Digital zoom should be avoided as the digital image stretching process reduces image quality - the more you zoom, the worse your image looks. Go to your phone's camera settings and make sure you're using the highest resolution available. A smartphone's camera lens can get dirty very easily, which is why you should take a moment to clean it from time to time. If you feel like your photo isn't exposed right or if it is out of focus, tap on your subject. The Android, iOS, and Windows Phone marketplaces offer a number of alternatives to your smartphone's stock camera app. Have you ever taken a photo only to look at it later and realize that someone has blinked, that it has turned out blurry, or that someone has pulled off a photobomb on you?
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To the Indian press, Motorola has sent invites to be held in Delhi on May 13, expectedly for Moto E. Zauba, an Indian websites that lists import data, has even confirmed the name and also provided the nearabout price of Motorola Moto E. As per the current collaboration of Motorola with Flipkart, expect Moto E to also go on sale only via Flipkart.
As we're already convinced having tested dozens of them, most high-end handsets can easily match the performance of a basic point-and-shoot unit.

Try to not move it at all while taking the shot as every tremble of your hand may result in a blurry photo, especially if your camera doesn't stabilize the image optically or digitally. Instead, crop your photo after you've already taken it - most smartphones come with the necessary editing tools built right into their gallery apps.
The camera software on many phones is configured to set both its focus and exposure based on what area of the frame you tap on. Imagine that the frame is split into three equal sections vertically and horizontally, as pictured. Some can be used to erase moving objects within the frame or to add impresive effects to them. Camera FV-5 for Android and KitKam for iOS are two great examples of a well-made camera replacement application. As per the leaked images, the smartphone looks quite similar to the existing Moto G and will also come with interchangeable panels.
As per the sources, Moto E will be a cheaper variant of the selling Moto G and the price should be close and below Rs. A document has also been revealed stating that 1300 units have been shipped to India with each one costing Rs. This helps to explain why more and more people don't bother carrying a dedicated camera with them anymore and just use their phones instead.
For example, the Motorola Moto X, Droid Ultra, and the HTC One use native 16:9 camera sensors, which is why they take "widescreen" images by default.
Place your subject along one of the vertical lines, or where a horizontal and a vertical lines intersect. If you find your phone lacking in advanced or manual camera settings and tweaks, give these a try. His reviews and interpretations are apt, informative, crisp and simple enough to be understood by a 3-year old. However, while smartphone cameras are, in general, simple and straightforward to use, not all people know how to make the most of them.
A procedure called Operation Stack.Its been used by police since 1996 whenever there is disruption to channel crossings.

Since, this is the actual costing of the device to India, we expect the sale price to be somewhere close to Rs.
And what's really disturbing, some smartphones are, by default, set to not use the full potential of their cameras.
Knowing how to use these modes in advance will help you later at a time when you actually need them.
Chances are your phone's image gallery comes with built-in tools for tweaking the saturation and brightness of images.
But the current tunnel disruption caused by the migrant crisis in Calais has seen the road closed for a longer period than ever before, as Operation Stack has been implemented 25 times in the past six weeks.Traders in Kent are now reporting huge falls in customers as Operation Stack causes queues of traffic outside their businesses. That's why we decided to write this post and give novice users a few helpful tips on smartphone photography. Flower seller Theresa Whitehad says that her shop is struggling to receive supplies.This has been going on for a long time now and I cant remember how many times Operation Stack has been brought in this month but its getting to be a joke now. Its affecting everybody and when you are a very small business youre relying on your local customers and your suppliers.
Weve got two local suppliers who are fine, they dont let us down, but unfortunately the Dutch supplier just cant get through, adds Whitehad.Its not just local businesses that are suffering. According to the Freight Transport Association the operation is costing haulage companies caught up in the chaos ?700,000 ($1.1m, €988,000) a day and ?250m to the UK economy as a whole.But what is the solution? The FTA suggested a contraflow system to allow traffic to keep going in both directions along the M20.
But this was dismissed by Highways England as an unacceptable risk to road safety.Instead, the Ministry of Defence has announced that land around Folkestone will be as a temporary parking space.
These plans will see the army work alongside Kent police, according to The Independent.But as the situation in Calais continues to worsen, it remains to be seen if this will be enough to alleviate congestion in Kent and the strain Operation Stack is putting on local businesses.

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