Last, I used another brush from the set, and applied a single click on a new layer above all others. I hope this quick and simple tutorial has given you a bit of inspiration to experiment with layer styles to see what kind of effects you can create! We do the best to provide high-quality products that you can use in your commercial projects.You bet!
I realize that a lot of the decision comes from experience, but for someone working on gaining experience, what would you say is the underlying thought process that I could apply in the future. Hi Bob, You may have to make your own adjustments depending on the source files your using. Very cool, I’ve been working with a construction company and this was the edge I was looking for. I rarely leave comments, but i did a few searching and wound up here Creating an Embedded Concrete Effect Using Layer Styles Only. You may be a beginner or an avid Photoshop user, Photoshop tutorials can always give you one or several useful tips to add to your Photoshop knowledge.
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The tutorial teaches us to incorporate elements from varied sources to create realistic photo manipulation with conceptual features.
It’s an interesting tutorial that teaches to integrate surreal effects to create dreamlike photo effects. This tutorial teaches to make cool modifications to a pictures of a car or a truck for the pimped out effect. The detailed tutorial teaches you to create an Vector based cover page design in Photoshop. Learn how to create a realistic mailbox icon in Photoshop using basic skills and different blending options. Learn how to create a website layout specifically for a Mobile Device which in simple yet sleek and professional using Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to compose magical scenes from different stock images and create strong atmosphere adding interesting lights and shadows. Learn how to increase the quality of the regular photo and make it more artistic by using Photoshop tools, settings and photo manipulation skills. Learn how to create a fun & eye-catching Personal Vcard Mini-Site Template in Adobe Photoshop!
The tutorial helps you get hang of the latest set of art and illustration by the amazing Depthcore collection. In this tutorial you can learn to manipulate some stock images into a seamless design and add in elements to attain the depth of field. In this tutorial, you can get familiarized with techniques used to create a steampunk type treatment in Photoshop.
Create a sleek Apple iPhone 4S in Adobe Photoshop using various shape tools, blending options and other helpful methods. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the traits of image sharpness and ways of sharpening one of your designs to achieve the maximum visual appeal.
Learn easy ways to illustrate a guitar in Photoshop using tiny shapes, gradients and subtle shadows.
Make a beautiful scene of a coral reef and fish on Photoshop with this useful step by step tutorial.
I spend a lot of time using Adobe Photoshop creating logos for my website, and I must say, the creators of this awesome art works using Adobe Photoshop mastered lots of techniques on using Adobe Photoshop, will be reading and learning there Photoshop tutorials.

Am always a fun of free tutorials my favorite being those of photoshop, web design and animation.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. I have gathered the best Photoshop tutorials around the internet that teaches you how to create realistic watercolor effect using your own photos.
Most of the watercolor Photoshop tutorials listed in this collection use watercolor brushes to obtain this painting effect. You can combine for example watercolor effect with handwritting texture or you can mix the watercolor painting with ink brushes. Because sketches and pencil drawing work so well with watercolor effects you can take a look at these sketch brushes. You can try our brand new Photoshop action for creating sketch drawing with watercolor effects out any photo or image. Be a Cool Dude!With your donation you can help us maintain this website and keep producing free resources many months to come! Very nice collection of tutorials to achieve watercolor look.Thanks for pulling these together. Another Photoshop texture that is really used by digital artists is for sure the old paper texture. I thought we would celebrate the upcoming release of Indiana Jones IV, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by learning how to remake the awesome Indiana Jones text! Go to Google and search for the Indiana Jones font (SF Fedora), you should be able to find it as the top result. There should be all the settings you need in the above image, if not, you can download the complete PSD(s) at the end of the tutorial. You will definitely need to mess around with the layer style settings above if you’re using different font sizes and all, so feel free to do that if it looks a little off. I think we’re pretty much done for the text now, now we just need to make a nice background for the text to go on! Copy your paper texture into your new document and get to work doing with it what you want, I just resized it down so it fits completely inside of the document. If you want to see everything I did to the background you should download the PSD file at the end of this tutorial.
After you’ve installed the shapes in Photoshop, drag the world one onto the canvas in a new layer, using a darkish-red color (#622d23). To this shape layer I then changed the layer mode to Linear Burn, lowered the opacity to around 80%, and also lowered the fill to around 90%.
Well, we’re pretty much finished for this now, but I went on to add a little bit more texture and interesting…ness! Sign up for our NewsletterSignup today for free and receive all new free tutorials published at Photoshop Star. Then I used a brush from the Free Dust Particles Brush Set as an eraser to remove some portions of the text. I would guess the color overlay was chosen to complement the natural yellow of the texture? Neither the gradient nor pattern show up after that…I tried to add the gradient and pattern on a new layer, or on two separate layers, but to no avail. We do the best to provide high-quality products that our subscribers can use in their commercial projects.
Besides, you can find some exceptionally useful shortcuts to make Photoshopping faster and easier.

In this quick tip we’re going to take a look at how the same blur effect can be applied to a portrait to give the subject an appearance as if they are closer than they appear.
I love the Warm Portrait and the Golden apple tree, but all of them are amazing photo manipulations.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The watercolor works perfectly with sketch brushes or pencil effects; you can experiment and create your own watercolor artworks. For the document that we’ll be making our text in we should use a relatively large document size, I used 1600 x 1200 pixels, with the default resolution. Select the Horizontal Type Tool and write your text on the canvas, using a large enough font size to take up most of the width of the document, I used a font size of 190 pt. Click it and mess around with the settings until you get a distorted text that looks right! Lastly, to finish off the text shape, I rotated it slightly to the left (hold ctrl and press t to go into transform mode).
If you want to learn how to make a cool paper background like the one shown in the result image at the top of the page, follow the next steps.
Create a new document in Photoshop, this time something like half the size of what you used before (800 x 600 px). The last thing I did for the background was add in a cool world map shape and blended it in a little bit. After this, you may want to take a grunge eraser to the shape image, or more efficiently take a grunge brush to a layer mask added to the shape layer! After you’ve done all this, hit ctrl+t and size it up a little bit, so to enlarge the noise pixels. The short tutorial below is the result of some of my experimentation spending a few minutes with layer styles. I fiddled with the opacity and all, but it simply isn’t working :( what version of CS are you using? Moreover, who have already expertise in Photoshopping, they too can revise their skills with these helpful tutorials. With 40 Cool Photoshop tutorials listed below, you can learn to add some impressive effects with useful techniques and tools. I used this size so I can resize it smaller later on when I copy it over to another document. To get a result as similar as possible to the original text, you should capitalize the first letters of each of your words, so they stand out from the rest. Go to Google Images and see if you can find a good photo of his hat, copy it to Photoshop and cut it out as best you can.
Open up your other document, merge the text layer(s) togethe rif necessary then copy and paste it to your background document. Word 2010 users switch to Insert and select a shape from the Shapes menu under Illustrations.You then use the plus-shaped cursor to position and choose the size of the shape.
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