Capture One Pro 7 is a professional RAW converter and image editing software which also includes robust tethering features. PK_Tether is a free tethering software for Pentax cameras and Windows users.  Set parameters like shutter, aperture, ISO and file format as well as shutter release. TetherPro is a full-feature tethering workflow package aimed at Nikon professional studio photographers and hobbyists alike. Camera RC is a full featured tethering solution for Nikon DSLR cameras including the D4, D800 & D600.
I’ve been using DSLR Remote Pro by Breeze Systems for a few years now, both on my laptop and my Desktop and I love it. Stay connected with our monthly newsletter and be the first to know about Tether Tools product releases, deals, and special industry events. Stay connected with Tether Tools monthly newsletter and be the first to know about new content on Tether Talk, Tether Tools product releases and special industry events. Here, I’ll show you some of the best online photo editors, great for quick and easy edits, and perfect for the occasional photo editor who doesn’t want to shell out money or install an app.
The selling point here is the retouching, which lets you add make-up, change skin tone, eye color, and more. Pixlr claims to be the most popular online photo editor in the world, so it must be doing something right. Fotor, also available as a web app, is sort of halfway between something serious, and something fun.
Compared to other free apps, the advanced tool lets you erase wrinkles and shine, improve skin tone, and add make-up, and with careful use, you’ll be able to make significant changes.
There are literally hundreds of online photo editors out there, so if none of these suit, you’re bound to find some that do. These ones are all pretty reputable apps, but lots of online editors are amateur, ad-ridden or don’t let you save your images without registering or paying, so before you create your masterpiece, check it out to make sure it’s legit. Before we jump into them, though, ita€™s worth pointing out how stable and crash-free this app is, something very important given that even the most popular iPhone camera apps often crash.In terms of shooting options, ProCamera has gotten the absolute fullest pack of manual controls available with an extremely intuitive and easy to use interface.
Offering full screen reviewing, customizable workflow, full camera remote control, automatic image back-up and LiveView.

Our attitude to photos, and editing them, has changed drastically in recent years, and developers have launched app after app to try and keep up with changing demands and needs.
If you’ve got a soft spot for all things kawaii, or you know someone who does, then you should definitely take a look. The Collage function is easy and eye-catching, and between all the features, anyone who wants fun photos can spend plenty of time here.
It looks good and helps you make basic edits, like cropping, re-sizing, exposure, to name a few.
Another plus is Fotor’s Goodies section, where the app takes you through some more advanced features, like making cards and collages, Facebook cover photos, and other interesting image editing tips.
If you can’t find what you want here, you can also try Pizap, PhotoFunia, Photoshop Express, or SumoPaint.
In fact, it's so fast and reliable that it easily ranks as one of our favorite camera apps on a phone. 21, 2016Denver - August 13th & 14th and Albuquerque - August 20th and 21st Zach Sutton’s Two Day Photography Lighting Workshop Extensive read more »Mon, Aug. The tools you’ll need are so different, it’s almost impossible to round them all up in one article.
Other neat options include a tilt meter, anti-shake option, and a self-timer, as well as the option to select the right aspect ratio.
The editor can make basic edits to an image, retouch images, and contains a bunch of add-ons like frames, text, and DIY.
Express lets you add quick, glossy effects and add-ons to your images, while O-Matic is a neat little tool that lets you add vintage effects, frames and other features by clicking a few buttons.
If you’ve got some images of people that you’d really like to improve, however, the Beauty feature is one of the best we’ve seen. If you're aiming for maximum-quality, ProCamera delivers with support for the lossless TIFF format, and if you dive deeper in the settings of the app you'll find a treasure trove of adjustments such as fine control of the level of stabilization, JPEG compression levels, and many more.Unlike other camera replacement apps, ProCamera can also be used to record video and it has the neat built-in option to scan QR codes. 20, 2016Bedford, Arkansas Little Rock, AR: Bedford Photography Expo 2016 read more »Thu, Aug.
It comes with the benefit of allowing you to separately lock exposure, focus, or white balance, plus it also has rich image editing options, but we found it crashing more than once when we tried saving images at the highest quality setting, and it cannot record video.

You have the powerful option of selective adjustments, so that you can tap on a particular point and edit just a certain part of an image rather than the whole thing. Snapseed is ad-free, works smoothly, and is probably the best way to edit photos on the iPhone.Things you can do with Snapseed include adding an outstanding bokeh, blurred background effect (useful for portraits), and you can make fine adjustments to a select part of the image (most other editors only allow you to edit the looks of the whole picture).
Employing a unique UI, the app looks a bit cluttered and confusing at first, but we can easily forgive this once we get acquainted with the wide variety of options that it manages to pack right under our thumbs. The beauty of VSCOa€™s filters (or presets rather) is in the subtle measure of the artistic effects that will help you get a sense of the right amount of touch-ups needed for a photo, and also help you avoid overediting your images. The full preset pack costs $5.99, and while you have some free presets, the app starts to truly shine when you unlock the potential of all the presets. VSCO also allows you to edit the strength of each filter, as well as edit all aspects of an image non-destructively. This new app is such a tough competitor to VSCO Cam, offering an amazing level of control and a smooth suave interface filled with neat options, but we tend to prefer VSCO Cama€™s filter just a bit better. Wea€™re smitten with the speed of edits and the ease with which you can re-arrange trim and mix clips into a finished video project. The powerful manual controls include separate buttons for focus, exposure, and white balance lock, plus you get to see audio levels live. It is a full-on video editor with support for 4K videos and it edits them with ease on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
This alone is a capability that many desktop apps don't support.What can you do with iMovie? This type of photographs require you to manually slow down the shutter speed of your camera so that passing light objects like cars appear a€?flowinga€™ rather than a€?frozena€™ in the frame.

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