Always wake up on the right side of the bed with the USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio by Electrohome®.
USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio, Instructional Manual, Quick Start Guide, 1 x 3V, CR2032 Flat Lithium battery, 1 Year Manufacturer's Direct Warranty. This device’s built-in USB port means you’ll never be looking for the charger of your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player again.

This and a collection of other awesome features, including time projection automatic time set, long lasting battery backup, programmable dual alarm, and digital phase locked loop radio tuner, make this one reliable clock radio you can depend on.Convenient, fast USB charging for smartphones and tabletsHow many times have you laid down in bed intending to recharge your USB device, only to realize you left your adapter all the way in the kitchen? Leave a charging cable plugged directly into your clock’s USB port to create a powerful nightstand USB charger for your iPhone, iPad or mp3 player. Save yourself from the continuous hassle of remembering your power adapter while you free up an outlet at your bedside with this high-speed charger.

Your smartphone will be fully charged every morning – just like you.Projects the time on your wall or ceilingTwisting and struggling to see the time when you’re half asleep isn’t pleasant.

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