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Author: admin, 30.10.2013
As you can see, the sweet potato wins for calcium, vitamin C and vitamin K; though not by much  when in comes to vitamins C and K.
I’m trying to like sweet potatoes, but I think the sweet thing combined with a sweet potato is gross too. I quite like to eat sweet potatoes occasionally but there is something in white potatoes (which I do eat now and again) that doesn’t like me despite the similarities in the nutritional detail. I believe it is the alkaloids that cause me problems, these aren’t present in sweet potatoes and this is the main reason I tend to avoid white potatoes. Actually not both yams; though all root vegetables, a yam is a different species from a sweet potato which is in turn a different species from a potato altogether.
The common name for each fatty acid is shown with the systematic name in square parentheses. Firm-fleshed sweet potatoes are white inside with white skin, and soft-fleshed sweet potatoes are orange inside with red skin. The white potato reigns supreme for phosphorous, potassium and folate by a pretty decent margin. While beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in humans, only 3% gets converted in a healthy adult. While the results I found were varied, it appears that the GI of the white versus the sweet are not so different.

It definitely helps a lot and makes a difference in overall digestion — which leads to better health overall. I use the same herbs one uses for fish fry,,, celery seed, dill, parsley,a bit of garlic and make them savory. Carey Reams suggested one eat white potatoes only several times a year because of their overall low mineral content. I have been disappointed by the quality of store bought organic sweet potatoes countless times. You can certainly tell the difference when you puree and mash them for recipes – the former mash up like regular starchy potatoes, waxy and stiff, while the latter become soft and fluffy when pureed. If you use the USDA links I provided for each potato, you will notice that the sweet potato blows the white potato out of the water in regard to its vitamin A content. According to Harvard Medical School, 150g of boiled white potato has a GI of 82, while 150g of sweet potato has a GI of 70.
But if you like ’em and they don’t upset your digestion, white potatoes are good to go! This can absolutely be an issue for some people like it is for you, and people find it helpful to avoid nightshades as a whole, at least for some time. I can still get by with a little of these here and there, the more processed forms seem to affect me less.

I say to you, I definitely get annoyed whilst other folks think about concerns that they just do not realize about. I thought that sweet potatoes were the orangey, pink-skinned thingies that went into marshmallow-crusted casseroles. The School of Molecular Biosciences at The University of Sydney maintains that 150g of white potato ranks at 41, while the sweet potato is at 44. I have no idea why I react this way to them, but I’m not happy about it, as I love a good potato. As if our ancestors came across the white variety of this starchy tuber and shouted, “Toss that shit! After buying both sweet potatoes and yams from my local Whole Foods-type store, I was convinced that what people had for years called sweet potatoes were really yams.

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