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Author: admin, 23.10.2014
The resisted crunch bowflex exercise will target both your upper and lower abdominals while the twisting crunch and the trunk rotation bowflex exercises will target your obliques. This workout routine for the back will help you target your upper and lower lats as well as your lower back.
The hyperextension bowflex exercise is tailor-made for your lower back whereas the row and pulldown exercises are excellent at targeting the lats.

The workout routine for the chest presented here will make sure to broaden and strengthen your pectoral muscles. The routine presented here will strengthen the muscles located in your legs, that is your quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks (glutes) and your calves.
The leg extension bowflex exercise targets the quadriceps (top of your thighs), the leg curl targets the hamstrings (back of your thighs), the squat brings in the glutes (buttocks) and the calf raise strengthens your calves.

The bicep curl bowflex exercises will target your biceps, the tricep kickback and tricep extension your triceps and finally the wrist curl and wrist extension your forearms.

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