This is the number one question I get asked by music video directors in Toronto who are starting out. So that’s why, before pulling the trigger and making a purchase, you need to ask your self a few questions. What kind of music video you are looking to shoot? Is your music video for YouTube, Broadcast or are you gonna use it to learn the craft? Most folks who can afford the high-end cameras don’t actually buy them, they rent them. You’re going to notice that your budget and experience has a lot to do with each other. If you are a music video director that has already learned his or her craft and and are loosing clients because of your gear, then it might be time to upgrade your camera. Buy going the rental route, you can save, learn, and experiment with different cameras with out breaking the bank. If your looking to make music videos soley for YouTube, then you don’t need the most expensive camera out there.
If you are doing music videos for friends or trying to learn the art, then decent is pretty much anything you have at your disposale. Almost all cameras out in the market today have enough imaging power to produce a decent image for the computer screen. The benefits of DSRL’s, for a music video is that they are inexpensive, produce an excellent image, and more importantly, gives you full manual control over the image. The huge advantage, of Canon’s DSLR, for me anyways, is that they are very inexpensive and easy to use. But more importantly, it means that you you’ll have money left over to invest in a good set of lights, tripods, dollies, and other crucial film gear. The Panasonic GH2 produces some of the most crisp and high resolution video footage that I have seen. Just a reminder: The hacked GH2 does produce a beautiful clean picture, but it comes at a price.
1) It’s not always going to be stable, so you might want to think twice before using it on a paid job. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of broadcast shows, like House has been shot on a DSLR, but those where productions with over a hundred thousand dollar budget for post production.
Now between these two camera the easy choice is the Red Scarlet, it does 4k, shoots RAW and has high frame rates (great for slow motion work).
In contrast, the Red Scarlet has a bigger learning curve and a more complicated workflow, but it provides you with the most resolution and options in post production.
4K is benificiental even if your final delivery is for HD or SD, because it will give you room to zoom in and pan the image in post. The Scarlet also shoots RAW, which means that there is no processing done to the image as it’s being recorded.
The positive side of RAW is that it gives you the flexibility to change the exposure, correct for colour temperature, and do heavy special effects work in post. The negative side of shooting in RAW is that it takes a lot of hard drive space and also a lot of CPU and GPU processing power to debayer. However, for cameras such as the Red Scarlet, debayering is done after you finished shooting.
Once finished, you take your footage into your NLE system and do the debayering through a software such as Redcine, which requires expensive equipment. If you have ever used any of Canon’s other DSLR, then you can pick up the C300 and start shooting right off the bat.
Most music video directors that I know in the Tororonto and New York area, even after they do their home work and research, still don’t go out and make the purchase. Now, for the entry level cameras, I wouldn’t suggest for you to go and rent it, because most retail camera stores have a decent return policy.
But, if your interested in buying the Scarlet or C300, then before putting down a few thousand dollars, I would suggest for you to go to your local pro video rental shop and rent one for the weekend. If you watch a lot of YouTube videos, you already know that music videos play an important part in why the site is very popular.
When it comes to filming yourself and of loading your work online, you need to pay attention to the type of camcorder you plan to use. For example, if you are planning to become a YouTube partner, it is important that you pay special attention to the quality of the clips you upload as well as to the content.
Sony HDR-CX260V High Definition Handycam is a well reviewed video camera that will give you up to 30X optical zoom and true high definition recording.
Consumers report that the still images as well as the video is of top quality, allowing you to do promotional pictures while shooting your music video. Another important thing to bear in mind if you will be filming from a single location is, buying a tripod. Enter your email address to subscribe to BestCamerasfortheMoney and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you spend a lot of time in the water, whether professionally or leisurely, you probably know there are endless waterproof accessories to choose from!
After endless hours of research most consumers have agreed that the Panasonic Lumix TS5 is the best waterproof camera available. No competitor can match it’s excellent photo and video quality under a variety of conditions both above and below water.
Much like the waterproof camera, when choosing a waterproof music player you encounter endless options to pick from, and each brand offers different specifications. If you had to choose only one between purchasing a waterproof iPod or camera which would it be? Thomas Venables says:Having music on while swimming has aloud me to spend a little bit more time in the pool each and every time I go.

Bob Manor says:Swimming laps for exercise is extremely boring, but because of my knees it's my only choice.
Underwater Audio is a waterproof products retailer that sells products such as waterproof ipods, waterproof headphones, and various swimming accessories. Featuring a 360? camera capable of full panoramic HD 1080P video, the Kodak Pixpro Sp360 Action Camcorder is splashproof, shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof. In terms of budget, we would go as far as saying nowadays you can’t really get away with not filming with a DSLR but the lenses can get very costly.
Like in our best video camera for YouTubeA and best video camera for sports articles, we recommend a DSLR for video because of the control you have over the depth of field (the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene — helps with focus).
This has gotten a lot of good user reviews, with most people raving about the image quality.
This definitely gives our recommended EOS Rebel T2i a run for its money, but only recommend going with this if you need to save around $50 or so.
Other versions of the Lumix DMC include the LX3A if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. However, if you can afford their even higher model, such as the Canon EOS Rebel T4i, it’ll only give you better quality. This is a step up from the T2i we recommend and do think you should take a look at it if you’re going for a ~$700 camera. The picture quality is overall better than the T2i, so if you spend the money, you’re spending it right. We know this is a huge jump, but we only wanted to include a camera this expensive if it was worth it. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates on our latest reviews, guides, information and news! Please i will like you to help me know more about the Canon VIXIA HF G20,do i have to buy a separate lens for it or the $1,400 includes the lens.I am in Africa and i wish to start a real music industry distinguished for exclusive videos.
Cameras that produce cinematic images of high quality can cost any where from a few thousand dollars to tens thousand of dollars. Are you just starting out and you’re not gonna be making money, or are you an established production and service business and you’re looking to step up your production? There’s the inexpensive cameras in the lower end, like the Canon and Panasonic DSLRS. You need to sit down and calculate that if you buy a camera for $15,000 how long will it take before you see a return on your investment?
If you can’t buy because you don’t have the financial means just yet, but you need the camera to get gigs, then what do you do? In most cases, you can just rent the camera for a few days – most rental houses give a discount the longer you rent. It does HD, provides a decent codec, and has enough resolution and color rendition to look impressive on a computer screen. Although the entry level T4i is originally meant for photography, it also produces an excellent image for music video directors. Unlike Canon’s DSLR, which are crippled by low bitrates and codecs, with the GH2 (hacked) you can get a high quality codec. Well, for starters, it means that you will have much less macro blocking and more room for colour grading in post. The GH3 will have a much more robust body as well as more pro features, like headphone jacks and a better codec, so you might just want to wait out for that. But you also have to take into consideration the workflow and the learning curve that is involded.
Consumer cameras are mono cameras that have a matrix of red, blue and green filters in front of the sensor, a bayer matrix. But it’s another thing once you get the camera in your hand and start playing with it. There are those who enjoy making amateur movies\s to share with friends or because they hope to be able to make a living through their musical talents. For music vids, it is really important that you can use and external microphone to record the best audio, so I have found the best rated camcorders that have an extra mic input, as I know that will make your vid truly porfessional sounding. You can decide to go for a compact digital camera that offers great quality with regards to taking pictures and that offers high-definition video features. In some cases, you can buy a digital camera bundle that comes with tripod, straps, lenses and many more.
But for this blog we’re going to focus on the best waterproof camera and music player out there!
It was enough to impress the National Geographic dive photographer we enlisted to help test. Other cameras are more waterproof, but their image quality isn’t as consistent in general, and there’s an external housing for the Panasonic if you need to take the thing scuba diving. The iPod Shuffle spent about an hour in the water and still looked and functioned as if it had just come out of the package.
All buyers were happily surprised with how great it works and the high quality of the iPod itself. What are some other waterproof items you have bought that were not mentioned in the article?
Underwater Audio basically offered a miracle solution, and now the laps go by and I hardly notice. With the ability to withstand seven foot drops, scuba dives down 8 fathoms, and freezing temperatures to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, this picture taker is probably tougher than you are. In order to do so, and especially if you’re on a budget, is investing in a good video camera that records in HD.
So we recommend going aroundA the $500-600 range for a body and spend the other few hundred on a lens (if you can afford it).

If you go this route, you can perhaps buy more than one lens to get a change of shots for your music videos. Although considered a smaller action camera, these have been used in music videos before and give it a nice little touch. A lot of people recommend going the DSLR route, but if you’re looking for more of a handheld camcorder, the HDRPJ260V is the way to go. Another determining factor that may steer you towards this particular camera for music videos is it has the best low-light condition lens (yes, better than the DSLR’s). Regardless, the T2i is great considering you’re going to want to buy a lens or two to go with it. This decision is all up to your wallet, and whether or not you have a brand preference between Nikon and Canon. You can do slow and fast-motion recording, and has built-in WiFi for transfer to your PC (not completely necessary, but a plus). The mid range cameras like the Canon C300 and Scarlet, and then there is the cameras in the high end spectrum like the Epic and Arri Alexa. Either your skill set is not good enough, or you’re still trying to learn your craft. Maybe down the road when the telecom industry is ready to support 4k and we all have fiber optics, the high end cameras will be an option, but as of now, your gonna need something decent. The camera produces some of the most cinematic footage right out of the box, that I have ever seen. Because of the lack of resolution and codec.  know from talking to other music video directors in Toronto and New York, that that is also their number one reason from not using the C300.
With that in mind, you can look into offerings from brands like Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Sony, Kodak and many more. If you only want an appliance that will do a single thing, you need to look into camcorders. They offer the Shuffle in 7 different colors, which is a larger selection than other brands offer. But typically, audio is just overlapped with your song later in the editing room using video software. A more updated list on a lot of the best models for this can be found in our best DSLR camera for filming videos article.
You can also read our best DSLR camera under $500 if it peaks your interest and you’re on a strict budget. DSLR’s have exceptional auto-focus speed, which is great particularly for music videos. You can use the footage to supplement if you want a change of perspective (maybe adding it to the body of a guitar?
If you have an amazing quality, your video really stands out from the rest and gives you a better chance at exposure.
This is one of the best DSLR cameras out there and if you pair it up with the lens we’ve recommend above, your music videos are going to be professional whether you like it or not. The metering system is also dual-layer and the back has a clear LCD monitor (like the others). Also, I forgot to ask, can the video be edited in iMovie or would you recommend something else for that?
If you’re looking for a program to really start with (that will take some learning) but you plan on using it a while, all signs turn to either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier.
Although…you are a film student, so I would say grabbing a pro-grade cam like the G30 would be an amazing investment for you.
They’re said to be good in terms of focus and those all combined is around $3k retail. Most digital models today offer HD quality for video filming and they don’t cost a lot either. In order to get something decent, it is best to look into bridge cameras with HD recording. You can snap some photos in and out of the water and not have to worry about getting your camera wet or ruined. We’ve talked to camera enthusiasts and done some research and scouring around the net for reviews to determine which camera or camcorder is best for making music videos. We’ve researched through the top best video cameras for filming music videos and have sorted them by price.
Otherwise, the higher you go, the higher quality not only your video clips will be but extra features it will provide you. This is just another step up, and if you have the cash and want a better body, grab this and the recommended lenses we’ve talked about.
Just make sure your DSLR is filming in 1080p so you have the highest quality video as well as try to avoid any shaking or movements of the camera, otherwise you’ll have to run it through the stabilizer. This allows you to relax, have fun, take pictures, and create memories that will last a lifetime. What you need to take into consideration is first and foremost your budget, next the camera quality, and lastly certain features you think you may need or can deal without having by saving some money and getting the best bang-for-your-buck.
The DSLR cameras a feasible and will do just fine, but if you do want to take that big leap and make your music videos truly stand out among the saturated music realm, this is the one to get.
My one little unknown is how well iMovie can synch up the audio with the video……time to start playing I guess!

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