Amazon's new slate of 2014 Kindle Fire tablets starts with a $99 6-inch model and tops out with an 8.9-incher that the company bills as its most powerful model to date. Named Axis, Microshell Folio, Vibe, and EcoVue Fire HD 7, the cases come in a range of attractive shades and are “Made for Kindle” certified. These heavy-duty Kindle covers should meet the needs of active people, who spend a lot of time outside – or just have vigorous children.
Most of the cases can be bought on Amazon, but there are some really good cases, which are available only on the websites of their producers.
One millimeter doesn’t make a big difference when it comes to a flip folio case with corner straps.
Basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite are smaller than Kindle Touch, so any sleeve which fits the last one should also work for the others. If you won’t find the interesting item in this post, you can extend your search by looking for tough Kindle cases on the following sites.
If you know of any heavy-duty cases we haven’t mentioned below, please share a link in the comments under the post. Read also 50 best Kindle cases and accessories to buy in 2016Top articleFind the best Kindle cases and accessories in one frequently updated list. It’s made up of a two-piece polycarbonate inner shell that deflects impact force, and an outer durable synthetic rubber slip cover that absorbs impact. Don't miss my latest FREE Kindle Fire Tips, news,articles, giveaways, tutorials, and other goodies! First, let's go everything that comes with the Kindle Fire HD 7", starting with its packaging.Here are some photographs of the front and back of the box that this tablet comes in. When you open it up, the Kindle Fire HD 7" (enclosed in a plastic bag) is on one side and the "getting to know your kindle" guide is on the other. Unfortunately, Amazon is ripping people off because the Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet doesn't come with the wall plug for charging your device. Buying the extra "Amazon Kindle Powerfast for Accelerated Charging" is a necessity and at $19.99 a pop, it was quite underhanded of Amazon to not include one with the new Kindle Fire HD. Thankfully, this little accessory does charge faster than the USB cable, 'cause charging from your PC takes a very long time! I'm having so much fun with my new Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet and can't wait to show you all the fabulous things it can do!
Stay tuned (to this site of course) for my next article all about this super cool new device and all you can do with it! Leave a Comment:I love receiving your comments, but please read the notes below before posting. Kids, Tweens, Teenagers, and Adults will love the following selection of unique designs, colors, and styles of cases and covers for the latest and most popular Kindle Fire HD 7″ eBook reader.
Start shopping from the most popular Kindle Fire HD 7 inch covers and cases for kids right now. The top selling Kindle Fire HD cases for kids are featured below and for sale for the best prices you will find online. Well it’s pretty easy so don’t worry about that, you’ll be taking screenshots within the next minute or so!

Ensuring proper protection for it is just as important if you wish the device to enjoy some longevity. He brings a international approach to news that is not just applicable to the North American market, but also Asia, India, Europe and others. One thing we can advice is that you should search not only Kindle Store, but the entire Amazon. Made of high-standard silicone plastic, the case protects against sand, dust, wind, rain, vibration, drop and other elements.
Innovative engineering and precision design work together to create this multi-layer case that provides trusted protection against drops, dust, scratches, and shock. This multi-layer case completely covers the Kindle and blocks entry of dust and lessens wear and tear on the device. It features a combination of strong PC hard shell and silicone cover made from hazard-free material. This neoprene tablet sleeve features the highly popular Redemption check design from fashion brand Quiksilver. The Proporta Beachbuoy is a 100% Waterproof Case for the Amazon Kindle Keyboard, but it will also fit other devices up to 220 x 145mm.
This case is engineered with a rugged hard-shell frame, protective soft shell core and waterproof enclosures for maximum defense.
High-impact polycarbonate shell and self-adhering screen protector guard against scratches and smudges.
This fashion design case was build sturdy with double patting that protects your device from bumps dents and scratches without the need of bulkiness. This unique case features ultra-protective honeycomb design, with an integrated kickstand for hands free movie viewing and social media streaming. Dual layer construction provides superior defense against drops. No matter whether you use Facebook on the iPad or Twitter on your Android phone, our site loads fast and is easy to read. Amazon released a SECOND version of the Kindle Fire HD 7" (which Amazon's calls the third generation since it was their third year of releases in 2013) which is NOT the same as the tablet shown on this page. The top is one of those cardboard perforated zippers, so once you open it, there's no going back! Yes, it does come with a USB cable and you can charge your tablet with your computer, but that is ridiculous!Hello!
I've posted pictures and details about them, including how to view them, how many there are, and which is my new fave!Be sure to check out these cool new photographs as I think they are much better than the original Kindle Fire Backgrounds.
Featured below are some unique cases for the Kindle Fire HD 7 Inch Android Tablet that anyone can love.
All of these popular cases and covers for the Kindle Fire HD 7″ would make wonderful Christmas gift ideas or birthday presents for your family and friends. You have been searching for the best Kindle case for kids in 2014, and I have them gathered for you right here.
Here are some popular Kindle HD 7 skins for girls who are young or teenagers or even for adults. Kindle HD 7 skins to keep your expensive tablet from being scratched and damaged while your use it or store it away.

How to take your Kindle Fire HD 7 screenshot Now that you have something you want to take a screenshot of follow these easy steps below. Sovy brings his own writing flavor to the website and is interested in Science Fiction, Technology and Writing.
Made of durable silicone, with extra reinforcements around the screen and at the corners, it will help keep your device safe and sound from the bumps and bruises that accompany a busy life and multiple users. Provides shock absorption and impact resistance, while giving access to all ports, buttons, speakers and camera.
Make sure your tablet is kept safe from scratches, knocks and drops by keeping it securely tucked up in this uniquely designed case. It is waterproof up to 5 metres (16ft) and conforms to the British Standards Institute IP57 and IP58 levels.
This slim folio case features four inside mesh corners that hold your kindle securely in place yet don’t obstruct the screen or direct access to all ports and buttons.
Versatile shield stand acts as a screen cover and doubles as a kickstand for hands-free viewing. It can be carried by using the build in handles or by using the adjustable removable shoulder strap.
Constructed from a special foam that provides shock absorption and impact resistance, the case child-proofs your device from the kid in all of us.
Then in 2014 they released another version Kindle Fire HD 7" (fourth generation).Not sure which one you have? It still has the carousel, favorites, and a lot of the same features, but there a ton of little and big changes that I'm loving.I now have the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" so be sure to check it out too!
Click the "View X more" link at the bottom (if visible) to see all comments.If you're having trouble accessing my exclusive Kindle Fire articles, please email me directly instead of posting in these comments.Thanks for sharing!
Here are the cheapest cases and covers in many styles and colors like the always popular camouflage pink for girls and women.
These stylish, trendy, and unique covers for the Kindle Fire are very popular with kids in 2014. It attaches tablet to headrests and surfaces so it stays put, and enables work and play in any situation. See my list of all Kindle Fires or my Kindle Fire infographic that shows how to know which tablet you own. Take your pick from the following designs and styles that are very popular for preteen and teenager boys this year. Take your pick from popular designs like pink tiger stripes or zebra print covers for the Kindle Fire HD 7 inch eBook reader.

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