This is the solution to the metrics problem – if you look at the numbers we just discussed, you know that costs will only go up if transaction volume increases, so we must find a way to improve things like completion rate while cutting the task times.
In the case of this client, it was necessary to identify the types of users that would be accessing the system and design specifically for them. In any SAP usability project, we are bound to encounter legacy systems that are enabling the business to limp along. For this client, we knew that SAP could offer the same features that they were using six or seven different applications to support.

The usability of mobile devices like iPad is clearly the catalyst for their rapid adoption. We blogged recently about a project in which we used SAP Mobility (Sybase Unwired Platform) to produce an iPad application to empower field service staff. For a field services team of more than 2200 reps, it is clear that a successful mobile implementation can have staggering results – allowing each rep even thirty more minutes per day free of administrative overhead can mean that each one can make one more call, or one more sale. This is the basis of maximizing your SAP investment, and building a more usable product can get you there.

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