He and his two siblings were strolling along after Mom one warm spring evening at Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains National Park. As mom went along feeding, this little bear just couldn’t resist, well, about every tree he came across. At one point, the little guy raced up a tree, then swung around and posed for me – and this shot is the result! Our framed prints are guaranteed for as long as you own them against wear, fading, or deterioration. Delivery time varies and depends on a number of factors, but we always strive to get your prints delivered to you as quickly as possible.
I pretty much have the same gear you have and I have to tell you that traveling has been a challenge! The birds are huge of course, so you don’t need a lot of crazy gear to get you shots.
I really liked this particular image – both graceful and ridiculous at the same time! Falling leaves signals the dry season has arrived and the forest floor is carpeted with a mosaic of green, yellow, brown, red and orange. Some two million years ago, the tiger evolved in Northern China and Siberia, and spread to many parts of Asia all the way to the Caspian Sea and eastern Turkey in the west.
When I began wildlife photography, the burning desire to photograph a tiger in the wild was one of my great wishes. Several years later coming back to Sai Yok, I began a camera trap program not far from the headquarters. A month later, the film and batteries were collected and after processing, I saw two tigers on film. Further south along the Tenasserim Range in Kaeng Krachan National Park at the beginning in January 2001, I began another camera trap program in conjunction with World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Department of National Parks (DNP) at two locations in the park. The second area was along the Phetchaburi River that flows crystal clear through this magnificent forest.
When the road was closed in Kaeng Krachan due to heavy storms and landslides in October 2003, four-spots was consistently camera trapped at kilometers 33, 34 and 35, and down at the infamous ‘KU’ camp by the river. Good things sometimes come our way and I was about to get a reward to coincide with ‘2010-The Year of the Tiger’. The trail through dry dipterocarp forest takes about a 40 minute walk to a photographic blind set above a mineral deposit deep in the interior of Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand’s top protected area and World Heritage Site situated in western Thailand. This waterhole attracts many creatures such as elephant, gaur, banteng and other ungulates like sambar and wild pig.
Research on the tiger has been carried out by the Wildlife Research Division under the direction of Dr Saksit Simcharoen and his staff in conjunction with several other people and organizations including Dr Ullas Karanth (from India) and Dr Dave Smith from the University of Minnesota.
Dr Saksit and others has published a paper in the science journal Oryx (How many tigers Panthera tigris in Huai Kha Khaeng: An estimate using photographic capture-recapture samplings) to establish a number. Camera trapping is still by far the best and safest way to establish a home range of a tiger due to its individuality.
In my opinion, collaring a tiger is extremely dangerous as the capture process could possibly injure or impair the animal.
The Western Forest Complex includes 17 protected areas encompassing more than 18,000 square kilometers and has the potential to accommodate 700 tigers. For the long run, forest protection and wildlife awareness education to all levels of society is the key to saving the Kingdom’s natural heritage.
Projects to provide food and clothing to help these men are being carried out in a few protected areas by a few individuals, companies and organizations.
To understand how the tiger evolved, we must go back to the beginning of these wild creatures.
Modern cats belong to the family Felidae which includes: tiger, lion, leopard, cheetah, and domestic cats.
The Indochinese tiger Panthera tigris corbetti was named after Jim Corbett, the famous conservationist and hunter of man-eating tigers and leopards in India during the 1930s’. It is doubtful if any tigers survive in the protected areas of the north or Khlong Saeng-Khao Sok forest complex in the south as no reports have come from these areas for many years. It has highly developed vision about six-times more powerful than man and an extreme sense of hearing. The tiger’s ultimate advantage in stalking prey is its striped pattern that is natural camouflage and this cat is a very efficient killer. The Bushnell Elite series is made with technological enhancement to give you stunning clarity and detail. ELITE PRECISION OPTICSInspired by a combined commitment to heritage and innovation to create the sharpest, clearest and brightest optics available today. Zoom  Variable power, or zoom, binoculars enable the user to zoom in on an object or zoom out to a wider view through the use of a dial or lever. The Laws for Bushnell PerformanceThe bushell brand has always redefined and raised the bars of performance since its early days.
OpticsCentral is able to Price Match some Australian retailers on telescopes and sports optics (we can NOT price match cameras and accessories).As a part of our Price Match policy, we hope to be able to provide the best price we can for our customers without undercutting ourselves. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes products may have a manufacturing fault or get damaged in transit. Just seeing a black bear with three cubs is a treat, but these guys were puttin’ on a show!
Loose prints are also guaranteed for as long as you own them provided you have them framed under glass using archival materials.
Simply contact me with the sizes and names of the images you are interested in and I will be happy to get you a quote.

The first was I usually had a non-photographer companion (usually my wife) and we used her carry-on space for the extra gear.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Keep up to date with everything that happens on the site - from trip stories and videos, to photo tips, to new wallpaper alerts, and even exclusive discounts and coupons! I was lucky enough to stumble upon a nice group of white pelicans that last time I was at Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands in Florida. Plus, they really tend to fly slow – making capturing interesting moments a much easier proposition. The first was an old male caught at a waterhole on the 11th day of the 11th month that was recorded on the frame.
The absolute chronology of being at the right place, the right time with the right equipment and the right technique was played out before my eyes. The flimsy structure made of bamboo sits about two meters off the ground and is attached to a tree. As a World Heritage Site, Huai Kha Khaeng and Thung Yai Naresuan wildlife sanctuaries is the core area and absolutely the last great tiger haven in the Kingdom, and Southeast Asia for that matter due to its size (6,427 square kilometers), and its biodiversity.
According to Dr Saksit, the home range of the Indochinese subspecies is about 240 square kilometers. As rare as they are, it does not justify losing even one of these magnificent creatures to a possible botched captures and release. Even though this estimate is high, with good protection and patrolling in all the protected areas in the complex to keep poachers out and encroachment to zero, and to protect the prey species or food chain for the tiger, it is feasible in the future this number could be a reality.
The government should always strive to use all its resources to keep the forest and wildlife free from the damaging effects of human intervention. Nimravidae were the first cats to evolve in the Early Oligocene epoch, about 35 million years ago.
Ultimate carnivores, they feed almost exclusively on vertebrate prey and sit at the top of the food chain.
This subspecies is found in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, eastern Burma and southeastern China.
It has awesome strength and unmatched armament of retractable claws, long fangs and dagger-like canines.
Thanks to RainGuard, a wet lens or a misguided breath that would fog conventional glass will never cost you a view. In fact, Bushnell now operates under a unique set of laws that mandate their products should outperform, outlast and outhunt anything in their class. We try to provide competitive pricing when possible, but cannot always guarantee the best price. If you have any problems with your order within 30 days of purchase, we are happy to help you out with an Exchange or Refund.
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We want you to LOVE your prints, so we offer a refund as long as the print or framed print is returned in like new condition within 30 days. If I'm out of town taking more photos, it can cause a delay, but a good rule of thumb is that a loose print will ship within 2 weeks and a framed print within 3 weeks.
I have purchased 2 skb iseries bags but too afraid to check them… I am headed out west and I want to take my cameras.
Some reached Korea and Manchuria, and also advanced south through China then into Indochina, and down to the islands of Sumatra, Java and Bali.
But as humanity expanded, the species quickly declined because of human predation, and loss of habitat and prey animals. My real first encounter with a tiger was in Sai Yok National Park in western Thailand back in 1996. Three days later, a younger male tiger passed another camera up on a 600 meter ridgeline on the 15th at 16.11 pm also imprinted in the frame.
During a four-month period, many animals were captured on film including an amazing six photographs of one mature male tiger. My very close friend Sutat Sapphu (a forest ranger with incredible knowledge of this ecosystem) and I began a monthly program setting up more than 20 cameras along the river. Several other male and female tigers were recorded over the three-year program and are a testament to the remarkable biodiversity of Kaeng Krachan. On the 11th of December 2009 (my lucky number again), the tiger in the lead photo and I crossed paths. In Huai Kha Khaeng, the Department of National Parks has really improved the situation with better patrolling, increased help for the rangers, a demarcation fence along the eastern buffer zone in Uthai Thani, constant vigilance by many people and NGOs’ plus improved management, wildlife research and better awareness education.
Dr Peter Cutter with WWF-Thailand, and also a student with the University of Minnesota, has done his doctorate thesis on ‘tiger’s occupancy monitoring’ using transect and trail sign data gathered in Huai Kha Khaeng. It is imperative to use opposing camera traps to get a picture of both sides to identify individuals.
Some researchers may not agree but eight tigers in Huai Kha Khaeng have already been collared and ranges determined.
However, due to serious fragmentation with roads, dams and reservoirs plus humanity and agriculture, it will be a difficult road ahead unless the present boundaries of the large protected areas stay intact and unharmed, and more corridors set-up through national forests. The private sector and the government need to be aware of all the problems regarding the forest rangers and try to improve their lives. It is up to the present generation to take proactive measures to make sure Thailand’s wild flora and fauna stays intact for future generations to see, enjoy and cherish.
They lasted till the Late Miocene, some eight million years ago, when huge grasslands had developed around the world.

According to Chatchawan Pisdamkham, Director of the Wildlife Conservation Division of the DNP, there are approximately 250-300 tigers left in the wild of Thailand. A couple of years back, the newspapers reported on tiger tracks found not far from the road around several national parks in Chiang Mai and Lampang but were fake put down by a prankster to stir-up media frenzy. If you have any issues with your order, please contact our Customer Service team via the Contact Us page or call us on 1300 884 763 within 30 days of receiving your order and we will issue you with a Return Authority for your product. The whole community of wild animals is on alert as squirrels and monkeys cry out from the trees above. I was sitting in a tree-blind when one jumped across the stream behind me and I caught a very brief glimpse of the sleek cat as it moved downstream hunting for prey. Some may say it was just a coincidence to have the number 11 in both photos, but I like to think the ‘spirits of the forest’ had finally answered my prayers.
One particular individual tiger named ‘four-spots’ due to a marking on its left flank was caught down near a crocodile pond where he actually tried too bite a camera trap and we got a shot of his mouth and whiskers. Many other creatures were also caught including tapir, leopard, wild dog, fishing cat, sun bear, the rare Fea’s muntjac, elephant, gaur and serow among others. An opening large enough for a big lens allows a clear view of the waterhole some 50 meters downhill to a saucer shaped depression.
However, he did pause briefly to stare up at my position three different times before disappearing into the forest on my left. The World Heritage Site of Huai Kha Khaeng and Thung Yai must be the number one priority of the DNP as a conservation area. The forest can be a deadly place to work and these men need incentive, as they put their lives on the line.
The tiger belongs to the genus Panthera or roaring cats that also includes the lion, leopard and jaguar.
This was supposedly to help villagers who had lost cattle to a predator, more likely feral dogs. Bushnell invests in research and development of proprietary technologies that you see today in their optical products.
Also find out any shipping costs which apply, and make sure the product is definitely in stock with the competitor. Once assessed by our team and the item is found faulty or we have made a mistake, we are certainly happy to provide you with an Exchange or Refund.Return shipping for Faulty or Incorrect products is FREE, and we will send out the replacement at no additional cost to you.
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I also checked the gear that was less susceptible to breakage – I took my tripod apart and had it in a suitcase along with flash units, grips, that sort of thing. Many considered this predator a pest and as modern weapons became available, and humans expanded into the forest, these magnificent beasts really began to vanish.
From that day on I photographed many other wild creatures including the leopard, but never a tiger. I just lifted my camp chair that left two impressions in the dirt like the numeral 11, and so I called out 11. Over the next few months, ‘4-spots’ was captured up and down the river, and then way up Phanern Thung Mountain at 900 meters by the road into the park at kilometer 28. Returning in November 2008, and now using a digital camera trap, I got a tiger in November at a mineral lick just 12 kilometers from the front gate. If I had been standing, or made just the slightest noise, I would have never seen this old male.
These long-fanged felines evolved alongside huge herds of grazing mammals like antelope and cattle.
Tigresses rarely accompany more than three cubs in the wild and abundant prey is required for a growing family with a small home range about 60 square kilometers. At one time, there were probably more than a hundred thousand of them throughout the tiger’s world range.
Realistically, it is estimated there might be about 200 to 300 tigers left in Thai forests, which unfortunately, is barely sustainable over the long run in some areas. The afternoon passed-by slowly and about five got up and began a vigil of the mineral lick. I was extremely fortunate to snap 20 frames as the magnificent creature carried on its way. I’m all for good passive scientific research (wild animals are not handled at all) carried out to save the tiger. There were several different species of saber-tooth, but they all became extinct about two or three million years ago.
However, a very few protected areas if properly taken care of, could sustain a population of tigers. A few minutes later decided to actually sit behind my 400mm lens and camera, and do some adjustments to compensate for the fading light. If in doubt, contact our supplier and find out if they supply the competitor with that particular product.
At a certain time of year, the male tiger will seek out a female in estrus to carry on his legacy.
After 15 years of wildlife photography, my aspiration to photograph a tiger through the lens has finally come true. Wildlife corridors between protected areas are one of the most important keys to sustainability.

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