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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my ebook - The Beginner's Guide to Fitness in a Busy Life (worth $147) here. Whenever you lift, pull or push something bigger than usual, you engage in a bit of strength training. It can be done through body weight exercises too, but in the later stages requires use of external equipment like dumbbells, kettle bells, bar bells, and other free weights.
Research indicates that almost all the benefits of resistance training are likely to be obtained in two 15 to 20-min training sessions a week. Strenuous exercise, like strength training, causes little lesions in muscle tissue which help it grow and become stronger.
For extreme beginners, those who have never engaged in any kind of strength training, it must begin with a body-weight exercise routine as they are low-impact with lesser risk of injury. In article, 20 Kick-Ass Bodyweight Exercises for Home workouts, we have included some beginner level strength training exercises to give you a hang of how it feels like. With minimum equipment use, body-weight training is ideal for anyone with a busy schedule, or in a job that requires a lot of travelling.

For maximum results, you must focus on the area that you are working out and on your breathing. If you are after a lean six pack look, you need to combine the circuit training with a fat-loss diet and cardio training.
Thanks for visiting!When you are switching to lift heavy weights, you need to know the art of how to lift every piece of weight in your gym arena. Research has shown that regular workout can impede or even prevent bone loss.[1] This is a story of stress conditioning. This means that they do not require as much oxygen as cardio and work mainly on muscles, instead of fat. It is also called resistance training, and a regular strength training, not only builds an attractive physique, but increases bone density as well. If you do a full-body strength workout on Monday, wait until at least Wednesday to repeat it. These body-weight exercises can be done anywhere and anytime, even while traveling for work.
In case, you are in mood for some serious weight training, wear ones that have a good rubber sole for better grip on the floor and added cushioning effect.

So for a beginner, it is important to know how to make every movement while taking them off before they switch to other heavy weights. A strength exercise routine typically employs equipment such as weight machines, free weights and resistance bands to do so. A good diet, plenty of cardio and this home workout plan is all you need to build your six pack abs.
Hence, strength training is most important for preventing bone loss, apart from all the attractive physical benefits.

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