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Author: admin, 17.04.2015
This entry was posted in Nutrition, Weight Loss and tagged dieting trends, diets, Glendale Dietitian, Health, healthy eating, Nutrition, weight loss, wheat belly diet. I’ve been on Atkins, South Beach and a general diet based on eating just following a plan with foods from the low end of the glycemic index. I decided to remove wheat from my diet for a week and I found that I feel calmer which helps with focusing and my desire to eat every I see has disappeared. It is not the actual wheat that is bad, it is the improper processing of the wheat that destroys the nutrition. I have also pictured this thing in my book ‘How to lose your wheat belly’ available on Kindle.
However, not until I went completely wheat-free did I really start to loses the inches, along with being free from sinusitis and GERD in addition to amazing improvements in my fibromyalgia.

But keep in mind it is the pounds you lose not the elimination of the wheat that will make the difference in your health.
Davis suggests that wheat is so addictive that it causes uncontrollable eating and produces withdrawal symptoms when you stop consuming it. Davis’s Wheat Belly Diet has saved me a great deal of pain and distress and helped my doctor to eliminate several of my medications. Eating the wheat berry in its entirety actually corrected my sugar level and I lost weight. He also states that giving up wheat may cure type 2 diabetes, asthma, acid reflux, joint pain and insomnia.
Also that wheat and the products containing wheat are largely to blame for the obesity epidemic, but I don’t agree.

Obesity is caused by increased consumption low quality sugary, greasy foods, flours of all types and not just from wheat.
But it is vitally important to bake the bread or use the ground wheat within the first 6 hours of grinding, in order to utilize the wheat germ and all of the natural enzymes, oils and health benefits in it. But keep in mind, wheat germ sold in stores has lost all of it’s nutritional value and can actually be rancid.

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