There is no denying the beauty of Croatia, we’re always bragging about the natural wonders and rich cultural diversity – but, how do you choose where to swim in the sparkling azure Adriatic?
Some call it the Croatian Carribean becauseA the sand on this beach is so white and the sea so crystal clear just like the Carribean Sea. This little gem of a beach is located a stone’s throw from Rijeka and is perfect for a sneaky little swim.
ArguablyA Korcula’s best beach, Vela Przina is very popular with holidaymakers during the summer months. In recent years, the island of Vis has become increasingly popular with tourists looking for a destination not swarming with summer crowds. Punta Rata has been nominated as one of the most beautiful pebble beaches in the world countless times, and it’s not hard to see why.
Heading to Hvar, you can’t go past the spectacularly stunning Dubovica Beach located between Hvar town and Starigrad.
The first time we went to Mljet I was so taken with the contrast of the azure water and the dry moonscape of the land at the ferry departure point at Prapratno.
This post brings back beautiful memories and takes me back to my travels in Croatia last summer. Good quality of images of our Jewelry is rare and taking the photos of the same is an unsolved mystery. In case of bands and rings keep the aperture of your camera to highest limit available. After all, there are over 1000 islands, inlets, and isles stretching across 6,000kms of coastline. This beach is arguably Croatia’s best beach and consistently wins various international best beach awards. If you want to spend the day at this beach, you’ll need to get in early to claim your real estate. There aren’t very many sandy beaches in Croatia, but Lopar boasts 22 of them with Paradise the biggest and most popular.
This sandy beach is perfect for those looking for peace and quiet set amongst absolute Adriatic beauty.

This unadulterated pebble beach invites youA to take a dip and experience the joy of the Adriatic sea. Tim has an excellent photography blog about the 1,000 things to do in Croatia, also has a kick-ass Flickr account with photos to drool over.
I visited the stunning Saharun beach on Dugi Otok and it truly is one of Croatia’s best beaches!
The reason is that this system wraps up the balanced light encircling the subject you are taking photo of. Mali Bok is surrounded by rocky cliffs and is an excellent beach for those of you who like snorkel or dive. Sakarun is 800 meters long, so there is plenty of room for you to lay down your towel and claim your own little piece of beach paradise. A Golden Cape beach is just a few kilometers from the charming town of Rovinj, and this beach is loved by locals and tourists alike. Zlatni Rat’s is a long golden pebble beach which changes shape with the currents and prevailing winds. There are spectacular views out to the island of Lastovo from this beach so be sure to bring the camera. This beach is perfect for families as its very shallow, and you have the facilities you need to keep the family entertained for the day. You’ll need to earn the right to visit this little slice of heaven by descending a goat track.
It’s located at the bottom of a cliff which can be reached by descending through a forest. We visited this sandy beach on the advice of our Captain and spent the day swimming and lazing about. Located in Orebic grab yourself a couple of bottles of chilled PoA?ip and head to the beach for a day of fine wine and lazing on the beach while the kiddies frolic in the shallow sea. Located on the Makarska Riviera where you can take your pick from a myriad of breathtaking beaches, this beach stands out.
Tim was kind enough to share some of his best beaches in Croatia suggestions with us, but you can also find dozens more of his best Croatian beaches here.

And what made this beach beautiful (seclusion and secrecy) will disappear, with hoards of tourists with stinky sun lotions and bottles of beer. If you know the procedure it is well and good, but if you don’t know get the procedure from the camera manual. Camera flash is not good for taking the photos of Jewelry, as Jewelry reflects 99% of light incident on it.
The Adriatic gets deep at this beach quite quickly, but there is no need to be afraid of the deep blue Adriatic, there are no great whites in this neck of the woods. The beach is on Dugi Otok, so if you are in Zadar, there are many small charter boats that will take for a day trip to Sakarun Beach for a reasonable price. The shoreline is lined by a park, so there is plenty of shade to escape the heat and take a nap under a tree.
For those of you with a boat, you can somewhat cheat and pass through the rocky Stiniva gateway, which then opens up into a grand stone amphitheater. This beach has to be one of the most picturesque beaches on the Makarska Riviera and if you like to bare it all at the beach. Let’s not forget the famous Brela Stone located at this beach with is the symbol of Brela and Croatia.
When I think of beaches, Corsica, Mallorca, Formentera, Ibiza, Menorca, Sardinia, Greece, etca€¦ are in a total other league that Croatia cana€™t dream of competing in.
I’ve spend some time on this one, with friends who were living in student dorm just above this beach.
There is no need for all this; just following the steps discussed in the above article can give them a good outcome.
In spot focus mode many digital cameras can’t well focus on the subject if we go near to the subject. Let’s not forget the alluring Adriatic Sea and you have everything you need for an absolutely magnificent Croatian beach vacation.

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