There are so many great poses for seniors so we put together some of our most popular poses to help you out. For this pose, sit in a chair and lean forward relaxing your arms over your knees and crossing them. Try posing with a chair by sitting in it backwards and resting your arms on the back of the chair. We love this pose, and similar ones, where our seniors wear a cute outfit and heels while posing with a sports ball, whether it's a basketball or soccer ball. Check out our senior model rep Chabeli's session for more incredible posting tips, and ideas.
Follow the instructions below and read the tips to learn how to draw Beyonce realistically, easily and quickly. The lightest areas in this portrait are the highlights in Beyonce’s eyes, on her lips and the reflective metal on her earring.
To create a clean edge around these highlights, use a sharp, hard pencil (2H, H or F) to draw the outlines around the highlights. Use a sharp F or B pencil to get the detailed lines in her eyebrows, work over the lines with a softer pencil such as a 2B to get a darker tone. In this drawing of Beyonce you’ll have an opportunity to work with blending to build up the subtle tonal graduations in her skin. Use a tissue over your finger to lightly blend soft pencil strokes in the cheekbone, chin and forehead areas.
Then using the grid image below of Beyonce as a reference, draw the outlines of the shapes and shadows onto the grid on your sketch pad. How to Draw Beyonce: Gray-scale image to help you match the gray tones when you shade in your drawing of Beyonce. How to Draw Scarlett Johansson Want to know how to draw Scarlett Johansson? Drawing Eminem Use this attitude-packed photo to help you with drawing Eminem. How to Draw Zayn Malik Learn how to draw Zayn Malik in this seriously hot photo. DrawFamousFaces shows you how to draw realistic portraits of your favorite stars, quickly and easily using the grid method.
David Hamilton (born 1933) is a British-born French photographer and film director best known for his images of young women. Nowadays, when people start their journey into analogue photography, most of them will begin on a 35mm film camera . David Hockney is an English painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer. It all depends on who you are, what setting you're working with, and what makes you comfortable. Sit on an object, whether it be a wall, tractor, chair, or fence, and cross one leg over the other. In this pose, face the wall and lean your body against it, while bringing your hands up to rest against the wall at chest level. This is a great pose for the girls who love taking pictures of themselves on their iPhones!

For girls, be sure to keep the shoulders turned at least slightly to avoid making the shoulders look too broad.
With this pose you just need to sit with your knees brought up comfortably and your arms relaxed on top of your legs. You can also try sitting in it sideways, with on knee on and the other foot on the ground, or try rearranging your arms for different looks. Start by sitting on a low surface like as chair, water fountain ledge or something similar. To achieve maximum impact, you’ll need to keep these areas clean and white against the darker backgrounds. See how smooth the transition is in the tones as they move from light to darker, providing the illusion of roundness and depth. It’s a great idea if you have several framed photos or artwork just lying around or if you want to display some of your creations. You want to pick the poses that show off your personality and have people saying, "you look awesome!" when they see your portraits. In this case we had Skyler face the camera directly, however, she has her knee bent slightly and is leaning forward on it a bit.
You can try this pose in various ways changing the position or your arms or your legs to whatever works best for you. Start by laying down on the ground, or another object, on your stomach and propping your arms on the ground to hold up your upper body.
Then bring your knees together and spread your feet apart, pointing your toes slightly inward and toward the camera. Simply sit in a chair, or on a stool, and prop one foot on the ball with your other foot on the floor. Let’s take a look at some examples.View in galleryThe living room is a great space for a wall art gallery. You can try this pose with your feet laying on the ground or you can cross your ankles and have your feet in the air. Next, prop one arm on your leg to prop your head on and cross the other arm between your knees. Next, bring the hand closest to the camera to your hip, turn your body toward the camera, and prop your back arm on your knee.
As an evacuee, he spent some time in the countryside of Dorset, which inspired some of his work. After the war, Hamilton returned to London and finished school before moving to France where he has lived ever since. You can combine frames portraits with painted artwork.View in galleryUsually the wall behind the living room sofa is chosen for this purpose but you can also use a different wall. Place a console table there and display all sorts of items on it and then accessorize everything with framed artwork on the wall.View in galleryYou can mix and combine all sorts of artwork.
This is an example of a modern wall art gallery with a casual look and a mix of colors, textures, styles and designs.View in galleryIn the living room or dining room you could create a wall art gallery on a wall that gets plenty of natural light. It’s important for this purpose because you want everything you display to be admired and to stand out.View in galleryYou could also use more than just one wall.
It’s a nice idea especially if you also have a sectional that goes along those walls.View in galleryBy displaying artwork on a white wall you allow the elements showcased to stand out more.

There are no distractions of any kind and the eye only focuses on what’s displayed on the wall. If you want you can also accessorize that part of the room with matching white furniture.View in galleryIt would also be nice if you could find an element that brings together the pieces displayed there. The frames are also brown and this way the gallery wall seamlessly integrates into the decor. The goal was not to make it stand out but to allow it to blend in.View in galleryA wall art gallery is also a nice idea for a home office. You can display abstract art or you can personalize it by displaying framed photos and DIY pieces.View in galleryYou should try to maintain an overall cohesive design for all the pieces you display on the wall. For example, in this case, even though not all of them have matching frames, they all feature that white border that created a uniform look when you see the entire wall.View in galleryIn this case we have an even more cohesive look. All the framed pieces have the same type of frame, the same type of white border and they also feature the same style and the same colors. It’s a nice choice for a decor that seems to be classical and simple.View in galleryThere are several ways in which you can display your framed art.
You could create a more casual look by placing them at different heights and angles or you can maintain an organized look by creating well defined rows and columns like in this case.View in galleryAlso, you don’t necessarily have to put your artwork directly on the wall. They have been juxtaposed to create a sort of collage.View in galleryHaving a wall art gallery in the dining room is a wonderful idea. It gives you something to look at and to admire while enjoying dinner and it also provides a very nice background. You can match the displayed artwork with the decor of the room by including some of the same colors.View in galleryThis is an example where the same technique described earlier has been used. You should have somewhere devoted only to your work, such as a dedicated corner or preferably a separate room.
The furniture, decor and setup should all be conducive to organization and productivity while still making you feel comfortable and creative.The most important aspect of home office design is your direct workspace and the furniture you use.
Whether you’re an artist, accountant, business manager, writer or whatever, you need good-quality ergonomic equipment.
If you plan to paint the walls, go for brighter, more invigorating colors such as yellow, which has been shown to promote energy and boost moods.
Your home office should also have at least one window, as natural light will help you work without the strain on your eyes that’s caused by electronics glowing or overhead lights. If you’re tight on space but need to store a lot of materials, you can install floating shelves or tall bookcases to utilize vertical space.
Just remember to keep as much as possible off your desk space and off the floor, and toss out old materials that you no longer need to keep down the clutter.Finally, make sure your workspace is visually appealing and comfortable. If you have the space, put in a comfortable couch or lounge chair for breaks and other downtime.
Surround yourself with images and objects that inspire your best work, whether they’re family photos, books, a deadline calendar or views of the outdoors.

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