The quick answer is that Boudoir Atlanta’s chief Photographer is Don Sparks - an award winning professional photographer with over 20 years of fulltime experience in Atlanta, Georgia. However to really know Don Sparks is to understand that he is far more than simply a Photographer.
Don’s fascination with photography continued through his teens and 20s as he earned his Kappa Tau Alpha Honor’s Degree in Photojournalism from San Jose State University, California. For the past two decades Don has been operating award winning photo studios in Washington DC, Miami and Atlanta.
Whereas many Photographers choose just one photographic specialty, Don enjoys and even excels at many.
As much as Don enjoys his career in Photography he’ll admit that he’s incredibly blessed with a wonderful wife, two fantastic daughters, a loving family, and a faith and trust in God. Spend just a few minutes with Don and you’ll feel his passion for Photography and his appreciation for a life that he declares has been truly blessed.
Our websites are nice but there is nothing like a blog for immediate interaction with our wonderful Clients and Fans.
For all those Photographers out there who are looking to improve their skills I’ll be posting some treats for you too. We really enjoy hearing from our Fans.  If you have any questions please feel free to comment to our blog posts. Our Boudoir Sessions are priced by the number of wardrobe changes and what Products you want to own.

The photography studio has multiple flashlights, this includes 2 background lights, main studio light and keylight allowing adjustment of power of each light individually. This stunning Kent photographic studio is available to hire or rent just outside Maidstone Kent .
Camera hire is also available so you can hire both the photo studio and hire a camera to shoot your photos as well. The studio has a white vinyl backdrop but other colours are available at additional charge. Maidstone is very centrally located within Kent and it only takes a few mins from the M20 motorway and around 20 minutes from the Medway towns to the studio. The photography studio available for hire in Maidstone Kent is perfect for model shoots with both flash & daylight studio sets. All images on this website are copyright of Photo3 Solutions Ltd and protected under relevant laws.
A master bedroom doesn’t have to be large, but it should be comfortable and inviting. In fact he is just as much a lighting designer, wardrobe stylist, set builder, digital artist, and innovator… Quite honestly you could portray Don as rather a “Rockstar” of Photography. Don’s passion for Photography has roots in his early memories of printing photographs in tiny amber lit basement darkrooms. Enjoy the world of Don Sparks for none can share a life more honest an open than a really talented photographer !

Hopefully you will enjoy and more importantly appreciate the beautiful world we live in through the eyes of our experienced Photographers – our professional Stylists and the amazing People Places and Things that we photograph.
We can also supply a wide range of models to complete your shoot but you are also welcome to bring your own models.
The studio is very close to the main A229 between Chatham and Hastings and has parking available in front of the photo studio.
Fees for unauthorised use start at £500 and will be pursued to the full extent of the law.
One of the things you should consider when decorating your small master bedroom is what you can do to create more space. Creating more space is the first step to make a small room look larger which can be achieved using different tips and tricks. In fact, many of his clients rave how quickly Sparks works and still produces twice as much content as that of the average Photographer. The studio is conveniently located just off the A229 with ample free parking directly outside.
Once this problem is solved, you can start decorating by knowing what to place in your room and what to leave behind.

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