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Author: admin, 12.07.2015
We believe that carbs make us fat and sluggish, but despite our beliefs, the research reveals we consume carbohydrates in almost record amounts.
Sugars are those carbohydrates found in fruits, milk and sweeteners added by manufacturers.
In the early 1900’s, the average American was consuming about 500 grams (2,000 calories) from carbohydrates. Americans today eat more carbohydrates, but the choices are more likely to be processed white pasta, rice and chips. About This BlogTexas Children's Blog provides important perspective on pediatric health from the same voices that care for our patients at Texas Children's Hospital.

Clearly, the added sugars by manufacturers and in sweet foods are creating the bad reputation that carbohydrates have earned over the years. Introduce these gradually into your children’s diets by switching from white refined carbohydrates to whole grains. And again, after reviewing my new meal plan more carefully, I questioned my trainer just to make sure, I had NO real carbs in my new meal plan, another first, I’ve always had carbs!
This time, at 11 weeks out, I had no carbs at all, there were carbs in the foods I was eating but none of the usual starches such as sweet potatoes, oats, or brown rice. Probably not, since drastically cutting carbs could mess with your insulin levels & most people do need carbs.

The only time I had carbs was after my first boot camp session with him, it was an intense workout so it was much needed and warranted!

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