The recently-announced DMC II is the first digital aerial camera in the industry to add a single monolithic panchromatic camera head to produce extreme wide-ground coverage for capturing large-scale, high-resolution imagery. Midwest Aerial Photography, an aerial mapping photography specialist in the Midwestern United States, has acquired the DMC II for use in the USDA’s National Resources Inventory (NRI) Program. Geoplana Ingenieure, a provider of imagery, mapping and GIS services in Germany, has also selected the DMC II as its first digital aerial camera, previously relying on film technology for aerial imaging. The DMC was the industry’s first large-format frame digital aerial camera, the first to be certified by the United States Geological Survey and the first to offer an innovative Solid State Disk (SSD) storage technology to decrease camera weight and footprint. With drone aerial photography, it is important to use a camera which is proven and recommended so you get the best photos every time.
In this article we explain in simple language what each camera setting is and the best recommended settings for aerial photography. Another excellent article on how to aerial film people will also improve your filming and photography skills. Using the right camera and settings which are proven for aerial photography will allow you to avoid distorted photos such as chromatic aberration and barrel distortion.
There are also many terrific resources on the Internet regarding aerial photography so have a search and bookmark the best sites. The camera’s shutter controls the amount of time light is allowed to reach the CCD (in simple terms, the CCD is where the digital image pixels are created). Most modern cameras have quick and effective auto-focus capabilities. Continuous AF mode is better for aerial photography and moving targets, such as kids playing because focus continually tracks subjects. On the ground or while hovering the single AF mode will work very well because auto-focus locks onto its target when you apply a light press to the shutter release button and remains fixed while you maintain the light press, until fully pressing the button to take your shot. White balance is how your camera interprets the color of light in a scene through it’s lens.

If you purchase a drone from the top manufacturer you are practically guaranteed to get an excellent quality gimbal for image stabilization.
The gimbal keeps the drone stable by accessing and making adjustments hundreds of time per second to keep the drone stable and perfect for aerial filming and photography. We know aperture affects depth of field.  Unlike ground-based photography, depth of field is almost a non-issue in aerial photography, since we are focusing almost to infinity. Get to know the f-stop (aperture) which provides the maximum sharpness for your particular lens. Metering is how your camera determines what the correct shutter speed and aperture should be, depending on the amount of light that goes into the camera and the sensitivity of the sensor. Today, every DSLR has an integrated light meter that automatically measures the reflected light and determines the optimal exposure. In aerial photography use Matrix full-frame metering rather than “spot” metering mode to reduce exposure issues. The DMC II includes a total of five camera heads, less than any other frame-based, large-format camera system in the industry. The NRI is a statistically based sample of land use and natural resource conditions and trends on U.S.
The camera will be used to provide mapping, GIS and photo flight services to mapping agencies, municipalities and utilities in Germany and surrounding countries, as well as to provide imagery to other users such as Google and Microsoft.
The zoom lens allows you to control how much of the subject is included  in your picture without having to alter your distance to or from the subject.
In this videos from Zapography, they are using the DJI Phantom 3 drone which has a 4k camera and has all the latest innovation such as waypoints, follow me mode and points of interest. Different white balance settings can give your photo various colors from natural to tints of blue, yellow, orange and brown color.

For example, changing to a higher ISO value will allow you to continue taking photos as the light gets darker without using the cameras built-in flash. Using the lowest ISO setting available with your equipment helps to ensure the maximum resolution of your image.
If you take a look at the specifications of your lens, it should say what the maximum (lowest f-number) and minimum apertures (highest f-number) of your lens are.
The camera is part of Intergraph’s new platform strategy, through which customized sensors are added to existing camera components to provide customers with cost-effective, modular options for various aerial acquisition needs while protecting previous investments. Without a doubt, it is the most talked about subject, because aperture either adds a dimension to a photograph by blurring the background, or magically bringing everything into focus. The maximum aperture of the lens is much more important than the minimum, because it shows the speed of the lens. With three models to choose from – DMC II 140, DMC II 230 and DMC II 250 – even small and medium-sized companies can cost-effectively enter the digital imagery market, and customers can easily upgrade their systems as needed. According to the USDA, it is the most comprehensive database of its kind ever attempted anywhere in the world.
To support the program, Midwest Aerial Photography and others will acquire tens of thousands of aerial photos each year throughout the U.S.

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