With the latest software (Expressions 3.0) installed, our Photobooths have some very cool, industry leading features. The software is all Share Secure, which means you can view and share photos and videos through your phone or computer without having to provide personal information to the Photobooth. If you download the free MyPhotoCode App you can create a QR-ID with your own unique, personal QR code. This awesome technology enables users to access their Photobooth photos anytime, anywhere from any smart phone or reprint them from any Digital Centre Photobooth.
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This entry was posted in on writing and tagged awesome, Pub(lishing) Crawl, writing exercise by HollyKerr. The software includes the latest QR code technology, free MyPhotoCode App enabling an online storage cloud to keep digital copies of all your photostrips, new features to load and check logos and text files on the configuration screen and the ability to print 4×6 photos and two photostrips with most software settings. Share Secure ensures reliable delivery of photos via the internet to guarantee a safe and private transmission (internet connection required). Each session, one of the two photostrips will print a unique QR code in place of the fourth photostrip image. This links all your photos to you and enables you to login to any Digital Centre Photobooth running the latest software (Expressions 3.0) and view and reprint your photos.
Photos can also be accessed via the MyPhotoCode website anytime, by entering the unique code printed on the side of every photostrip.

The complete set of six different programs (colour, black and white, street art, frames, hats and hairstyles) is still offered when printing photostrips and all are easily turned on and off by the operator via an on-screen menu.
You also have the option of taking a new photo, which will automatically save in the same place. We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright.
Here you can digitally view your photostrip and directly email it to yourself, a friend’s email or upload it straight to Facebook.

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