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You cannot argue that people driving while using a cell phone has either caused, or in some way contributed to, SOME car accidents.
Many retail stores and other types of business that deal with the public have been told by customer retention consultants and by various business books that they need to measure and constantly improve their customer service.
Over the years, I've spent a lot of time around hospitals and medical offices at my "other" job.

There used to be a TV series called "Quantum Leap" where a science experiment goes wrong which causes the star of the show to be transported from one time and place to another for each episode of the show.Then there was a movie this summer called "The Time Traveler's Wife" also about a guy who flips around through time and his wife gets left behind waiting for him to return (or something like that). Please note: I appreciate the fact that as a society, we are compassionate enough to provide special services, protections and assistance to handicapped people.
It was certainly a lot more than I could possibly be exposed to by a wire, containing trace amounts, that is inside a rubber coated wire of a phone charger.

They only healthy thing was, possibly, the sushi - but we have plenty of that here and I don't know of any dramatic weight loss related to sushi restaurants.Overall, I'd say you'd end up eating just as badly in LA as you do in Chicago.

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