Some cameras and lenses have stabilization features which help but will not be able to compensate for large movements in the camera. Please make sure that you don’t take photos where you are not allowed, but given permission and these techniques, you can take some great indoor images in dark settings! Excellent Read, Filming in DSLR and determining the ISO is something I’ve been working on at the moment.
When it is really dark (theatres?) you may a small flashlight (torch) comes in very handy at times. One idea for focus in dark areas is to carry a small flashlight and have someone shine it on the subject. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still get ideas and inspiration from indoor reception decoration examples. You’ve got style, and sometimes you just need to turn up the dial on the glamor and glitz to show it! Article Source: 30 Stunning Luxury Indoor Reception Decoration Ideas You don’t Want to Miss!
If you have an SLR, you may want to tuck your elbow into your belly, relax, hold your breath and gently press the shutter button. For images of still items such as museums, you can afford to drop to a low speed to get a better exposure at higher f-stop or lower sensitivity.

Here are just some stunning indoor reception decoration ideas you really don’t want to miss! There are many ways and a variety of options that can help you create a luxurious and sophisticated wedding. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You will be taking long exposures, and any camera motion could impact the quality of the image. Integral to the exposure parameters above, you’ll need to set a preferred shutter speed for the activity being photographed. Sometimes, to get the right shutter speed, you may not have enough sensitivity and aperture to get a good exposure. It is important to give thought to how your decoration elements can all work together to create a harmonious design. If you’re using a point and shoot, you may have some challenges in getting clean images in a dark room.
Instead of lowering the shutter and getting a guaranteed blurry image, keep the shutter where you need and underexpose the image. Many SLRs have a white balance custom function, where you photograph a white or gray image and tell the camera to use that for your white reference. You may want to switch to manual focus, compose a test shot at the same distance to your subject, playback and zoom in the image to verify crisp focus on your subject.

Whether you are looking to create a lavish theme or a glamorous modern look, these indoor reception venue design ideas will help you get started.
In your image editor, you can push the exposure a couple of stops and get a good image, even though it looked too dark on the camera preview.
If you can’t do that, try the canned settings on the camera and review the playback of samples to see the best playback of color tones to the actual room colors. Running a noise reduction will remove some of that noise, but at the expense of image detail or sharpness. However, it’s often the case at less formal venues that you CAN get away with using flash. At a school play I photographed, the only time I needed flash was when the headmaster or other teachers were talking before and after the show in front of the stage. Ironically, I had someone approach me about flash during the performance on the second night because someone else had been using flash.

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