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Author: admin, 29.11.2013
The holiday season is well upon us, which means dinner parties and sumptuous feasts will more or less throw our diets out of whack. The Paleo Diet harks back to the days of our hunter-gatherer ancestors during the Paleolithic era, before agriculture-based diet took over.  It’s also called the Stone Age diet or the caveman diet—caveman here used in the good sense of the word.
Many of the diseases that plague our modern world—hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases—can in fact be attributed to modern agriculture-based diets.  There’s too much white processed starch, too much sodium, too much refined sugar and processed oil, and not enough protein. That’s not to say the Paleo Diet insists we forage and hunt our own food from now on—although we could do that too.  On a more practical point of view, it simply asks us to place emphasis on foods that our Paleo ancestors chowed on and avoid those foods that didn’t exist before agriculture was invented.

It can be a tad restrictive though as it excludes many of the foods we currently enjoy or have been used to, or even foods that are legitimately good for us—just because they weren’t supposed to exist yet during the Paleolithic period. We can understand the ban on sweets and snacks, soft drinks, energy drinks, salty foods, etc.  But completely rejecting grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables can be tricky.
Then again, you don’t have to strictly follow the Paleo diet.   If we obeyed to it to the letter, we should all be chasing after some wild animal to bring home as dinner, not gracefully pushing our carts as we shop in the supermarket. As for sustainability, Katherine Martinko of TreeHugger thinksthe Paleo Diet isn’t the greenest way to eat, considering its focus on nuts (which often have to be imported) and on meat (which depends on grass-fed cattle), and its demonizing of grains.  The greenest way for her would be eating local and organic.

Cheating on your diet is OK too, you’ve got to live a little sometimes.  Just remember to always eat with a smile. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged caveman diet, holiday diet advice, holiday food guide, paleo diet, Paleolithic diet, stone age diet, sustainable diet by neoli.

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