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Author: admin, 20.04.2015
I have always been a big foodie and eating at various fancy restaurants is something that I sincerely look forward to! In today’s world, life has become very hectic and with both the partners working, many times grabbing a burger or a sandwich or eating at a diner becomes a necessity just to save time. The problem arises when I am on a strict diet and wish to keep a check on my calorie intake. Start your meal with a couple of glasses of water: Usually people take a lot of time to decide what to eat at a restaurant.
Order a big platter of salad: Yes, I know it is hard to devour on salads especially while eating out.

Do not eat till you are full, stop halfway through: Eating out is not about stuffing yourself with food. Apart from these tricks, I strictly follow the rule of skipping the dessert while eating out. People who follow (or at least try to follow) a strict diet will vouch for the fact it is not an easy task! But remember that your dieting plan is more important than temporary pleasing of taste buds. In fact, you should eat less than your actual diet because outside food is high on calories, fats, and salt content in general.

The problem multiplies several folds when you have delicious, savoring food served in front of you at a restaurant, and your friends are merrily gorging on it.
Many times people just forget about their diet and eat the fattening calorific food while eating out.
Instead, I have developed certain tricks that help me fool my taste buds as well as my friends; they both do not know what and exactly how much I am eating!

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