Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. The region is an extensive and pleasant one, with a Mediterranean climate, marked by the smell of the sea at low tide and the scent of wild flowers.
A stroll through the tangled web of narrow streets, alleys and steps to be found away from the coast is the best way of getting to know this part of the region. Here the backdrop is composed of some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, from where you can admire the rocky coastline and the playful shadows they cast on the sand.
After the enchantment of the landscape, you can discover the aromas and flavours of the traditional Algarve cuisine. The menu may consist of fish and shellfish, with such dishes as caldeirada de peixe (fish-stew) or cataplana de ameijoas (clams steamed in a copper pan), or you can enjoy the traditional mountain food of stewed chickpeas and cabbage. As you travel across the Algarve, amidst its hills and plains filled with places of great ecological interest, rich in biodiversity and ecosystems, you will feel as though you are passing through an area full of different traditions, unchanged for many centuries.
The handicraft is skilfully manufactured by the local craftsmen, who make use of longstanding, ancestral techniques and produce an excellent range of pottery, woven baskets, copper and brass articles, or other pieces made of linen and jute.
Only a step away from the tranquil peace of the inland region is the excitement of the Algarve nightlife.
18, when they shared the news of their engagement on Twitter.We've already seen the 24-year-old model's seriously impressive engagement ring, but there's a lot more to know about this blond beauty.

She's Athletic, Too: The plethora of bikini pics on Instagram (and this WhoSay shot!) are enough to show that Paulina works out.
And, Yep, She's a Singer: Paulina describes her music as "very pop mainstream," explaining, "When I first started, I wanted this Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani rocker girl vibe, but then I grew up and changed.
She's Also Done Some Acting: Although her main passion seems to be music, Paulina's also showed up on the silver screen. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Wherever you look, the colours of the mountains and sea are always with you, creating the impression of a water-colour dotted with highlights of gold, green and blue.
The range of choices will also include the famous regional delicacies, such as figs, almonds, carobs and the brandy made from the locally grown medronho (arbutus-berry), distilled up in the hills in old copper stills.
The architecture of the whitewashed houses, with their brightly-coloured mouldings and remarkably beautiful chimneys, the church belfries and the museums, all reveal particular memories of the ancestors of the Algarve people and help to make this such a special destination.
You don't have to be all serious when you draw, add some funny quotient to it and you have a funny drawing at hand. Gretzky's father, "The Great One" aka Wayne Gretzky, is arguably the best hockey player of all time. Some of these funny drawings seem to react to the artists touch, it's so funny to see them.

These funny drawings are so realistic, it makes you wonder at the creativity of the artists.
Gretzky for the first time in 2011!) But Paulina has never felt like she was living in the shadow of her father's success, telling Complex, "My dad's accomplishments are completely different than everything I've done with my life and the career path I want to take. Hopefully it won't sound like what everybody else is doing right now, and hopefully people will see the uniqueness in my voice and fall in love with it." Her single "Collecting Dust" was featured on MTV's Laguna Beach in 2004. Just imagine you think of a snake and suddenly you feel something crawling on your finger tips, how creepy can that be? Well most of these funny drawings are sometimes not so funny either, they seem to have a blend of surrealism attached to them. You can also become an expert in creating these surreal funny drawings, have a look at these images and be amazed.

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