver sharp movie images with low noise in any light. Breaking free from the ordinary with artistic filters and effects, a built-in HDR capabilities, time lapse photography, low light capabilities are very good and much more.
Smartphone or tablet can even act as an external monitor and remote control for Nikon D5500 imagine possibilities!
Strong and durable (thanks to monocoque construction with long fiber reinforced thermoplastics), so you do not have to worry if conditions get rough. This enables much faster phase-detection autofocus performance in live view and video shooting modes.
An authentic D-SLR design makes it easy to grip the camera and position yourself securely during handheld shooting, while the new wide vari-angle LCD monitor provides a larger image for comfortable viewing.
The 70D locks onto focus smoothly with any lens and gives you have camcorder like focus while still maintaining the beautiful shallow depth of field and low light capabilities that make DSLR video great. Breaking free from the ordinary with a star trail images, the sequence interval timer and HDR photography. You even can not wait to share your creations built-in Wi-Fi that you can share your photos anywhere, anytime.
Lesson 1080 video recording at high speed frame rate 60p perfect for capturing fast-moving or making ultra-smooth slow motion effect. Easy to navigate menu item sets, video settings and much more, all so familiar with operation of smartphone. And the ergonomic design and easy to use controls will shoot photos you’ve always wanted in a short time. Steady handheld shooting, minimized camera shake and a wide array of sharp, dependable NIKKOR lenses give you the recipe for unique movies a€” even if you have limited or no experience.
Nikon does offer the crop mode which fills the frame with focus points, certainly useful for faster action. Add an STM lens and focus is silent, perfect for the parent who wants excellent video of their child.
Add artistic filters and effects and even retouch shots directly into the camera, and then share your creations directly with built-in Wi-Fi.
Breaking free from ordinary with a star trail images, the sequence interval timer and HDR photography.

Regular autofocus modes also benefit from a 19-point rather than the 9-point AF module in Canon's cheaper DSLRs, and all the points are cross-type.As an 'enthusiast' level camera, the 70D includes a secondary info LCD on the top plate, along with useful direct access buttons for controlling shooting parameters on the fly. Now it's just as easy to shoot above a crowd as it is to compose close to ground level, while still viewing the full image displayed across the entire screen.
If you want to do more, the D5300's in-camera effects can give your movies a fun and creative look, while the easy-to-use in-camera editing features then help you to create clips, short films or any other creative works by combining your movies and still images.
Add artistic filters and effects and even retouch shots directly into Nikon D5500 camera, and then share your creations directly with built-in Wi-Fi.
This system successfully brings out NIKKOR lenses' sharp rendering performance to make full use of the 24.2-megapixel resolution achieved with the Nikon DX-format CMOS sensor, delivering stunning reproduction of details with depth.
Nikon's new EXPEED 4 image-processing engine gives your pictures and movies exquisite color. The D5300 offers wide-area AF coverage and high-density focus points including 9 cross-type sensor in the center area, helping you master most focusing situations with a variety of autofocus options.
The improved subject-tracking AF and full-time-servo AF (AF-F) keep your subjects in sharp focus as they move.
Surprisingly, perhaps, the 7D Mark II does not have built-in Wi-Fi, though it does have built-in GPS for tagging your images with location information.Enthusiast photographers tend to shoot a bit of everything and they need a versatile camera that can cope with a wide range of subjects and conditions. This unique system runs through countless operations at lightning-fast speeds to produce images of exceptional quality. The EOS 7D Mark II's weatherproofing means that it can be used in harsher conditions than all of Canon's other current SLRs apart from the pro-level EOS-1D X. Expect less noise, more faithful tones and true blacks, even when shooting in low light or or dimly lit interiors. In combination with NIKKOR lenses, the D5300 delivers fast, accurate autofocus during video shooting. Nikon's exclusive technology also helps the D5300 achieve a standard ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 12800, and it's extendable to an ISO 25600 equivalent (Hi 1), so you can avoid the effects of camera shake by using faster shutter speeds in low light. Three servo modes a€” selectable focusing that suits your subject -Single-servo AF (AF-S) Suitable for stationary subjects such as landscapes, architecture and flowers.
It also delivers outstanding color reproduction and tonal gradation at all sensitivity ranges.
Even at high ISO settings, Nikon's superior noise-reduction function realizes beautiful textures with minimized color noise. For optimum impact, the D5300 has a built-in stereo microphone that can be controlled automatically, or manually in 20 incremental steps.
It has a polycarbonate top plate but the front and back sections of the body are made from sturdier magnesium alloy. EXPEED 4 manages massive amounts of data at surprisingly high speeds, so you can enjoy uninterrupted shooting, knowing that the camera is handling all of the hard work for you.
Audio levels can be easily confirmed visually on the 16 x 9 LCD monitor both before and during video shooting for comfortable control.
The EOS 6D is Canon's cheapest full frame camera.The 6D boasts not only Wi-Fi connectivity but also built-in GPS.
The only catch is that, when enabled, the GPS module really munches through battery charge, even when the camera is switched off.We've come to expect the lack of a pop-up flash on professional grade cameras but it's a strange omission for an enthusiast level model. Four AF-area modes in live view a€” selectable according to your subject -Face-priority AF Suitable for focusing on someone's face such as for a commemorative photo.
If the subject briefly leaves the selected focus point, the camera will focus based on information from the surrounding points.
The 6D's redeeming feature is its superb image quality with the kind of control over depth of field that you can only get from a full-frame camera.
Thanks to the EXPEED 4 image-processing engine's improved color reproduction, the D5300 provides cleaner, more beautiful images. You can manually adjust sharpness or contrast, and the effects can be confirmed, even during live view. Its quiet operational sound makes video recording more effective, while its powerful Vibration Reduction (VR) enables handheld movie recording without worrying about camera shake.
Trusted by many of the world's top professional photographers, NIKKOR lenses render images with unmatched sharpness and definition, and make a visible difference when combined with Nikon cameras, making them the perfect companion to cameras like the D5300 with high-resolution image sensors. It is especially helpful for zooming during movie recording as well as for fine manual focusing. Once focusing is achieved with a selected focus point, the focus point automatically changes to track the subject according to its movement while the shutter-release button is pressed halfway. Before using the GPS function, it is recommended to download the latest data to a SD-card, then update the D5300's A-GPS data. The camera can recognize human skin tones using the Scene Recognition System's subject identification algorithms for improved human subject acquisition.
Freeze the moment with 5 fps Even when shooting sports scenes or other fast-moving subjects, the D5300 can easily and accurately capture the action. The camera utilizes color and brightness information of the shooting scenes acquired by light source identification of the Scene Recognition System for auto white balance. It identifies the light source by referencing the in-camera database for auto white balance.
Try the new HDR Painting or Toy Camera effect features to give your images a bold, artistic touch. You can even check how the effect looks in real time on the live view monitor before you shoot*.
It preserves details in both highlights and shadowy areas in such situations, maintaining moderate contrast to reproduce brightness as you see it. The D5300 employs an image-processing system that causes less shift of color even when the strength level is increased.
Unlike HDR (High Dynamic Range), Active D-Lighting does not require the process of combining images, therefore it is effective for shooting moving subjects such as people.

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