Having good flexibility can improve your sports performance and reduce your risk of injury (it also applies to life in general, not just sport).
As was found in our previous article, 30 seconds per muscle is optimal and frequency of 3-7 times per week is recommended. My personal improvement from this stretching time and frequency was an 8cm improvement in toe-touch reach in 1 month of calf and hamstring stretching.
Daniel has a strong interest in evidence supported fitness training, preparation and supplementation. In this free beginner piano lesson we’re going to quickly learn how to play a C piano chord. I recommend you use fingers 1, 3, and 5 in both your left and right hands to play this chord. If you want a fun beginner piano song to use the C chord in, I recommend you check out this Amazing Grace Piano Lesson. If you want to learn how to do variations on this chord I also recommend you check out this how to play variations on major piano chords lesson. Learning your major chords in all your keys is going to be super helpful for you as you to continue to learn piano.
I’ll be adding video demonstrations of the other 11 piano chords very soon. Make sure you keep checking the site for the upcoming lessons!
If you’re new here be sure to subscribe to the pianolessonsonline free email list as well. The point–  to show our children, that healthy men and women, who excel at their game, come in all different shapes and sizes. I think a lot of ads are trying to incorporate different body types as opposed to the photoshopped model. What a GREAT way to show impressionable teenage girls that WE are all equal and we ALL are ALLOWED to participate. The offense can win games, but defense wins championships – or in our case Clan War Base Designs win Clan Wars.
Most of us probably had a Farming Base that somehow turned into a War Base for Clan Wars once they were available. Latest Clash of Clans News & TacticsSubscribe for our newsletter and get the latest tactics & update news every week. It’s important that you have different layers and that you don’t put all of your buildings within one circle of walls. I have reworked these bases completely because mass Dragon attacks have become quite common in Clan War. This base will give attackers with Dragons a hard time because they will have it hard to funnel their Dragons into the middle and take damage from the Air Defenses all the time. This base seems easy to open with Wall Breaker but they will only walk right and left for the corners. I picked 6 new Designs for you that will be Anti Hog Rider, Anti Dragons and with the 4 Mortars up and running. With Town Hall 9 you’ll face one big problem – you’re very vulnerable against Hog Rider and Dragons. Hog Riders just get destroyed near the Core (Multi-Target Infernos and double Giant Bomb packs).
Balloon-based attacks will also get pretty destroyed behind the Air Defenses from the Multi-Target Infernos and Hidden Teslas. This TH11 Base forces attackers to access from the north, the side which is way more protected. Coming from the south it’s possible to get 1 Star, but the Eagle Artillery will simply crush the troops step by step. There are frequently new posts published on AllClash with fresh tactics or new around the next update. I hope you found some new ideas for your personal base layout and you can also see my latest post about Clan War base design here.
With more than 1M monthly visitors, AllClash is one of the most popular Clash of Clans websites in the world.
TIP: As you perform the following exercises, keep your focus on the butt muscles by keeping them tight throughout the move. Beginner Workout: Perform one circuit three times weekly and gradually increase until you are able to complete two circuits at one time.
Make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter, so that you don’t miss out on all things SkinnyMs. For more tasty recipes, healthy lifestyle tips, and whole body workouts, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Pinterest.
We’d love to hear what you think of this post, or what you’d like to see on our site. Clifford is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a lover of all things health, fitness, personal development, and community. Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week. Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free picture and video clip organizer for Windows XP and Vista. You can browse the pictures on your computer by folder or by date, and you can add keyword tags, ratings and captions for even more organization. Learn the secrets to navigating the cities and cruise terminals your cruise will leave from.
All cabins are on Seabourn are described as suites in the brochure, each coming with a complimentary bottle of champagne to welcome you aboard.
Although the service and surroundings are elegant, the actual watchword for the passengers is still casual, as this is meant to be a vacation experience, with plenty of languid, free time to relax with a book, massage or nap.

Complimentary wines and spirits are offered throughout the entire ship, especially during the meals when a skilled sommelier will serve up a white wine during appetizers and switch appropriately to red wines with the main entrees. The smaller ships are able to visit relatively untouristed Caribbean and European ports that larger ships can't access. Passengers used to be primarily 60 and over and not very interested in pool games or deck parties.
In 2010 a quite controversial change in the onboard dress code was instituted all but eliminating mandatory formal dress. The shore tours are not cheap, and many Seabourn cruisers opt to rent cars and drive themselves in different ports of call. Every cruise features the Dress Circle enrichment program presenting leading figures from history, geography, politics, television, journalism, music, theater, film, literature or culinary (including wine, of course). Seabourn is a luxury cruise line, meaning it has all the inclusive offerings expected such as beer, wine and other beverages and gratuities included in the cruise fare.
Seabourn Odyssey, Sojourn and Quest are significantly larger than the three older, yacht-like vessels, but still fall well within the small size standards of luxury cruising at 32,000-tons (about the same size as Silversea ships) and carrying 450 passengers. In 2014 Seabourn announced that it will build a fourth ship, Encore - scheduled to arrive in 2016. Another controversial development, for regular Seabourn passengers, occurred when the line announced it added support services for guests traveling with children.
If you were referred to this site by an existing member of CruiseMates, enter their username here. From time to time, the administrators may want to send you email notices.If you do not want to receive these notices, disable this option. This is part 1 in a whole series of lessons teaching you how to play major chords on piano. Once you have a firm grasp of this chord and play it comfortably try to add it into a song. A common mistake that beginners make is focusing to much on only playing things in the right hand.
Lisa Wade pictorial from the website Sociological Images this week, I thought it was quite an interesting topic of discussion.
What impressed most people was how well a few girls stood out and took over the show.What impressed me the most was there were short girls,tall girls,skinny girls,heavier girls.pretty girls and girls that were not blessed with natural beauty,girls that danced like ballerinas, and girls that really couldnt keep up to the music! Not just these olympians, but through healthy foods, regular exercise and a well balanced life. They all look great to me even though they’re all clearly different shapes and sizes. Most of you may focus on getting as many stars as possible, but did you realize that you also could have won your last war if your opponent got a few stars less than they actually got?
At this point, you should have an established War Base that is completely separate from your Farming Base. Try to spread the Builder’s Huts in the corners because sometimes the time runs out before your attacker can reach all of them – preventing them from getting your last star. You also have a centralized Clan Castle and the Air Defenses in the core that will make it very hard to attack this war base with Dragons. You will most likely see Giants or Dragon attacks and bith will have a very hard time attacking this war base.
Giants will have to take very long distances and the Air Defenses will kill Healers soon enough. The trap setups are very hidden and attacker have 3 spots to assume double Giant Bombs against their Hog Rider (too much to take a chance).
It features 4 possible double Giant Bomb locations that will scare any Hog Rider attack off. You can shake them off easily by choosing the right design because the experienced player will keep their hands of your base if they spot your preparations and the Troops Spammer will not get 3 Stars. Each side features good defense against Hog Rider and Golem based attacks need to take long ways. By attacking from the south, the access seems easy, but then the Eagle Artillery will crush the troops step by step.
The key is to perform the prescribed exercises using correct form, taking recommended rest periods, and completing the workout three times per week.
When he's not cycling, hiking, or exploring new food recipes, he works to help others achieve personal growth.
Inside are flat-screen TVs with DVD players and Bose Wave sound systems on the older ships, and iPod adaptors for music on the newer ships.
This is his night to impress you, so he uses the best ingredients and most creative recipes.
The wine selections are impeccable, although the cost of the bottle is not revealed (all beverages are included in the cruise fare), they certainly taste expensive.
The downside being that shallow drafts mean rocky seas; the smaller Yachts of Seabourn can get tossed around a lot more (and in calmer water) than larger vessels, and even the larger ones will not be as steady as a mainstream cruise ship three times its size. When you increase a line's capacity from about 600 total to 1950 in the space of a few years you obviously cannot draw only from the old clientele - you have to scare up new business. However, as the line has begun offering more 7-day itineraries making them more available to the younger still-working generation with little discretionary time but more discretionary income, the average age has skewed lower. The formal nights have been eliminated on shorter seven-day journeys, with just one per 14-night journey and two per 21-day journey. In keeping with the desires of their recently acquired younger cruisers, a new slate of shore excursions includes a menu of active tours; cycling, hiking, rafting and even some zip-line canopy tours in tropical ports.
The most outstanding element of the cruise line is the cuisine which is top quality all the time. It was a small and exclusive Norwegian line with the initial goal of recreating almost a yacht-like cruise experience for the upper crust.

Seabourn called Odyssey the cruise industry's first ultra-luxury yacht to launch in six years. The transfer of the Seabourn Pride took place in May of 2014, and the other two ships will go to Windstar in 2015.They are being renamed as the Windstar Pride, the Windstar Legend, and the Windstar Spirit. These ships come with no DVD players but have extensive video on demand capabilities for newer release movies, documentaries and most impressive the recording and availability (on demand) of any lectures given during the cruise by the excellent roster of historians and regional experts. Not exactly announcing a specific children's program, the line merely said it will offer staff members to keep the children occupied rather than having nothing at all scheduled for them to do.
Those savings are also available to past guests of Holland America, Princess, Costa, or Cunard. It’s a very easy chord to play and learn so let’s get started learning right now! One of the most common mistakes beginner piano students make is that they use different fingering every time they play something on the piano.
I agree it’s a good exercise to show your kids (especially girls) that there is no one beautiful body type. Protecting your base’s stars with a Clan War Base Design with Air Sweeper that rocks is just as important as successfully squeezing out as many stars out of your opponent as possible. There are major differences between making a successful Farming Base and a successful War Base – this post will show you some good War Base Designs.
I also recommend you having a look here at my post specifically on Town Hall 5 War Base Design and some beginner tips with 7 more Town Hall 5 War Bases to use in 2015. Mass Dragon attacks will also fail because they will get lured away from the core while the centralized Air Defenses will cause massive damage to them. The major factor that you have to have is your Archer Queen inside the Core because she will take out Hog Rider by Hog Rider and they will simply fail.
If he attacks from the other side he will see lots of Traps, double Giant Bombs and the Storages that will hold him until your defenses roast his troops away.This TH9 War Base is a classic dead zone base layout. The cornered Storages will not work here anymore because you have so many buildings that you fill out most of the map anyway.
Use of the trademarks and other intellectual property of Supercell is subject to Supercell's Fan Kit Agreement. The 5 Moves to Get a Bubble Butt is designed to lift, round, and build the gluteal muscles. The idea is to make the experience your own - however this lack of communication sometimes translates into a bit of a challenge if your goal is to discover important events not to miss. Also watch for the Gallery Gala Buffet; a lunch buffet is set up within the confines of the Main Dining Room stainless steel galley.
This is where the shorter cruises come in, and Seabourn says its average passenger age has dropped considerably. Seabourn still has its generous single occupancy policy, but the gentlemen hosts programs have been eliminated.
For the oldsters there are still wine-tastings and other culinary treats, as well as visits to private villas that, needless-to-say, would never accommodate a busload of Carnival passengers. A sister ship to Odyssey, named Seabourn Sojourn, debuted in June, 2010, and a third sister, Seabourn Quest, followed in June 2011. The only drawback is the very small television screens which are barely visible from the far corner of the bed. It will carry about 604 passengers, enough to make up the difference for the loss of the three smaller ships that are going to Windstar cruises.
Please also keep in mind that Clan Wars are a team competition and just improving your own layout is not changing much – see here some very useful tips to win almost every Clan War. Last but not least the Hog Rider will take massive damage from the splash damae together with the Traps that they won’t survive long enough to take out all defenses.
The idea behind that is that troops will never go through the core and walk on the outside through all the traps and defenses while being attacked by your Clan Castle Troops and Heroes. If you recently upgraded to Town Hall 10 and don’t have the Inferno Tower you should better use one of the Town Hall 9 War Bases above. Finally there is Dessert Under the Stars, a late-night offering of sweet treats just before bedtime.
By day, elegant casual dress is encouraged, although shorts are allowed in the Veranda Cafe during breakfast and lunch. There is very limited information about the tours unless you specifically ask - there are no port talks to discuss the tours, for example.
The staff on the smaller ships make it a point to learn the names of all guests by the end of the first night.
However, the fact is that these ships are not meant for kids and we don't recommend bringing them (they will be bored) unless it is a port-intensive itinerary. The import wizard automatically groups your photos by date and time and you can choose what to import, and name and tag photos right at the time of import. Guests are largely left alone on these ships, with very few public announcements, no flyers for special spa offers, no art auctions, no photographers, no dance hosts.
The challenge with such a drastic increase is in maintaining the line's personalized service when hiring all new personnel to staff the new tonnage. Naturally, the loyal passengers remember the crewmembers they met before, but the new crewmembers are not going to recognize the old passengers.

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