You may have noticed the trend for taking portraits lit by portable flash, led by photographers like David Hobby and Joe McNally. Taking portraits in available light teaches you to appreciate the qualities of different types of natural light. With portable flash, there is a danger that you concentrate on the lighting set-up to the extent that the light becomes more important than anything else. MasteringPhoto, powered by bestselling Routledge authors and industry experts, features tips, advice, articles, video tutorials, interviews, and other resources for hobbyist photographers through pro image makers.
The advantages of portable flash are well known – master its use and it’s like carrying the sun around in your camera bag.
The photographer took some portable flash units along, but took so long setting them up that the shoot never really got going.

Photographers who have mastered it make it look simple, but it takes a while to get to that level. Most portraits require soft light, such as that found in the shade or at the end of the day after the sun has set. As Technical Editor of EOS magazine he writes about Canon EOS cameras and also pens articles about photography for other magazines and websites. No matter what your passion is—from people and landscapes to postproduction and business practices—MasteringPhoto offers advice and images that will inform and inspire you. The knowledge you gain about natural light when shooting in these conditions can then be applied to other areas of photography. You’ll learn from professionals at the forefront of photography, allowing you to take your skills to the next level.

The photos weren’t as good as they could have been if the photographer had been concentrating on working with her instead. You have more freedom to move your model around and try different poses when you don’t have to move flash units as well.
Most important of all is the creativity generated by your collaboration with the model, and an eye for what makes a well-composed portrait.

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