Dramatic video of a plane crash that killed a woman off the coast of Hawaii last month shows the moment of impact and an orderly evacuation of the fuselage by passengers, who used plane debris to stay afloat as they waited to be rescued.
Passenger Ferdinand Puentes, 39, was on the 2002 Cessna Grand Caravan and captured the footage of passengers' bracing for impact moments before the plane crashed into the water Dec. Puentes continued to keep the camera rolling after the crash as the fuselage immediately filled with water. Out in the water, they clung to the wings and debris of the plane with the camera still rolling.

While in the water, Puentes took a picture of himself with his bright-yellow life preserver nestled closely around his neck. One of the passengers managed to swim ashore while the others waited it out until the rescuers finally arrived.
Meanwhile, Fuddy's death in the crash fueled conspiracy theories because she was the public official who released President Obama's birth certificate in 2011 after repeated inquiries, proving he was born in the United States.
Passengers credited the pilot, Clyde Kawasaki, for landing the plane right-side up, which allowed passengers time to exit.

The pilot was trying to get everybody together but it was kind of impossible because of the waves," Rosa Key, another passenger, told KITV.

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