If you own a smartphone (and we know you do), and you were wondering what fun tools you can add to your arsenal of fun things to do, the folks at COOPH teamed up with Lorenz Holder and have some great ideas for you. Most software allows you to take a panorama shot, the trick here is to have a model run couter-panorama wise and post at various stages of the panorama. Instead of moving the camera around to create a 360 degrees panorama, you can do a parallel panorama by keeping the camera at a steady position while driving.
While you can probably get a zoom lens off of amazon for less then $10, you may already have such a lens at home if you own a pair of field binoculars. If you don’t have a DVD available for sacrificing a macro lens, you can simply apply a small drop of water on the smarphone lens to get it to shoot macro. This is a hack we talked about a lot when DIYP was younger, but we never discussed applying it to smartphonography. If you need to get some distance from your phone for a self portrait, you can actually use your headphone as a shutter release.
This one is a bit risky for my taste, but you can snap an shallow under water photo by placing a phone in a cup and using the cup for water protection. To see more of his work please visit his studio website blurMEDIAphotography, or follow him on Twitter, 500px, Google Plus or YouTube. Stefan Kohler is a conceptual photographer, specialized in mixing science, technology and photography. When he isn't waking up at 4am to take photos of nature, he stays awake until 4am taking photos of the night skies or time lapses.
Canon Professional Network in Europe has put out a few useful and handy tips for the EOS-6D camera. Samsung Galaxy Core dilengkapi layar berukuran 4,3 inci dengan resolusi gambar 480 x 800 piksel. In revealing the new top-line iPhone 5s smartphone, Apple spent some air time talking about the all-new A7 chip. Compared to the original iPhone, the A7 sports 40 times faster CPU and 56 times faster graphics performance.
More interestingly, the A7 is capable of running both the existing 32-bit apps and those that have yet to be optimized for 64-bit computing. Apple on its part said it has re-engineered its own iOS 7 apps, kernel and drivers to be 64-bit and said its third-party developers should be able to re-compile existing apps to be 64-bit without too much hassle. As for the graphics performance, previous iPhone chips left competitors in the dust as Apple implemented UK-fabless maker Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR GPU units.
Though Apple stopped short of detailing the A7’s GPU unit, chip wizards over at Chipworks will solve the mystery once they have a chance to put the A7 under a microscope.
For now, the 2x performance claim should suffice but there’s no denying that the iPhone 5s packs a powerful punch thanks to the A7 chip and 64-bit optimized iOS 7.
Indeed, but as James correctly points out, it is mis-used like so much of the English language.
That’s business, everyone copies everyone, companies try to improve upon others, more power to the consumer. Do you think its possible that App creators will be made to do both 64bit versions and 32bit?
Its Un-Apple to start fragmentation after releasing a phone, they only did it when they had no choice and no other way around it, im talking about the lightning cable. I believe developers will always start with 32bit architecture in apps and then re-compile into 64bit. Please try reading and understanding that this is my personal speculation, and that I am not an app developer. My first product from either was actually an iPod Touch 4G at the end of 2010, I think it was.
Said pointless features are either implemented into the latest device (for example, that new camera feature in the 5S where it selects the best picture is already in the Galaxy SIV) or made into a jailbreak tweak.
1GB is used up quick when you start customizing your phone with all them Cydia’s themes and tweaks. Sweet I’m hoping NDS4IOS will be able to run at full capacity now that A7 is available for it to use, because on my ipod touch 4g it is nearly unusable. In fact, in order to get max FPS on Android, even on the highest end devices, someone had to code an emulator made completely from scratch (DraStic DS Emulator, look it up on Google Play).

Saying that the dolphin emulator can barely run wii a game is a huge overstatement, basically you can get to the first frame of the loading screen.
A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website. Since the invention of cameras, taking self portraits has become less time consuming, but it would still take at least an hour or longer to complete. Though it’s quick and simple, a little knowledge of portrait photography can go a long way towards taking good selfies that you and your fiends will like. I notice many teenagers hold their smartphone high, look up, and smile into the tiny camera lens.
Great lighting is essential to selfies because your hand-held device is not capable of properly managing low light or backlit situations.
Decades ago, we had to be careful of how many frames we shoot in a roll of film because film was expensive. Selfies are popular because of its instant nature: Instant to take and look at, instant to share with the world, and often result in instant feedback in the form of shares, Likes and comments.
About June JiangJune Jiang, owner of 365 Photography, is a Chicago based photographer specializing in wedding, portrait and fashion photography.
Note: It is our responsibility to protect your privacy and we guarantee that your email address will be completely confidential.
The idea is to get some cool reflections on the cheap by using a car sun reflective sun shade. And if you are looking for a small tripod you can try this credit card tripod design here, or any of those nifty, albeit more complex, designs. Smartphone ini juga dilengkapi kamera belakang dan juga kamera depan dengan ukuran sensor masing-masing 5 MP dan 0.3 MP.
It packs in over a billion transistors and contains two times general-purpose and floating-point registers of its predecessor.
On the GPU side, the A7 supports the latest in mobile graphics standard, including OpenGL EL for console-level graphics, Schiller said. Such a powerful mobile processor makes more sophisticated and complex applications possible and I can’t wait to see what developers will be able to accomplish with it. But this means that older devices will quickly fall out of use because apps designed with this processor in mind, and only this one, will never be backwards compatible, similar to how 64 bit applications won’t work on a 32 bit machine.
Everyone was being kind until you showed up, now I am no apple or Samsung fanboy but I think you deserve to give even a fanboy some respect.
Unless they manage to do some sort of wizardry with app compatibility, all apps designed with the A7 processor in mind will not work on previous devices, due to the different architecture. My point is that there are now two architecture variants, which will outright make apps that are designed for the iPhone not work on certain models, and make overall compatibility with all of the devices harder.
I’m a pessimist, but for the reason that in situations like these, I like being proven wrong.
I dont even worry about this, the 64bit apps will be supported device wide as long as the device isnt too old. Did you know that I only posted this point on this article, and not on all of them related to the iPhone 5 (I think you were referring to the 5s, but whatever)?
Besides, Apple is still playing copy-and-catchup in a lot of places, so your statement is contradictory. Apple has the best all rounder phone that includes features that what Apple thinks will benefit most people. Yes, it has dominance on the Android market, but that’s hardly relevant to the vanilla Android OS, which is actually very stable and snappy. This is just proof that, if you want a full-speed DS emulator, you’re going to need an app written specifically for iOS.
It can barely run Gamecube or Wii games at the moment, so that’s out of the question for you all, as well, most likely.
I agree to some extent but what can I say, I just have to deal with it and the 5s seems like the best way possible to, because I cant code apps. But taking self portraits is nothing new, it’s been done throughout the history, even before photography existed.

Photographers use self portraits as a way to express their inner self through careful planning, creative composition, and ideal lighting setup. A selfie is a quick note to our daily routine that reveals our self consciousness and our moment of thoughts. If you can, find an interesting background, such as architectural details, a painted wall, or natural scenery. It is supposed to be lighthearted and whimsical, so make faces, pretend, and let go of yourself for a moment.
Now digital selfies are free to take with instant feedback, so don’t hold back in taking more photos than usual. She had formal training in drawing, painting, photography, and graphic design, besides a background in science and technology. Jsut attach them to the lens and you got instant insanity purple fringed lomo-like zoom lens. The idea is that a little bit of reflected light can either open up the shadows or provide a hard light look, depending on how oyu use it. But I really wanna have a smartphone that has manual access to aperture, shutter press and exposure. Satu hal menarik smartphone ini tidak hanya hadir dengan pilihan single-SIM tetapi juga dual-SIM. Untuk menunjang kegiatan pengguna di luar ruangan, smartphone ini telah dilengkapi baterai dengan kapasitas 1800 mAh. And if there was a way to convert them… well, it would already be doable on computers that use those architectures. Music is kept in the cloud via Google Music and *automatically* syncs whenever I add music to my music folder or iTunes, and I can download it locally from the device whenever I want, in easy batches (iOS doesn’t do it that easily, to my knowledge, or at least more slowly).
Amazing how technology of combining a phone and a camera not only change people’s social behavior, but also created a new word in the English language. Often times, artists didn’t have a model to portray, so they learned their craft through drawing or painting themselves, with the aid of a mirror. It is the angle portrait photographers often use to eliminate double chin, make eyes appear larger and jaws smaller.
The sample photo was taken at a small restaurant where I noticed the red wall, which is a good backdrop for photos. If not, clean up any clutter that’s in the background that you don’t want anyone to see. Filters are fun to use; some filters change the color balance of the photo, others modify the contrast. I take plenty of selfies all the time, but once a year, usually during the winter months when I am not so busy, I would setup my professional camera and a theme to take some self portraits.  There is no limit in the creativity of a serious self portrait, and it reflects you in that year, at that age, which will change without you noticing, so why not. June is an avid writer of photography related subjects, she has also lectured on Photoshop topics to the local photography community. That’s another $10 well spent on Amazon, or you can probably get ti for a buck in your neighborhood Dollar Store.
Van Gogh has done a lot of self portraits and by examining these pieces, you can see how his strokes evolved over time.
Remember sometimes taking a photo of just part of your face is more intriguing, like in the sample photo.
Selfies are different in the way that it’s done in seconds, it is a spontaneous act, and it has its limitations.
I did not face the light knowing it will be too bright and the highlights would wash out my face. I looked down only showing part of my face under the hat, making it a much more interesting picture than the rest of the shots where I looked straight into the camera.

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