If you want a little more pizzazz in your shots (who doesn’t crave sparkles, hearts and sun rays now and then?), try out this app, which has dozens of quality effects to layer over your shots. It's best to use the app in combination with another (like Photoshop) that lets you make basic corrections before addding these amazing effects.
This app lets you take cool, arty shots by isolating the color in a selected area of the photo and desaturating everything else. It's intuitive — use your finger to add or subtract color from the photo, or to zoom in and out to achieve the sharpest edge between color and monochrome. This app lets you crop several shots together into a collage in a simple, intuitive, custom way. Whether you like to get silly with your photos or need to write notes, mark-up images, or just play with cool filters for your shots, this app is for you. Then, once you've laid a proper foundation, add dozens of effects to your heart's content — remove blemishes, make it look like it's snowing on a scorching day, add glitter, moons and even funny cat masks to your friends faces.
One of our favourite online photo editing sites, PicMonkey, has had a new, festive makeover for the Christmas season, allowing users to add all kinds of snowy, wintery and twee effects to their photos.
Just like before, you upload a photo to PicMonkey or drag one from your desktop if you’re feeling fancy.

We love that PicMonkey is always simple to use, but tries something a bit different every now and then to keep its fans on their toes (remember the Halloween version?!). Simple and intuitive, Photoshop Express lets you make the necessary adjustments to crop, exposure, color, tint, hue, saturation, contrast and levels with ease. Create surrealist landscapes with light from multiple directions, moons (in all stages of waning and waxing), fairy dust and even lightning bolts. The effects are highly customizable — change their positions and adjust their vibrancy on a sliding scale.
While you wont be able to add funny stamps and cat masks to all of your photos, you'll take some of the best-looking photos your friends have ever seen. It falls into the same category as LINE Camera, letting users change the filters but also add stamps and create collages. Plus, it lets you draw over your photos with different brushes, add smiley faces, glasses and other funny stamps atop your pictures.
These versatile apps will let you customize, color-correct, crop and add beautiful effects to your photos before you upload them to Instagram.
Not only are these apps fast and easy, but they're simply a lot of fun to manipulate and play with.

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Choose from several templates and customize widths, colors and border edges to your heart's content. These tools will help make some necessary adjustments to your photos before you start adding effects to enhance them. All the real “pro-grammers” know Instagram is actually the last step to perfect your image before you upload it to the masses.
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