We all have to start somewhere with our photography and one of the big questions I get asked by students is where do we begin. Street photography for me is the most amazing way beginners can really get going with their photography. Street photography loosely describes a type of documentary photography that revolves around taking photos of everyday life and objects in the open urban environment of streets, lanes villages and towns. Although it’s a free for all at times shooting anything, it is still necessary to be prepared.
Key to street photography is focusing, not only sharpness but depth of focus or depth of field. Choice of a subject or subjects for your photo walk through the streets of a village can be an effort so think about it before you start. Telephoto zoom lenses are also handy as they allow you to isolate scenes, pick out detail and frame your subjects more tightly. Wayne Turner has been teaching photography for 25 years and has written three books on photography. I suggest you find a subject that you know better than giving advise to budding photographers. Depth of Field is what the photographer is interested in; it is what is in acceptable focus in front of the lens. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. If you’ve ever even thought about surf photography, you’ll have considered the heavily-weighing pros and cons of being in the water. If your mouth is watering at just the thought, grab your car keys, drive to Video Ezy, and rent out Fiberglass and Megapixels. It all sounds a bit dampening to a photographer who’s never been a surfer, but there’s no point avoiding the truth: experience and knowledge counts in this profession. Loaded BARREL’s photograph of Chad Jackson puts into perspective some of the heavy surf and tight positions an in-water photographer deals with. Matt Cooper says that general fitness is important, but the best way to prepare yourself for in-water surf photography is to swim. As Russell Ord put it, “everyone has their limitations.” The smaller your start, the more comfortable you will be. In order to improve your swimming technique, breath hold, and swimming fitness, there are drills and exercises you can do in a pool. Andre also collaborated with physiotherapist Nick Marshall to provide exercises for strengthening core muscles, which are crucial for duck-diving under waves, and lifting yourself out of the water with the camera to get the shot. DLSR surf housings begin at around $1400, with the price increasing depending on the camera model and the housing’s features, controls and simplicity. A key point to remember is that if something goes wrong with your housing, you’re going to have to send it to the manufacturer to repair.
You can add a myriad of GoPro accessories, the most important of which (for surf photography) would be an extension pole to get your camera out of the water.
Russell Ord’s two photographs of Chris Ross show the difference between shooting a location from in the water and from a jet ski (shots are at the same location on the same day). Depending on where you live, you will most likely be wearing a wetsuit to keep the chill at bay (out of summer). Many surf photographers wear helmets to protect them from flying boards, the reef and their camera gear. I have a question, say you already own an slr, which would you still prefer to try surf photography when starting, a dicapac or a go pro hero 3? Lucy Pallett-Jones (Ham Photography)Lucy Pallett-Jones runs Ham Photography and is based in Perth, Australia.
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The portable hide allows everyone to get up-close and personal with the wildlife around them; from a beginner who just wants to get a little closer to nature to the professional photographer wanting the perfect close up. For the best chance of a one of a kind encounter, this hide has a discreet zip-up observation window on each side, giving you a 360' degree view of the wild world around without the need to relocate and scare away the wildlife nearby. The hide is cleverly designed to easily and quickly fold flat into a lightweight, easy to carry case measuring just 58cm in diameter and weighing just 3.1kg when packed away. When removed from the back pack, the hide springs up into a roomy tent (Dimensions: 115 x 115 x155cm) and is ready to use in seconds, making it a must-have accessory on country walks which can be out into action at the first sign of a close encounter.
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It provides a visual commentary on the world around us showcasing humour, routine and daily life on the streets.
More than other types of photography, excluding landscape, you need as much of the image in focus. A great idea is to choose a theme or set yourself a little project like finding 26 subjects each beginning with a letter of the alphabet.

The variety of subjects, the contrasting lighting as well as textures and patterns result in wonderful black and white images. A large aperture helps when shooting in shade or lower light inside markets or public buildings.
He has produced 21 Steps to Perfect Photos; a program of learner-based training using outcomes based education. If you have a good enough depth of focus you’ll find many smaller objects you hadn’t noticed while shooting.
As a surfer and a photographer, I understand the compulsion to jump in the water with the elements and capture the moment…and the absolute lunacy of big-wave surfers.
The surf-photography film rolled into the lives of surfers and photographers in 2010, and it has left its mark.
So if you’re a photographer keen to get in the water and shoot the curl, how do you go about it? A surf photographer is often in the barrel of the wave with the board rider, or at the end of the barrel shooting the surfer as he rips through. Swimming in a calm pool with this weight can be worrying…and in the ocean, the waves, wind chop and currents work against you, so strength and stamina are crucial. A surfer can easily turn around and catch a wave to shore, but a photographer must swim with only one arm (and a pair of fins) past the surf and through currents to get to land. And your mindset is equally important as fitness in the surf: “You have to be able to relax. Andre Slade, former lifeguard and editor of the Australian Lifeguard Magazine, has written a great set of instructions for improving ocean swimming in a pool, the first of which is here.
If the manufacturer has no support and distribution arm in your country, you will have to send your equipment internationally. Most surf housings are classified as ‘splash’ housings, meaning that they cannot be taken more than around 30ft deep. Powershots are great little cameras, providing pretty fantastic photos for non-DLSR models (check a review of the Canon Powershot GX1). Russell Ord suggests that if you’re really serious about surf photography, and understand the ocean and the difficulties of the profession, to go the full kit. A major reason why in-water surf photography is successful is that it gives people a perspective and an insight they couldn’t even imagine. Your camera can easily fling back into your face from backwash, a wave, or going over the falls (pulled into the wave from behind it).
Fins are different to flippers – they are shorter and thicker, and made for quick swimming. Lucy is a 19-year-old photographer experimenting and working with editorial, portrait, event, surf, and scientific photography. And because you would rather keep the wildlife on the outside of the hide, the interior comes with mosquito netting at each window to prevent unwanted guests, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience every time. It is supplied in a handy carry bag, with ground fixing pegs and guy ropes for added stability.
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Subjects don’t always need to include people and a series of images without a single person can be quite a challenge and have interesting results. A lot of street photography by the more reputable photographers is mainly in black and white but that doesn’t mean colour gives bad results. I prefer to have a camera or lens that is fairly wide-angled as this allows me to include more of the street scenes in the image.
The film doesn’t just show you rolls of jaw-dropping footage and a few interviews…it delves into the history, culture, dangers and intricacies of in-water surf photography, with a focus on Hawaii’s North Shore.
It is an extreme sport of its own, and even with fitness, knowledge of the ocean, and years of experience, it gets heavy. Speaking to Russell and Matt Cooper (photographer of Loaded BARREL), it seems that the best way to go about it is to not jump the gun. To maintain these prime positions, and to negotiate the waves, a surf photographer must keep extremely fit. Beyond this, however, each port will cost you (unless you have a universal dome port, which can fit some different lenses). If not, one will set you back around $400-$500, such as AquaTech’s universal pistol grip, which can be seen here.
Surf housings are lighter and generally simpler than dive housings, and are constructed to be practical for surf photography. A Powershot plus housing setup will set you back around $1200 (depending where you buy, what housing you get, and what Powershot model you choose). Watch the waves and study the currents, and look out for quiet peaks where local surfers frequent.
However, most viewers can tell if an image is from a boat, and when it comes down to it, a shot from inside the barrel of the same moment will have more guts.

It also offers a layer of protection from reefs and other sharp objects (such as surfboard fins slicing by you). They’re something to just think about now, especially with the current shark problem in Western Australia.
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Russell Ord, Western Australian big-wave surf photographer, says that knowledge of the ocean and the surf is absolutely crucial. Even if you have experience in the ocean, swimming out in a big swell with a 5kg camera kit and only a pair of fins will probably shorten your life expectancy. A key point to remember is that not all surfers will be used to negotiating a wave with a cameraman in the middle of it. There are times that boats are a necessity, because the waves are too big, the currents to strong, and the conditions pretty treacherous. Wetsuits are sold by thickness and design – Short-John wetsuits leave the neck and arms free, whereas a Steamer will fully encase your body and warmth.
Matt Cooper says though he has tried to wear one several times, he finds it constricting and difficult when diving under waves.
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