Nikon has shown off its shiny new D3100 camera, an entry-level dSLR replacing the budget Nikon D3000 which proved to be something of a hit with cut-price snappers.
Billed as the smallest and lightest Nikon D-SLR yet, the diminutive D3100 packs a DX-format, 14.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor, with a new image processing engine doing all the clever stuff behind the scenes.
Once you’ve created your HD masterpiece, you can delight in their Hitchcockian HD glory by hooking up your camera to your  TV via the HDMI port to watch your HD movies on a HD television, perhaps while drinking HD tea.
Nikon wants you to keep shooting when the lights go down, with the D3100 offering ISO sensitivity up to 3200, extendable up to HI 2 (ISO 12800 equivalent). The Scene Auto Selector automatically selects the best mode to match the scene, while the AF-F mode keeps subjects in focus without the need to press the shutter release button.
Auto-focussing is taken care of with a 11-point autofocus system, while Active D-Lighting is on hand to try and stop images being bleached out and objects disappearing into the shadows. If you look around the point number eight ( accessory shoe ) you will find three circular metals just like the ( accessory shoe ) what are they and for what ? It offers a huge variety of lenses and shooting modes, hand-picked filters and the best beauty effects, run through our own face detection technology. Awarded the “Certificate of Merit” at the 2012 Asia Smartphone Apps Contest for the Creative Lifestyle category. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

It has everything you need in a camera and photo editor to help you capture and create photos worth awards.
Our face detection technology allows Cymera to locate every trait of your face and know exactly where to add the effect. If you want to fix this go to Settings>turn ON the Self-shot image flip-H option and that will do. But unfortunately I’m still in dark; since all the catalogue and manuals are in German language (perhaps)!!! Add one of our 20+ borders and light filters to give your photos a completely different feel. If you found any app is not freeware, Trial or Ad supported please contact us and app will be removed shortly. The 5D Mark II and the 7D digital SLR cameras produce images that are worthy of cinema, and their small size is a major advantage.
You can place them in locations where a typical movie camera wouldn’t fit, and you can capture images that other cameras cannot.
We were able to slide one Canon digital SLR into a sewer grating and put another under a pile of debris for a key shot of a car hurtling toward the lens, flipping through the air on fire.
There’s always the danger of destroying one of these SLR cameras, but as long as you can still recover its CF media card you’ve got the shot.”McGarvey also noted the immersive impact of Canon POV footage on scenes involving stunt performers.

This conveyed a realistic sense of jeopardy to the audience, and a much more intimate view of the action. We also used them for night exteriors with minimal lighting, and they coped very well with the range between our bigger, hotter light sources and the lower end of darkness. I also find this to be true when using 5D Mark II SLR cameras for my documentary work, shooting inside cars and restaurants. Working only with available light, the image registers in a rounder way than the other digital cameras I have used. I think part of that is the way the big CMOS sensors work in the Canon digital SLR cameras, particularly if you work with a lens with a wider aperture.
Canon EF series lenses include a broad range of standard and medium telephoto models as well as wide-angle, ultra-wide zooms, macro, fisheye, and even tilt-shift lenses.“I’ve been working with a range of great Canon lens choices throughout this production, and on my documentary work,” McGarvey noted. For McGarvey, the Canon digital SLR cameras were as important as any of the other production tools employed to make “Marvel’s The Avengers.”“I don’t see a difference in terms of storytelling value between the scale and size of the Canon digital SLR cameras and the main digital cinematography and film cameras we used,” McGarvey confided.
The affordability and high quality of Canon’s digital SLR cameras are democratizing film production and will allow everyone to try their hand at it.

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