How thoroughly Shelby mods your Mustang depends on your patience level and the size of your bank account. The first thing you’ll notice about the new Mustang is the Aston-Martin-meets-Fusion-meets-Mustang styling.
Ford overhauled the interior for this generation, though it’s still apparent its MSRP starts under $24,000.
Ford and Shelby have had a long relationship that started in the 1960s when Carroll Shelby started importing the British-built AC Ace and stuffed them with larger, small-block V-8s. If $24,000 sounds like a bundle, hold onto your hats, folks, because that’s where the Shelby starts. The process of giving your pony some extra giddyup is very different at Shelby American and Ford.
Shelby offers three different superchargers depending on how much power you need and how much you like your factory warranty. First off is a 670-horsepower version which produces a hearty 545 lbs-ft of torque — 144 horsepower and 116 lbs-ft more than the GT350. All of the improvements Ford made to the Mustang for this generation translate directly to the Shelby.
I don’t imagine that many Super Snake shoppers will commute in their GT or Super Snake, but I was surprised by just how liveable they are thanks to the extra low-end torque and suspension changes. At times, the 670-, 720- and 800-horsepower Shelbys can feel a little too powerful, a little too grippy in the rear and a little too heavy up front for me. With 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, with your choice of an eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual (and a factory warranty) for $60,000, the Challenger Hellcat could be seen as a valid competitor.
Clearly, the practical thing to do would be to buy a Charger Hellcat for $66,000 and spend some money having the body modified to accept wider tires, but even that would be missing the point. A Shelby is going to be less expensive to keep around than the Ford GT that Sajeev got his hands on a while back and the interior in the Shelby is actually nicer. Native american weaponry - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Native american weaponry was used by native americans to hunt atlatl, or spear-throwers, are long range weapons that were used by native americans to throw. Ancient native american indian artifacts, relics and, This page contains a choice display of ancient native american indian artifacts, relics, arrowheads and stone age tools from all over the united states as.
Instagram is actually taking some heat for blocking things like the snake emoji, but not blocking the N word and racist comments on other profiles. This entry was posted in Hollywood and tagged blocked, emoji, Instagram, New, Swift by kat. I kept the factory exhaust tips but jammed in a racing cat, different muffler and I fiddled with the suspension. Like most cars in this price range, the center console, portions of the doors and dashboard are cast out of hard plastic.
We have the big boys like Shelby, Roush and Saleen, and then perhaps a thousand smaller shops selling everything from new headlamps to questionable engine mods. Shelby chose a Ford engine and a 55 year relationship started. Shortly after selling the original Shelby Cobra in America, Carroll started tinkering with Mustangs and the original Mustang-based Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT500 were born. For $23,995, plus the cost of your donor car, Shelby will swap in a carbon fiber hood, rocker panels, spoiler, some fascia tweaks, a Shelby grille and badging. It gets there by using a Ford Performance-branded blower, which retains your factory powertrain warranty, and is even available with the six-speed automatic transmission.

Assuming an essentially base Mustang GT is the donor car, the Super Snake has a super-sized price tag of $82,790 for the 670-horsepower variant. The chassis is lower and wider than before and, most importantly, the Shelby retains the Mustang’s independent rear suspension.
The most interesting thing Shelby brought to the track was a Mustang with the new 2.3-liter four-cylinder turbo. The Shelby will fly further under the radar than a used Lambo or Ferrari, and will be cheaper to insure. That last part is important since a Shelby conversion can more than double the original MSRP of your Ford. The new steering wheel design is attractive and loaded with buttons, but the rim is somewhat thin for a high performance vehicle. The biggest difference between the two groups is that companies like Shelby have a history, a track record, and — most importantly for me — a warranty.
That path is important because it is not the course taken by the new Ford Shelby GT350 and GT350R. Shelby says a few dealers (many local to Vegas) have bought cars and had them Shelby-fied for sale on the lot — but more than 99 percent of Shelby cars aren’t done that way. On the inside, they replace the Mustang plaque on the dash with a Shelby plaque and swap out the headrests and floor mats. Next up is a Kenne Bell or Whipple blower which pushes the engine to 725 horsepower and 585 lbs-ft of torque. Oddly enough, it’s the same configuration that Scion used to launch their FR-S back in 2012.
While a live axle may be the preference of drag racers, the new suspension makes an enormous difference on road and on track.
Making the concept of a tuned Mustang more attractive is the ability to get a rag top version.
While I’m sure tuners in Europe are hard at work on a turbo swap or a completely new engine management system to increase power, the Shelby power mods are modest with power going from 310 horsepower and 320 lbs-ft to approximately 349 and 340, respectively. But the balance, which is similar to any rear wheel drive coupe that’s a little nose heavy and has wide tires in the rear (like the M6), can dull some of the excitement in neutral handling situations where the front feels reluctant to turn. There are plenty of high performance cars on the market with stickers between $50,000 and $90,000. The Dodge is a hoot and a half in a straight line, but things go pear-shaped in the corners.
Perhaps making the choice a little easier is Shelby’s try-before-you-buy program, something I wish more cars offered. Also helping things out are standard HID headlamps on all models, slick sequential turn signals out back, and generally improved fit and finish when compared to the outgoing model. All of this is perfectly reasonable and expected in a car that ranges from $24,000 to $40,000, but by the time you factor in a Shelby conversion, the interior can look a little low rent for a car that’ll set you back $70,000. Those two performance pony cars are made by Ford, in a Ford factory, and have never set a tire inside a Shelby-owned facility. You configure your Mustang however you want it configured, then you send it to Shelby and they do their thing.

To improve handling, the Ford wheels are kicked to the curb in favor of new 20-inch wheels with grippy rubber and the suspension gets a thorough rework with parts designed by Shelby and Ford Performance. The track makes sense for small, lightweight cars with moderate grip because you can explore the limits of the car and assess its dynamics at lower relative speeds. The older Snake had a hair more steering feel, but the rear end was constantly upset over rough sections of track and camber changes at speed.
Since the Shelby GT and Shelby Super Snake are based off a Mustang GT, the widest you can go up front is 275 in section. Yet, it wasn’t the power that impressed me with the four pot — it was actually the suspension. Most of them will have a more luxurious interior, a few will even be faster at the drag strip, and you wouldn’t have to deal with the additional step of having your new car modified. For $2,500 you can fly yourself to the very same track on which I drove the Super Snake and sample Shelby’s wares. Helping soften the blow are Ford’s new SYNC3 infotainment system in 2016 and the availability of radar adaptive cruise control with collision warning even on models equipped with a manual transmission.
A quick troll of online forums indicates that as long as you stick to the mods that Shelby says retain your warranty, Ford and the dealer network play nice. Rounding the package out is a short throw shift kit, cold air intake and a new cat-back exhaust system. Shoppers should know that exact performance numbers are a little vague as Shelby doesn’t bench test the engine to get an SAE net number. After a non-stop day of beating the Snakes out on the track, the only car that had troubles keeping up was the 670-horsepower Mustang with the six-speed automatic which would occasionally get the transmission fluid over temperature. Thanks to the weight balance and the identical tires front and rear, the Ecoboost felts light and nimble and much more like a light European sports car than what you’d normally associate with the Mustang nameplate. The real trouble is that Dodge didn’t modify the chassis much from the $20,000 rental car version. You can even finance much of a Shelby conversion (or a few other top-line conversions from the big boys) through Ford Motor Credit Company. Compared to other curvaceous tracks — Laguna Seca, Sears Point or Willow Springs — Spring Mountain feels more like an autocross track.
The new Super Snake, on the other hand, ate up the corners like a captive pet store food mouse.
While this is unlikely to ever happen on your daily commute, if you track your car you should stick with the six-speed manual.
The Super Snake’s supercharger gives its engine massive low-end torque that means less shifting is required on and off the track. The result is a coupe that is sharper than the factory Ecoboost trim — and the Super Snake as well — thanks to its low curb weight and better weight balance.

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