All brushes are created in Photoshop 7 and they will not work in earlier versions of Photoshop, they will work in Photoshop 7 and later (CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5…) versions.
Pazzles is developing a plug in that will allow users to cut directly from Adobe Illustrator!
While we are still in the development stages, we are looking for a few very special customers who would like to participate in beta testing for this exciting new feature! You must have a working email address and be willing to communicate with the Pazzles team via email.
You must be OK with working with a BETA plugin that will likely have bugs and problems (that’s the whole point of doing beta right?
You must be available to actively use this beta plugin and communicate with the Pazzles team (in other words if you have a two week long vacation coming up in the next month or so you shouldn’t sign up). We will be starting with a rather small group of beta users and then gradually allow more people to participate as we get closer to launch. IF you are selected to be on the beta team, we will send an email to your preferred email address with further instructions. I can still remember the car drive I was on with my mother, Chris, when she was discussing what to call her new business.
My dirty little secret is that I really am not a scrapbooker (Well ok I have two, the other is that I sing at the top of my lungs when no one is home…did I just type that?). Quick TipDid you know that you can access the updates through your software by going to the Help drop down menu and selecting "Software Updates" under "Internet Pazzles Online"?

Even if you don't visit our blog on a regular basis, you can still get more of such posts delivered to you for free. This is a Business + Internet + Design blog dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs, website owners and designers. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This is an especially exciting new feature not only for fans of Adobe Illustrator but also for MAC users who will be able to cut projects without having to switch to a Windows based operating system! Below is a list of requirements you will have to meet in order to be part of the beta team.
Since we only have a limited amount of spots available for beta testers, we cannot guarantee that you will be selected to participate even if you meet all of the requirements. I suggested the name Pazzles and, being 10 at the time, quickly forgot about the whole thing. I love looking at other people’s work and am amazed at the truly beautiful art that scrapbooking has become over the years, but I still consider myself an amateur. I have been designing in AI-CS5 then down-saving to Illustrator7 (since the program can’t handle anything higher than that), switching to my PC side, then finally importing the file. Here I have created a cheat sheet to the Illustrator keyboard shortcuts for both Mac and Windows users and could be printed out for easy reference. We setup and host your business email accounts with professional-looking email addresses (e.g.

We frequently publish free tips, tricks, tutorials and videos to help you maximize your results online. However we will be gradually adding in more beta participants as we get closer to launch so even if you aren’t selected right away you may be asked to join at a later date!
Since then I have graduated from college with a Music Education degree, married, and moved back home. I fell in love with the Pazzles right away because I saw how many uses it had, not just for paper but for any craft. He has been using Illustrator since it first came out and was very excited when I told him about this beta.
I have decorated my home dishes, made t-shirts and car decals, party bags, wedding invitations and gifts but have still only scratched the surface of what I could do. As my husband could probably tell you I am stubborn, sarcastic, creative, a bit of a perfectionist, and above all I love to teach.
I love learning all of the things that the Pazzles software can do and then passing that knowledge on to others.

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