With no further ado, here are “20 New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners” - by Basil Farrow and his mom, La Carmina. PS: this article and Basil Farrow are in the current issue of Black Cat White Dog, a pet magazine distributed all over British Columbia. I don't think there is a breed that is smallest, like in dogs, I think there are small individuals, like in people. Corgis or Misters as we like to call them have found their Misses (dogs are boys, cats are girls, obviously): Munchkin kitties. Steele and his friends watched the motionless man for several minutes until they finally got too scared to stay any longer. A squitten is a cat with unusually short forelegs or unusually long hind legs that resembles a squirrel.
Encourage your pets to drink more by leaving several bowls of water around the house, and refilling them at least once a day.

They are a difficult breed to maintain and have healthy litters with- I think my only problem with Munchkin and Scottish Folds are the fact that half of the litter may be up to standard, but the other half tends to be 'typical' Domestic Shorthairs (or longhairs)- therefore, that's adding a lot of extra cats into the cat population of this world that have no niche.
Why go to a dog breeder, cat breeder or pet store to buy a dog or buy a cat when you can adopt? January 1st is the perfect chance to make positive changes: little steps that can go a long way. Prevention is essential: your vet can detect medical issues that you’ll overlook, saving your pets from illness and pain. Cats don’t like their food and water to be in the same place, and dogs may act territorial around a single bowl, so this is a quick and easy fix.
Learn to check ingredients carefully: avoid chemical preservatives, by-products, corn meal, and fillers with no nutritional value.
Brush fur regularly: try soft and specialty brushes that are gentle on the skin but remove the under-layers.

Think of creative ways to stimulate your pets, such as by making toys out of cardboard and craft materials.
Munchkins, Scottish Folds- you don't just pick them up at the pound- at least, not the ones that fit the standard- short legs, folded ears- but the nonstandard cats? The rooms contain climbing trees, wall-mounted levels for jumping, secret hideaways, and boxes lined with towels — you can do the same.
Basil Farrow loves to be washed with a wet towel, and since he has folded ears, they must be cleaned gently and often!

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