L’arredamento etnico e stato considerato, fino a poco tempo fa, uno stile povero, scomodo, adatto insomma a chi non poteva permettersene uno tradizionale o a chi volesse arredare senza spendere troppo la seconda casa o il giardino. Here are six of the best location for outdoor home security cameras.Protecting your home and family begins with having a high-quality video security system installed in your residence. Era senza pretese, economico e resistente, poi col tempo le cose sono cominciate a cambiare e, anche grazie alle influenze glocal e alla globalizzazione, ai viaggi sempre piu frequenti e ad una voglia di cambiamento, l’arredamento etnico si e trasformato in un pregiato mercato, che ora va a braccetto con il design di ultima generazione. The best type of defense, is determining areas where your home is most vulnerable, to be able to choose the best locations for placing your outdoor security cameras.
A well-monitored house is a safe home, and monitoring key areas is important for protecting your home from theft.
We’ve compiled a list of the top outdoor locations to become monitored by your home surveillance cameras.Six of the Best Locations for Outdoor Home Security CamerasThe Front DoorFor almost all burglars and thieves the leading door is still the preferred type of entry when breaking into a home.

If you have a home that has second story, you are able to mount the camera on the second level and aim it at the front door. Mounting the camera around the second story can prevent a thief from tampering together with your security camera. It’s smart to install a vandal-resistant security camera to monitor the rear door of single story homes.An unlit mystery, or one that his hidden by shrubbery, or kind of landscaping is especially vulnerable to thieves.
Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving a window open or unlocked once they run a quick errand, leaving the house vulnerable and providing thieves by having an easy entry point.Front Door Security CameraThe BackyardIt’s also important with an outdoor security camera installed in your home that provides a definite, wide view of your backyard. An outdoor video security camera with a wide angle view, night vision camera having a long IR range is fantastic for monitoring your backyard. And, many homeowners keep expensive recreational equipment and lawn and garden equipment in their backyard.

Keep all equipment out of view, or locked in a storage shed.The GarageIt’s common for burglars to go in a home through an unlocked garage, or using a garage door opener that’s located in an unlocked car in the home owners’ driveway. Aiming your camcorder at your patio door or French doors can also be recommended for keeping your home and family safe.French doors are simple to break into. For added security ensure your French doors are reinforced with durable, tempered glass and use a deadbolt that locks at the top and bottom.
You can even install a security bar to strengthen the French doors.For patio doors, putting a metal rod in the sliding tabs on the door will provide additional security.

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