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Author: admin, 17.09.2015
I get asked a lot about whey protein like yesterday by a colleague who will be undergoing their own “biggest looser challenge”. I plainly told him that YES whey protein can come with some unpleasing side effects (including some GI issues) and that includes the possibility of developing acne.
As we all know – whey protein supplements are very concentrated source of protein and other nutrients. Furthermore whey increases anabolic hormone production which in turn stimulates fat or lipid production in the sebaceous glands – the oil producing glands in your skin.
No matter how you get around it the bodybuilding lifestyle in itself alone may offer several discomforts not only acne. A blemish-free skin is just something that you need to risk when you supplement with whey and I will not sugarcoat that fact. Just to state a fact: teens in the western countries suffer from more acne than teens on other countries.
There are a lot of things you can do to minimize acne outbursts during when protein supplementation. Guava Soap – Buy some guava soap from your favorite herbal store, I can testify that it helped me a lot big time not only with acne but with BOILS!
A acne e uma das doencas de pele mais prevalentes no mundo chegando a alcanca 90% dos jovens e adolescentes e uma porcentagem significativa de adultos. Em 2013 foi publicada uma pesquisa da qual participaram 30 jovens e adultos entre as faixas de 18 e 30 anos e todos eles tinham em comum o fato de terem ingerido Whey Protein recentemente. E importante lembrar que o aparecimento da acne e apenas consequencia de uma elevada taxa de liberacao de insulina e IGF-1 (uma proteina produzida pelo figado em resposta ao GH – Hormonio do Crescimento).

E importante salientar que nao e em todos que ocorrera esse processo de desenvolvimento da acne.
As good as it is and as helpful it may be for muscle gain and weight loss (in form of fat) – some people can develop some adverse reactions towards whey protein supplementation and some people may even have severe allergic reactions even if they are taking ultra-filtered whey protein isolates. That means what you are supposed to get with 2 or 3 meals you will get with only 1 serving of whey and that alone would be enough to produce some adverse reactions to many. I report here 5 healthy male adult patients developing acne after the consumption of whey protein, a favorite supplement of those engaged in bodybuilding.
Needless to say that you must take these precautions even if you are not yet experiencing symptoms of acne since when it comes to skin problems prevention is always more effective than finding a cure. Frequent or at least regular baths taken everyday especially after being exposed to outside pollution will reduce your chances to developing acne by at least 50%. Remember that water is your major detoxifying agent and without it you can just get used to the nasty chemicals and acne-causing toxins that circulate within your body. Esse mesmo alimento e a base do suplemente Whey Protein que e feito a aprtir de uma proteina do soro do leite.
Consequentemente ha um desenvolvimento progressivo da acne que nada mais e do que o acumulo de sebo e sujeira que acaba inflamando no tecido epitelial. Por exemplo, se voce possui um deficit na captacao de proteinas, entao precisara de uma quantidade maior desse nutriente para poder alcancar os seus objetivos. According to Will, he is prone to acne (or pimples) and he said he tried  whey before and he saw the symptoms got worse. The body may just have a hard time (at least for the first few days supplementing with whey) and that can lead to some side effects and toxin accumulation which can lead to acne outbursts.

Pessoas adeptas a musculacao passaram a ter o habito de ingerir whey protein e nao e incomum que algumas delas refiram o aparecimento da acne depois de algumas semanas consumindo o produto. O estudo conclui que houve um avanco progressivo da acne durante os 2 meses onde foi observado o agravamento da mesma.
Como a acne faz parte desse grupo de patologias, entao a lactoferrina tambem pode amenizar o desenvolvimento dela. Likewise the higher your natural testosterone levels the higher your chances are to developing acne.
Entao, na hora de comprar o seu Whey Protein procure um que seja enriquecido com a lactoferrina. Porem, para aqueles que nao querem correr o risco, podem substituir o Whey Protein por outros suplementos proteicos como a albumina (proteina do ovo) ou por carnivor (proteina da carne). Same with whey – except for ones who develop life-threatening symptoms like tightening of the airways.
Alguns estudos ja comprovaram que o aumento dessa proteina na corrente sanguinea reduz consideravelmente o aparecimento da acne.

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