A wide-angle lens is a lens whose focal length is smaller than the focal length of a standard lens.
How to support us ?If you're getting any photo gear, books or anything, simply using any of links below when you order anything, is the biggest help to us to keep adding to this free website. While we’ve previously discussed digital camera lenses in some detail (see Digital Cameras: Digital Zoom vs. The moral of the story: Look just as hard at a lens’ maximum wide angle setting as you do at the maximum telephoto setting.
Complete Camera and Mirror Display Kit Crime Stopper's series of backup camera systems can be your 2004 to 2014 F150's best friend, but they're not all that handy if you don't have a way to display their feed. Does this package include all the harnesses needed to complete the installation on a 2013 F150? This kit is an entirely self-contained system that has nothing to do with your factory head unit, NAV display, or Sync system. 3 questions - 1) does the rear view picture go away and function as full regular mirror when in drive? I'm very interested in this kit but my tailgate handle is chrome handle on black background.
If I got the autodim 4.3" screen mirror, does it come with a mounting bracket for the windshield, and come with covers to hide the wires running to it? It comes with a mounting platter that slides over the factory bracket installed on the windshield.
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I had initially ordered the Libby bag in Sapphire because I absolutely loved the colour and it looked very functional with enough space for a camera body, 2 lenses, laptop and misc things like your purse, a book, etc. My new bag, the Grassy Green B-Hobo, arrived about 3 weeks later and I was one happy cookie. I carry my camera bag everywhere, and it’s especially useful when I am traveling, which is quite often. In the picture above, it shows how you can also store a tablet but since I don’t use one, I use that extra space for my essentials. The newer B-Hobo bags come with a detachable inner basket design so you can remove the padding in one go (mine is removable too but in three pieces, not in one go) and turn it into a regular bag.

Bottomline: if you are looking for a pretty and stylish camera bag to carry your stuff in, then Kelly Moore is one of the better options out there. This is a very useful post for those women who travel a lot, click pictures a lot more and look stylish too. I am Nags, the face behind Edible Garden, a food and recipes website for the busy (and sometimes lazy!) cook since 2007.
Other lenses like Zeiss 25mm, Nikon 35mm and Samyang 35mm are good lenses for Nikon DX format DSLRs. SLR’s have no problem in this regard, because the kit lenses packaged with most models offer an ample wide angle, and if you find you want even more in the future, you merely buy an additional wide angle lens. 2) does the camera and rear view screen automatically engage when put in reverse?, and 3) does the mirror have the same auto-dim function as the stock mirror?
I have the chrome package on my F-150 and my factory tailgate handle is chrome, so if I got this camera system I would want to make sure that the handle is chrome to match the rest of the vehicle. When I upgraded to a Nikon D90 over 2 years back, I got one of those ugly functional bags from Nikon. There were quite a few options and I was pretty surprised I hadn’t come across any of these before. After much deliberation and trial-and-error (more on that below), I finally got the B-Hobo Bag in Grassy Green.
Since I was traveling to the US for a short time, I got it delivered a week before my trip to Anu’s place where I was staying.
It can fit all the essentials like my wallet, passport, a medium-sized book or my Kindle, sunglasses, and misc things like a pen and lip gloss, in addition to the camera attached to one lens + one additional lens. There’s a zipper that closes on top along the length of the bag and also the flap that goes over it.
I have received compliments from many people, both friends and strangers, on how pretty my bag looks. There are a ton of pockets all around the bag for you to easily store your personal things. Generally, this doesn’t bother me because when we are out and about, I take out the camera and sling it around my shoulder, take all the pictures I want, and then put it back inside until I need it again. It’s on the smaller side so maybe you can carry it as an exclusive camera bag along with a backpack while you are traveling. The first being a much larger version of the Dot, called Lucy, used for documenting class rooms and conference meetings.
Seeing as the lens has to sit on the camera with exact precision, it can not be used with a case. I put up with it because I was too excited about my new camera to care too much about the bag I was carrying it around in. Most of the brands were from independent sellers and they looked stylish and very unlike the regular camera bags. When I finally landed and got to see it, I realised it’s way too big to be an everyday camera bag.

Someone once thought it’s a baby bag and asked where I got it from (thankfully, she didn’t ask where the baby is!
So what I mean is, you can’t really get the camera out while the bag is over your shoulder.
There are videos on each of her bag pages that you can view (scroll down a bit) to get a better idea of how the bags look inside, what you can store inside, etc. This tiny camera lens, aptly named Dot, can record a 36O° video (at the exact same time) without manually piecing the video frames together. We of course refer once again to the wide angle lens, and we want to impress upon you that strong wide angle capabilities are just as important as monster magnification when it comes to taking digital photographs. You can take real estate and architectural photos without making your subject look cramped and small. Because of the design of the camera, they simply can’t offer the same level of wide angle.
Then it struck me how God-awful it looks and even worse, I was carrying the camera bag and my handbag making it immensely uncomfortable and unsightly. So you can carry them around just like you would regular hand bags with your cameras practically hidden inside. The B-Hobo bag comes with a longer detachable handle that you can use to wear the bag cross-body or messenger-style. I generally ask TH to hold it as I take the camera out which takes all of 5 seconds but initially this irritated me a bit. TH carries the camera on its own in such cases and I take it back when we need to put it away for a while. I will be writing another full hands-on review and sharing a few videos as soon as I get it in my hands.
Moreover, because wide angle lenses tend to accentuate objects nearer to the camera, you can do some very cool things with geometry and distortion. Whereas an SLR kit lens typically starts at the 18mm range, compact lenses begin nearer 28mm. I panicked a bit because I was only going to be in the US for a week and returning and shipping takes way longer.
Once you have owned a bag that can do this, there’s really no going back to the ones that plonk down and spread out on a table or the floor when you put it down.
So I wrote to Kelly and she responded saying she’s happy to exchange the Libby for a B-Hobo, refund the difference, and also absorb the shipping costs to Singapore!

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