In most organizations, the actual buying of goods and services happens at the departmental level. Using the Observatory, we’ll have information at our fingertips that will help us educate our customers on where the spend is going – this will help significantly in changing buyer behavior.
GXD Series amplifiers are ideal for entertainment and production applications requiring performance and the convenience of integral signal processing. Best practice is to use an amplifier capable of delivering approximately twice the loudspeakera€™s rated power capacity. To determine the power points for the GXD series, QSC examined the loudspeakers most widely used for sound reinforcement by musicians, DJs and production professionals.
The GXD amplifiers are unlike other amps in this category that provide little more than a front panel screen to control the same functions that have been under rear-panel, DIP switch control for decades. Divide your purchase into 24 equal payments and receive 24 months of interest free financing.

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Therefore, if a change in buying behavior is going to occur, it needs the support of everyone involved in the buying process, from the department heads and budget holders to the people who make purchasing decisions on a daily basis. We’ve already used the Observatory to establish that we spent over $600,000 last year at a local retail store. The hallmarks of the QSC brand a€“ professional audio quality, engineering and manufacturing focused on long-term reliability – are all intrinsic to GXD.
Too little amplifier and the speakers wona€™t deliver everything theya€™re capable of and the risk of destructive amplifier clipping is increased. The GXD amps bring full-function loudspeaker processing capability to a new price point with all the processing necessary to get the most from a loudspeaker system. The digital limiter used in the GXD amplifiers is set to prevent the amplifier from being driven into clipping while delivering the maximum usable output.

And you know every single one of those purchases was probably at list price as most retail outlets are not giving us a discount. Add contemporary styling, multiple routing options, light weight, digital signal processing and advanced protection circuitry, and the GXD Series clearly represents real value a€“ something everyone can use.
Dual woofer loudspeakers will, of course, have power ratings that are two times that of the single woofer model and an impedance that is half that of single-woofer models. Twenty presets for selected typical systems are provided as generic a€?starting pointsa€? are included. GXD amplifiers deliver just the right amount of power to the most popular speakers used by entertainers and production professionals.

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