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1.Grand Resort Bad Ragaz A beautiful setting in the Swiss Alps and a renowned thermal spa makes 5* Resort Ragaz a popular choice for weary travellers. Programme Ragazer Weight Loss is the signature programme, and includes thorough before-and-after medical evaluations, daily personal training, full-board healthy gourmet food, nutritional counselling and guidance on how to make lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy regime. The Armonia del Corpo programme is based on the signature Lefay SPA Method, which embraces a philosophy of “consciousness”, and seeks to address excess weight through diet and wider lifestyle changes. The Capri Beauty Farm offers 3, 4 and 7 day programmes that all feature the signature Spa Cuisine concept based on the Mediterranean diet, renowned as the healthiest and most effective one for weight loss and weight maintenance.
The 6-day Perfect Silhouette package is about losing weight, firming & detoxifying, but also about reconnecting with your inner self and recharging your emotional batteries. The Terme di Saturnia programmes offer a unique and innovative dietary approach, modelled on the idea that maintaining healthy weight in the long term owes much to understanding the biochemical relationship between food and our bodies. The Egoista Spa is a thoroughly modern spa and wellness facility, and offers tailor-made weight loss packages through its extensive, high-tech medical centre.
Let Premium Europe guide you to the best Europe has to offer: luxury services, premium holiday destinations, city guides, private medical clinics, international boarding schools and financial advice. Contact Premium Europe today, and be assured we will do our utmost to help you plan the perfect business trip, luxury vacation or medical clinic visit. There are weight loss solutions all over the world that don’t require you to perform rigorous exercise routines and surgical procedures in order to achieve the body you want! These Weight Loss Programs with our partner centers in Europe offer nonsurgical methods to lose weight.
This is highly recommended for men and women who cannot exercise (but still want to lose weight) because of their current medical condition. Here are our picks for 25 of the Best Weight Loss Spas, Resorts and Programs in the world (in random order). Plus, on Spa Index, we spotlight even more wellness retreats for all budgets in a variety of categories, including: Destination Spas, Weight Loss Retreats, Fitness Retreats and Boot Camps, and Detox Retreats.   Don’t miss our Wellness Retreat calendar, as well, for special savings on Family Retreats, Detox Weeks, Mother-Daughter Weight Loss Week, Boot Camp Intensives, and more! While the core daily routine combines 4-5 hours of group mountain hiking, core and ab work and weights training, there is also cool-down time with afternoon naps, group yoga, swimming, and massage. Cal-a-Vie bridges the gap between health resort and luxury spa with ease.  Its comprehensive nutritional services, including consultations with a registered dietician, as well as tests with a biochemistry focus to identify problems arising from adrenal, thyroid or hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, and more.
Situated near the spectacular red rocks of Utah’s Snow Canyon State Park, Movara Fitness Resort is a fitness and weight loss boot camp for all fitness levels.  The  regimen is designed to build muscle, burn fat, increase flexibility and agility, and boost self confidence.

One of the country’s first boot camp retreats, Vita Vie Retreat has been inspiring and motivating people from all over the world to travel to the beaches of Florida to lose weight, regain energy and live a happy, healthier lifestyle. The plan includes accommodations, meals, 5 daily boot camp classes (including hikes, beach boot camp, sports conditioning, zumba and cardio kickboxing, balance training, core craze, yoga, and more), optional weigh ins (because it’s not only about the numbers), and group support. The Lenox Health Resort Weight Loss Program at Canyon Ranch Tucson eschews what it calls “tedious, cookie-cutter weight-loss directives and dreary menus” and instead offers guests a “whole person” program with access to top experts in the fields of nutrition, exercise physiology, life management, and lifestyle medicine – all working to create the best weight loss plan for individual needs. The Canyon Ranch weight loss program is also available in Tucson.   Like Lenox, an all-inclusive program is offered, and you’ll meet one-on-one with caring professionals – including physicians, life management therapists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and more – who will assess every aspect of your health and lifestyle in an unhurried, respectful atmosphere. The Living Well Weight Loss Retreats, specifically, are customized for each guest and provides mental, emotional, physical and nutritional guidance from an experienced team of wellness and fitness specialists. The resort’s approach to weight management mirrors that ethos by focusing on not only the science of nutrition and exercise, but the lifestyle facing each guest. Rancho La Puerta was founded nearly 70 years ago as the original destination fitness resort and spa. Mountain Trek Health Spa, Fitness & Weight Loss Retreats offer a fitness hiking-based Reboot and Renewal Programs. This Grand Spa Hotel in Piestany is reknowned for its healing treatments offered to Europeans and visitors for more than 100 years. Danubius weight loss programs are based on  recommendations by experienced doctors and lifestyle specialists. European retreats are usually geared up for the summer even though they are open in the cooler months. What sets it apart is the extensive medical expertise on offer at the Medical Health Center, which makes the resort’s approach to weight loss highly scientific. The resort has a large medical centre offering a wide range of diagnostic tests and treatment for many health problems. The 7 day Rational Weightloss - Metabolic Response programme is dedicated to weightloss but after a thorough medical consultation with the Capri Palace Beauty Farm Medical Director, you will be advised whether to choose a detox diet or a weight-loss diet, according to your needs and expectations. The 300 hectare estate makes it ideal if you’re looking for a real change of scene to start your weightloss programme, while luxurious spa facilities, all-suite accommodation and a very personal style of service will ensure your stay is a very pleasant one. The Weight Loss Programme includes meals based on the Mediterranean diet, with menus designed by Michelin-starred chef Fulvio Pierangelini and expert nutritionist Amelia Freer, to ensure that you enjoy the process and are motivated to continue when you leave. The Your Nutritional Reset programme involves much more than slimming, with the emphasis not just on weight loss, but on teaching a method that achieves healthy, long-lasting objectives.

A top luxury travel experience is guaranteed with Premium Europe: make it your destination of choice for all your holiday booking needs. There are available packages in countries like Germany Croatia, Czech Republic and Switzerland that already includes medical exams, different diagnostic procedures, different nonsurgical methods for weight reduction, health & nutritional counselling, psychological support, body fat measurements and even style and image advise during the programme.
When it comes to arriving at a healthy weight, knowing what you should do, need to do, and want to do, is not as hard as converting that knowledge to action. This exclusive Clinique La Prairie Weight Management Program offers a multidisciplinary approach with the assistance of a nutritionist, dietician, personal fitness trainer, psychologist, massage therapist and aesthetician.   The thirteen (13) night programs include extensive medical and wellness services, lodging and meals, discounted spa services, and more, in a region of unparalleled beauty. Together you’ll develop a personalized plan for long-term, sustainable weight loss, better health and a more balanced and fulfilling life, which is a bit different from other weight loss resorts.
Destress and recover your health with guaranteed weight loss at an Alpine Lodge nestled in the mountains near historic Nelson, British Columbia, Canada in the Spring and Fall, or travel to its program in Baja, Mexico in the Winter months, at Rancho La Puerta Destination Spa.
Increase your chances of success with the expertise of leading medical weight-loss experts.Our unique collaboration with the top private clinics and luxury hotels in Europe means we can help you organise a weight-loss programme that is tailored entirely to your individual requirements. Apparently the transformation in body shape and weight is so different when you compare someone that just has the juices and someone that combines them with the workouts.
Combined with inspiring surroundings and luxurious accommodation, you will find the Ragaz programmes give you the boost you need to make real progress towards your weight loss goals and most importantly, helps you make real changes to your habits in order to keep going when you get home.
A holistic concept addresses mind, body and soul to help you reach your goals and rebalance your lifestyle to maintain them after you leave the resort. In particular, the hotel is ideal if you want a medically-supported weight loss programme that focuses on re-learning lifestyle habits in a sympathetic environment. Endless sea views will give you added inspiration for your weight loss holiday and leave you feeling calm and renewed. However, if you’re visiting Juicy Oasis to lose weight, then the fitness really will make a difference. You’ve decided to enroll in a residential weight loss program at a destination spa or weight loss retreat — that’s taking action.
Cooper Healthy Living (formerly Cooper Wellness) offers two-day and five-day programs focusing on weight loss, physical fitness, stress management and nutritional balance.

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