Do you own a camera that you would recommend for ghost hunting?  If so, feel free to leave a comment below.  I will be writing more about using cameras in the field. I do have a preference for Sony products myself, but I also use a Fuji Film Fine Pix S700 as well as the S1000 and both are great cameras. To take pictures of solid white orbs near the edge of the woods where I live, I use a Canon A510 3 Meg camera, with the flash turned on and AUTO setting is used.
Hi i have a Nikon D300 and I was wondering what setting would i have to set my camera to capture some awesome pics…Im a New ghost hunter but a semi pro photographer. When choosing a digital camera be aware that digital cameras have software that filters out digital noise. A couple of tips: When approaching a haunted house, it sometimes pays to take pictures of windows.
As a professional photographer who also ghost hunts I want to add something to this discussion. When the mirror flips up to expose the sensor to the incoming light, the sensor is also able to attract any dust inside the box.
As a professional photographer I make a living off my images so my camera has to be clean and dust free for me to make money.
For any one looking to buy a camera I would recommend looking for cameras that are 1-simple to use. My otek Dv9000 camcorder so far takes the best pictures of orbs however it is only 6 mp so I'm looking to find a new snappy camera to keep capturing orbs. I am new to the field of paranormal investigations and i have a kodak easy share, would that be ok? Hi i just wanted to let u guys know that i have taken thousands of photos with huge, small, bright, coloured orbs and even a figure of a ghost. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever heard of using the kinds of high speed cameras on mythbusters for any kind of ghost hunting?

So, I hope this answers some of your questions and hope i gave you enough info to help you along the way.
I used my Kodak Easy Share for the 1st year of investigating and it did fine, but doesn't work now.
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I have an Olympus SP 360 UZ, but am getting only black screen with video and flash isn't effective with the paranormal. Ghosts inside are almost always curious of visitors and sometimes peek out a window; it helps to use a flash in ghost photography because ghosts are arguably made of a material that can reflect light, even if they are invisible most of the time to the naked eye. I am planning to stay at a haunted in by Gettysburg Pa and i wanted to set the camera up and take photo's while we sleep. I wrote an article about it in relation to ghost hunting which may be useful to people reading this post. The basic types of cameras really fall into two categories, fixed or non-interchangeable lenses and interchangeable lenses.
How to tell if you have dust on your sensor is to look closely at your images and look for a spot that is in the same spot on all pictures that are taken at the same zoom setting. 3-for digital cameras if you need a zoom – get an optical zoom, digital zooms are still not up to the optical standards needed for this kind of work).
To much can play into you thinking you have something when all it is, is the film going bad or something. There are view through the lens (SLR) and view through a seperate viewfinder, I've seen both of these with interchangeable and non-interchangeable lenses. They are there at all zoom settings but can appear differently or somtimes seem to vanish all together. That sensor is very sensitive to any physical touch and if it gets scratched your camera will be ruined.

The sensor that actually receives the light and records the image is statically charged and attracts dust. She was so young then I didn't want to bring her harm or fear so now that she is older and can handle this, I wanted to find out for myself if something is here or not.
This is dust that gets inside the camera when you change lenses and open the mirror box (where the mirror resides just behind the lens)and the mirror is before the sensor. Husband is big time non believer so he wouldn't corprate in an investigation of any kind. And due to the nature of the camera and the enviroment your camera will start to collect dust again.
What i mean is when you have that and if you take a pic of something and theres something it sees that it can put a face on it, IT WILL. Just use infra red and even with that to work great, you still need an extra lite to help it work properly. You will also need someone who has the equipment that when you come across one of these, you can have it run through and see what you get. That person will know by looking at it and the pixaling in the pictures when its blown up if its a real face of the cameras. Also, one of my guys on our team who builds some of our equipment and has a couple of books out there, [ Dan does also and more so } he will and can tell you also.
But, these cameras have so much on them, i believe if you really know how to use one, they will turn out good. When I reach for the nobe it stop and once I opened the door she didn't look as if she had even moved all night.

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